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Yesterday after I apologized for my mistake I wrote that I was taking a self-imposed time out.

Accordingly I logged-off my account and today I went to peak to see if anyone else had made any comments to my apology.

I have no idea how this diary appeared anew on the board. I do note it is a republished new post. I am disgusted that folks would even think that I would be so stupid as to pull shit like this and republish this deleted diary.

I found it extremely important to log-in just to write this note.

Whatever happened here, I hope those in charge find out who did this. I do not know what will come of this....but it is none of my doing.

With this, I will not respond to comments for I have nothing to add, only that I am very sorry that my shit came back to stink again.


Wed Mar 11, 2015 at 05:25 PM PDT

Deleted with apology

by Ole Texan

Call it time zone changes setting my clock one hour ahead, global warming, melting snow or whatever you can think of, it all boils down to laziness.

And that`s what I did when I clicked the publish button for the diary today that got my ass in hot water.

I spent some time on it, and decided not to spend anymore time editing or fixing it, although I know I was wrong in neglecting my responsibly of writing diaries here at Kos, I simply have deleted the diary.

It was a fair shot I got I admit.

Therefore I owe an apology. This type of shit is not what ole texan does.

I have earned myself a self-imposed timeout.


Yesterday Mar. 5th at about 5:30 p.m. I posted this diary. I had been wanting to address the contents therein for some time. Now everyone here at Dkos including me knows that I suck as a writer wannabe. I even suck more understanding protocols of how diaries are handled and selected for a broader audience to read.

Now I understand that I should address this message to the help desk but I would not even think of bothering such a busy department with this small favor I am asking of the community. I am a bit confused about the fast track my diary of yesterday took in disappearing from the boards.

I am confused because someone placed the Recommended tag on that diary and it got absolutely no play to the audience I wanted to address. It really is no big deal that it is now gone from viewers because I clearly understand that I may have hurt some feelings with the raw language I used to express what I view as racism in today`s society.

The reason I am writing this is because a short time ago someone here wrote a diary complaining that someone was `fucking with his/her tags` in diaries. It struck me as unbelievable that this could happen in a diary that I wanted so much to reach as many folks here at Daily Kos as possible. I wanted to hear some comments.

Not only do I find the diary Recommended with 19 comments, but when I went to read those comments, I only find five or six. Those comments are exactly what I expected to read, most agree with my diary.

So story short: Is is possible someone added this Rec` tag to insult, or fuck with my head? Now I said I do not understand how this works, maybe I am wrong. Am I?

With deep apology, I have edited my diary title to: "Sunny Florida", the video did this much to me.
Lately I have come to realize that our once beloved country is now at war with itself. I see white America across the land in general, well almost in general; while hiding in plain view denying that they are racists, killing unarmed Black Americans and planting false evidence to show innocence to barbaric slayings, while other whites in power exonerate them - taking care of their own like good soldiers in the race war in our land, leaving no one behind.

Some of us Kossacks, and I count myself among those who do not like to write diaries on this subject of race or racism. I have taken it upon myself to omit names or provide links to what I will write on today. It has become intolerable and very difficult for me to endure reading in the news and watching acts of deliberate - like killings on televison based on race that I cannot help but force myself to show you this video to make my point. You too have seen or read this, no need for links or names.

Granted this video you are about to see does not contain a killing of unarmed innocent citizen of course, but it does contain what I think is the disease of racism upon which we are now living by. A disease more powerful and deadly than that which was transported to this country by English invaders more than a thousand years ago in their blankets to infect our Natives and slaughter millions of innocent defenseless men, women and children.

The racism disease they brought was hidden in their evil hearts and it was upon which this nation was built by those white men who disembarked from their ships on our shores in the fourteenth hundreds to establish English white rule. It contains the basis for my intolerance to stay silent any longer. This hidden disease is still killing innocent folks and is more dangerous than the blankets that slaughtered millions of Native Americans.

What we see in this video is what I accept as being the tragic mistake that the invaders to this country made and is now backfiring on them. The invaders to our shores would not had foreseen or predicted what is transpiring today in this country. The tide has turned sharply and fast againsty them and they are angry....angry that a Black man now issues orders upon them. They could not had foreseen that today the white man struggles to learn a new language to survive. Specifically, they have to learn to speak Spanish, and soon or they will be left behind in this losing war for race domination.

They so madly want to take the whip and shackles upon this Black President, but they cannot due to the same laws they wrote for themselves. So they fume and rage in anger at any one who like them did not come from England in their boats. They despise anyone that is not like them, both in skin color and beliefs on racism.

Immigrants, go home! Immigrants on welfare! Immigrants illegals, ah yes, listen to this sick white man belche his best shot in the video:


This type of white racism `in general` is nothing new. It makes me wonder if this suddenly overblown show of hate is preconcieved and orchestrated by some criminal force to divide the country by race and skin color. It is no secret that hate by race is clearely in the open with no apololgies by white cops who have made killing unarmed blacks an open season. Racism is so in the open the the guy in this video insists on being caught on tape. He wants to be heard.

I cannot help but crack up watching the desperate moves by this heckler, like he is the one who is losing because an immigrant has moved close to him. It also make me think of what others like him might think as immigration discussions are in full swing, including in the U.S. Surpreme court.

I have written previously, or rather I have mentioned that immigrants, and specifically those from Mexico will never stop coming to this country. Whether they are granted the permission to do so legally would be preferable, otherwise they will continue to come illegally, because many of those taged as illegal immigrants feel that this is their country. Parts of their families are here and it may take many years, but ultimately the laws and racisim brought to this land by white invaders so many years ago is now backfiring on them. It is backfiring and it is backfiring fast.

Now when I said `whites in general` at the begining of this diary I did not mean to paint this diary with a broad brush using only white paint, so to speak. I am an adult and I understand and know that not only whites, nor Blacks nor Hispanics are racists.  But I do have to admit that brown folks are racists too against their own people, but more so on other races, and they too hide in plain view. I know this to be true because I lived among Mexican folks while living several years across the border as an illegal alien. I am an American born here in Texas.

My point and the gist of this diary is that the racism infection we see today was caused by the disease that was transported to this country so long ago. We the minority wanted to change this,`we` the minority Americans wanted change. We wanted to go in another direction which may have changed white man`s rule -- and we elected Barrack Obama, a first Black President in the history of this nation. And the white crowd went wild. A nightmare was created for white America and anger and hate is dangerous.

Intimidation, public executions by cops in the open is a recipe for failure. So hiding that feeling is no longer an option.

Racism exploded. Whites have armed themselves against black folks.

However, brown folks are yawning wide awake and multiplying to numbers never seen before, and they want to be heard in their own country. President Barrack Obama stand behind this notion so Naturally, the white racist is angry with brown folks as well. Although I have not seen open season for killing brown folks, some have unforunately run into tragic life ending slayings by white cops as well.

I find it ironic that some folks find it so easy to justify what the man on this video is belching if you are a white man. All you have to do is click on the text at the top of the video which takes you to the comment section of the story.

I have to laugh and place the palm of my hand on my forehead to try to understand how the folks who make some of these comment justify the rage of the racist on the video.

If you are a racist you too can justify what this nut case is belching. If you are not, it would be interesting to know what you think?

Like I said, it is not in me to start shit writing about this stuff. But like everyone else, I too have my limits on what I can hold inside. I know of many white kossacks who I think are just like me in this sense. For those kossacks, I am laughing at this crackhead yoke.

Now I know that Scott Walker carries his ego on his head...on that bald spot which keeps growing with each stupid statement as this one
Here`s what my presidentail wannabe guy said about his and the other GOP`s wannabes in their pandering and butt-kissing of the nation's wealthy conservative cash cows.

In this New York times piece Nicholas Confessore and Jonathan Martin discuss Walker's galavanting around the country from one fundraiser to another, from one ass-kissing session to another. Walker's attitude towards his current job as governor of Wisconsin was rather nonchalant and full of hubris:

The season of donor events poses hurdles both logistical and ideological: Mr. Bush, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas all sought to attend both the Palm Beach gathering and the overlapping Conservative Political Action Conference, held just outside Washington. Mr. Walker’s appearances at donor conclaves will take him back and forth across the country several times between late January and early March.

In an interview, Mr. Walker said he was unconcerned about the appearance of spending so much time and energy courting donors, noting that he expected to do plenty of retail campaigning in the months ahead.

“Oh, I think along the way I’ll be at plenty of dairy events and farm events and factories just like when I was governor,” Mr. Walker said.
Oh really? Excuse mr. wannabe pressy, I thought you already had a job here in Wisconsin taking care of us little people. I honestly thought you were our governor here still....Please don`t go.

Shane come back! Shannnnne we love you. come backkkkkkkk

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The Judge in a Mississippi’s modern-day lynching case gave a must-read speech on racism  in the case of James Craig Anderson, while sentencing Deryl Dedmon, two others to from 7-50 years in federal prison for a hate crime against the black Mississippi man, who was killed in 2011 by ten white teenagers who, according to police, had decided to  "go fuck with some niggers".

It is ironic and unbelievable that I chose to write this diary today. You see, in America today it is Valentine`s day. It is a day that each year we set apart from other days specifically to keep this country`s preconcieved notion that we are a people bound by love and fairness, to all, regardless of skin color, religion or beliefs - but more specifically LOVE.

When I read the story written in the links above my heart was shattered, as if I need any more damage therein. I am very uncomfortable writing this piece on racism today, but you see, when I first read this story as it broke out my first thought was that I had seen this before - in person. Not necessarily like this barbaric killing but I lived at a time and place where the actions of the ten white teenagers in this story was very common - to go fuck with black folks. Where the yellow rose of Texas is the hidden model and racial whistle on whiteness and racism is still sang loud and clear.

Texas like Mississippi are states in the deep south where this type of discrimination on race and racism were carried out, and are still are in the open. The days when black folks had to step off sidewalks onto the streets with lowered eye gazes to allow whites to walk by are now gone. Everyone is now permitted to enter theatre, walk on sidewalks and sit on counters. But things remain the same but different. Today`s racism is carried out by white policemen by bullet lynchings, killings with a gun. So things remain the same.

Like I do, you may recall reading how in a horrific attack that's been called a "brutal, Jim Crow-style lynching," the teenagers reportedly found Anderson in a parking lot, brutalized him, and ran over him with a pickup truck while yelling "white power."

Surely, this is not the first time we hear or read on this type of yelling by racists who`s only purpose is to intimidate by using terror against other not like them. Reading today`s news of the federal court`s findings and sentencing in this case only gives me hope that we may at last be reaching a time when this type of shit has to stop.


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Vatican City (AP): Pope Francis says it's OK to spank your children to discipline them - as long as their dignity is maintained.

He made his remarks this week during his weekly general audience, which was devoted to the role of fathers in the family.

Being a father with grown-up children who never used spankings or any other corporale punishment as a means to discipline my children is based on deep rooted painful and personal experiences I lived as a child that compels me to write this diary in disagreement with Pope Francis.

Not only do I disagree with Pope Francis` apparant intended guidance to fathers on how to discipline children, I am appalled and shocked by his remark:

One time, I heard a father in a meeting with married couples say `I sometimes have to smack my children a bit, but never in the face so as to not humiliate them,'" Francis said.

"How beautiful!" Francis remarked. "He knows the sense of dignity! He has to punish them but does it justly and moves on."

Admittedly I want to think in my head that I have no religion nor do I kneel to any higher power - but if anyone wishes to understand my lack of religion understanding, all one has to do is read my many diaries that ghastly describes my upbringing under cruel and barbaric abuses as a child. You will understand why faith, religion or believing on anything, even trusting adults was not an option for me.

Here is only the beginning of my struggles writing of my personal journey through spankings and cruel and vicious corporal punishment that enrages me to even consider Pope Francis advice. Granted Pope Francis does not mention or seem to condone corporal punishment, but I say that once a spanking to the butt of a child starts, chances are that the father will inflict more pain that could include the same treatment I endured as a child.

Anger, after all is what triggers a father`s decision to spank, anger has no limits.

So I am not the only one that was shocked by Pope Francis remarks this week during his weekly general audience, which was devoted to the role of fathers in the family.

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The U.S. Justice Department is about to close the investigation into the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, and clear the white police officer involved of any civil rights charges as I write this, the New York Times reported on Wednesday....

This revelation comes as no surprise to this diarist.

In a street conversation between a Black man acquaintance and I were having while standing on a city corner on a Sunday, a day before Martin Luther King`s birthday we were discussing the football game scheduled in a few hours between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.

That discussion changed as we turned the conversation into the relentless police killings of young unarmed Black men by white police officers. We both felt real sad about what Mr. King would have said about that if he were still alive. Then I asked him the question that prompted this diary.

"What do you think of these modern day Bonnie & Clyde teenagers who the media are making out to be just kids in love who ran amuck across the country committing crimes and were not killed by the police?"

"MOTHERFUCKERS ARE GOING TO BE IN THE MOVIES!!. ANGELINA JOLIE AND BRAT PITT WILL PLAY THAT SHIT" he screamed, as I cracked up in agreement. I agreed because it appears the kids are being groomed and tagged with the names so early of the famous outlaws of the 1930`s . Dalton Hayes and Cheyenne Phillips indeed appear in this picture to be deeply in love, just like the real Clyde and Bonnie on the left.

"It ain't like we were killing cops and robbing stores," unlike the real Bonnie and Clyde , notorious outlaws to whom the teens were compared, Hayes said. "We just went on a few high-speed chases."          
Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, Today
Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker yesterday
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Mon Jan 19, 2015 at 08:00 AM PST

Stop calling this number Damit!

by Ole Texan

                                                   O.K. Shit I`ve had it!!

I know where you live punk. Stop calling this Goddam number
At 7:30 a.m. this Monday morning my phone rang. I`m one of those folks who has this feature on my phone called `Caller ID`. If you have caller ID as I do you can see who is calling you, right?

That is exactly why we chose this feature after hearing from so many people who do not have caller ID on their phone that they answered their phones to scams, cybermarketings, or telemarketings whatever these annoying people represent. In my home we only answer the phone when we recognise the call coming in as one we know. Otherwise we never answer. And the phone rings, rings and rings even on Sundays.

That type of unsolicited or unwanted annoying calls have been a daily staple for us for weeks now. But this morning at 7:30 a.m. Shit I`ve had it.

Can you help? How the fuck can I stop this.

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Way back when I wrote this diary that was rated poorly by the gate keepers here at Daily Kos I added some links to other previous diaries that I had written on the subject that brings Ole Texan back to the boards......... I have been seeeeeeeek:(

Some of our good and better democrats here at Kos lugged this diarist  to the wood shed and beat him up for writing so poorly about our first Black President. The gall of the diarist to say our president lies.

That subject that I hounded relentlessly on Food Stamps trade-offs by demorcrats earned me some mild scorn by yet better democrats here was printed here in this diary where I lamented being told to swallow my entitlement cuts on Social Security and food stamps. My household was wounded then and the president had a very difficult time trying to walk away around those cuts that became a reality in November when my food stamps were slashed, and told to wait for more of the same.

Well, the time for more of the same has arrived as politicians have enleashed the assault.

With deep regret I cracked my knuckles and sat down absorbing pain in my soul and heart to tell all the little people including me that more of the same mentioned then is now here, a reality that tells us the Republicans are taking no prisoners.

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`entre mas viejo, mas pendejo` historically means in English among all Hispanics as I remember the phrase, that `the older one gets, the more stupid he becomes.

And a `very viejo` I am. But despite my old age I cannot remember ever learning or knowing how, why and when this particular phrase was coined by my elders or the people I refere to as my own kind of folks. I have always thought of that phrase whenever I see or know that some old folk has stepped in a pile of shit, or done something stupid.

Yesterday I wrote a pile of shit and I knew it the moment I clicked the publisher`s button. I have been hanging around this website for a while to know and to have expected the response that followed. Now I come to admit that the phrase I use here is true as it applies to me.

This community adopted me several years ago and since then I have considered it my family. Yesterday I disrespected not only my family here but President Obama to boot. As controversial of person that I am, both in my writings and in person, today I come to admit that I need to make amends with the community and submit a very personal apology to not only those  I offended with my diary, but with myself as well.

Because I am ashamed of myself. My elders also taught that it took a man to admit his mistakes. But not only that but to correct those mistakes by making amends. This lesson applies to me as well.

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No offense intended to the community, but I could not resist writing today on our favorite poster child.

Maybe you are already aware that President Barrack Obama was in town here in Milwaukee to stump for Democratic Governor of Wisconsin in waiting Mary Burke on Tuesday. I knew about his planned visit to the city earlier but other issues I have had with this President kept me from even feeling some sort of, well you know, anything.

What I did learn from his visit this time, though is pretty awful. I will not bash our guy this time in this diary. Lately there seems to be many many like me who do not trust this guy. So I will let you make up your own mind what to think of what I saw yesterday. One thing, that I have not seen written anywhere I will add here though. (spoiler alert: Immigration).

But first as I saw this video I felt sort of a lump on the pit of my stomach for the disrespectful showing of these folks just walking out on the President of the United states of America. I may not be able to see eye to eye with our guy, but I do not think that I could just walk away like these folks.

This just made me ask myself if I was justified in my own thinking of trusting the one person who we depend on to follow to victory during out hard times with Republicans.


I found this unfortunate situation very distressing in the face of what we here in Milwaukee are going through today. Personally I cannot wait for voting day so I can cast my vote for Mary Burke in an attempt to help kick Scott Walker out of office and out of the life of this wonderful state of Wisconsin and its people.

However, what we see in this video of people walking out on Obama is nothing new. We saw something identical to this video last week as the same thing happened when President Obama spoke in Deep Blue Maryland.

Obviously what disturbed me most of Obama`s visit to Milwaukee was that a woman, by the name Leilani Lopez heckled the president with one of my favorite peeves on immigration. As much as I would like to see this issue resolved, I cannot understand why I am so deeply touched by this immigration reform stalled issue.


   In the middle of the speech, Obama stopped momentarily as a heckler in the crowd shouted at the stage.

"The young lady is expressing her concern about immigration and the fact that we don't have a comprehensive immigration bill," Obama said. "The problem is she should be protesting the Republicans who are blocking it in Congress. That's what she should be doing."

The heckler, Leilani Lopez, of Milwaukee, said she was a Democrat who voted for Obama.

"I love my president," she said. "I have every right to criticize him."          

And Obama`s response blaming `Republicans who are blocking it in Congress` while at the same time telling folks that he will use his pen to fix this shit, does not help to make me feel any different for this president. Because, if ` Republicans are blocking it` then how does he intend to fix it on his own, by his presidential authority?

But then, this is only me.

I could care less if Immigration reform is fixed or not. What I care deeply about is being a Democrat that cannot wait to vote on November 4th. And that I do not need an ID to do so. It did not matter from the start. I have an ID because I need it.

Some here know that I am `new` on the voting scene. At my age, I slipped my first ballot through the voting slot when I became a member of this website not long ago. Never in my life previously had I voted for another human to speak for me - so to speak. So I am deeply disappointed that I cannot trust who I fu*king vote for to rule America and my life.

What I care about deeply is not being able to trust who I vote for afterwards. I hope that Mary Burke is different. And I do not mean different as in skin color either.

As I said, I am not bashing our guy here. But really dude Obama, you need to get your
program in order and dance with those who brung you. Some can even Rap too in Spanglish for your pleasure.

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