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2008 was an important year. We elected a Democratic President to the WH, elected more Democrats to the House and Senate.

But then two years later, things went downhill.

And now we come to a very pivotal point in recent history for the USA.

2012 is not just a Obama vs Any GOP nominee election. It is much more than that, on the national level, the state level, the district level and the local level.

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For the past few months, I have believed that we will be able to get a HCR Bill through the Senate. And the process to pass HCR has gone farther than anytime in history. I realised there were a lot of challenges to get 60 votes, but the country needs a HCR Bill. I considered, this to be HCR Part 1. My idea was that once HCR Part 1 passes, and 4 years or so down the road everybody is seeing the benefits of it, we can get to work on HCR Part 2 - more cost control, more choice.

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It obviously didn't concern him back then when the President was a Republican.

Source: Open Congress

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The study, the most comprehensive examination of wage-law violations in a decade, also found that 68 percent of the workers interviewed had experienced at least one pay-related violation in the previous work week.

The researchers said one of the most surprising findings was how successful low-wage employers were in pressuring workers not to file for workers’ compensation. Only 8 percent of those who suffered serious injuries on the job filed for compensation to pay for medical care and missed days at work stemming from those injuries.

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So lots of Anger, lots of people pissed at Democrats for what has been going on. It is understandable. Yes, ideally we would want a health bill with all the bells and whistles that will truly solve our problems, but believe it or not, if this ends like it did in 1993 without NO Bill at all, it will be the WORST option.

Follow me after the break for more.

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So, did you guys see this? Sarah Palin gave interviews to the same Media she attacked while quitting to explain what she could not at the 20 minute press conference speech?

Anyway, the thing that stood out the most was from the ABC interview.

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So, we just had all these people rally against "tax increases" on the 15th. Perry was very visible through out all this, talking about secession, maybe make Chuck Norris the President of Texas.

Perry, pandering to his base, gearing up for a tough re-election fight rejected the 555 million dollars the federal government wanted to give Texas to help their Unemployment funds. This will actually cause an increase in Umemployment Insurance Tax rate for 2010.

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Geithner was up today giving testimony on Financial Regulation Reform, that is much needed at a House Financial Services Committe hearing. The plan is not completely known in terms of the detail, but there are some heavy hitters including more regulation for Hedge Funds and credit default swaps. More below the fold.


Are you ready to fight? Are you ready to support Obama and Geithner on this?

81%31 votes
18%7 votes

| 38 votes | Vote | Results

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To start off, I am in the US currently on H1-B. I did my Bachelor's here in Computer Science, then got a job and working on a H1-B Visa for the past 2.5 years. I joined dailykos, last year before the November elections as a way to see how I could participate in Obama's march to victory. But recently, Some members of this community have showed me the same blind hatred that I see from Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh against Immigrants.

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Remember Colin Powell talking about him hearing members of his own party saying how Obama is a Muslim and equating being a Muslim to being a Terrorist? Well, now we have solid proof of them doing that.

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I wake up this morning to find that Paul Krugman was won the Nobel Prize for Economics. This breaking news was diaried by trifecta:
Breaking: The Shrill One Paul Krugman Wins The Nobel Prize

So, lets look at Paul Krugman on the two Presidential Candidates. We will start from just before the all important September month began.

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