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I agree with JOSH MARSHALL from Talking Points Memo, this ad is hilarious.  We all know Ohio is a beautiful state.  They are simply making lemonade from the lemons they have been tossed through the political season.  

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Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 05:46 PM PDT

If FEMA were outsourced...........

by Olympia

When a county has suffered damage and loss, they need and want reassurance.  They require that their leaders to show leadership.  They do not want some greedy person that is only there to make a buck.  

To privatize FEMA would be to take the heart and sole, caring and compassion away from people when they need it most.

Thank you Mr. President for demonstrating what a true leader is.

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Thu Nov 01, 2012 at 11:30 AM PDT

Erickson tweet - Nate Silver & Kos

by Olympia

Erick EricksonVerified
You Too Can Be Like Former Daily Kos Blogger Nate Silver … via @ewerickson
Just thought you would like this tweet that passed along the header at HuffPo.  The article at Red State is really not worth reading.  Eric is being critical of Nate's simplified version of coming up with results that are accurate.  But if you wish, click on the link and off you go over to never-never land.

Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 06:42 PM PDT

JOE ISUZU does Romney Ads

by Olympia

 OK so we know the President has a lot of major stars to do ads for him like           Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Ben Affleck.  But Willard has struck the motherlode. Who you ask?  Why it is none other than Joe Isuzu, the icon of TV pitchmen.  

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Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 11:53 AM PDT

UPDATE: New York Subway Trains

by Olympia

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday morning that 14 out of 23 lines on the New York City subway system will resume partial service on Thursday. He noted that 3 out of the 7 flooded tunnels have been pumped out, allowing N trains and F trains to traverse the East River. Journeys between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be covered by “bus bridges” because the power is still out in Lower Manhattan.

Letter from Gov. Cuomo regarding trains running, times, days, etc.:

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Surfing around on numerous sites and just a scroll through the diary titles here today, it seems, IMHO, that we are watching the last gasps from the Romney Campaign.

Regardless of the polls, it just 'feels' different.  Feels like we are winning.  Doesn't mean we let up on our GOTV efforts.


Am I smelling desperation? Is the fat lady warming up?

79%270 votes
5%19 votes
15%52 votes

| 341 votes | Vote | Results

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Ali Velshi should stick to financial reporting because last night in Atlantic City in the heart of the storm he showed how little common sense he had.  He stood in the middle of a street (about 6 lanes) with the wind whipping him around and being blown into oncoming traffic.  His comment:

"We've done this before, and we know how to keep safe," he said about an hour later, adding that he wanted to show people how dangerous the situation was.
The Mayor of Atlantic City, Lorenzo Langford, told Velshi to get off the streets, saying that "self-preservation" was important.

This is the height of stupidity especially when they were warning people to evacuate and especially stay off the streets and then this fool goes out to play in the traffic.  

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Chris Christie, love him or hate him, has been squarely behind the President during Sandy.  On NBC he called the President “outstanding” and told MSNBC that Obama “deserves great credit.”

Christie seemed like a giddy child telling everyone that would listen:

“He gave me his number at the White House and told me to call him if I needed anything”
Then the Governor moved along to Fox news.  Below going below the squiggle, swallow your coffee to protect your screen and keyboard.  
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This just came over the AP wire

NEW YORK — A superstorm that sent water rushing onto city streets has left a large swath of the lower part of Manhattan without power.

Consolidated Edison spokesman Chris Olert said Monday evening that the power was out for most of Manhattan south of 26th Street.

On the east side, the power outage extended from 29th Street south. There were some scattered areas that still had electricity.

Olert said the damage stemmed from flooding and the probable loss of a transmission feeder.

The power outage was separate from a planned power cut that Con Ed did in certain lower Manhattan neighborhoods to protect underwater systems from flood damage.

Olert said there were 250,000 customers without power in Manhattan. A customer represents a single meter, so the number of people actually affected is likely higher.

This is a new ad just up from American Bridge which addresses 'if Romney wins, the middle class loses"

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The following story and the statistics come from RH Reality Check.  The site provides news, analysis and commentary on reproductive and sexual health and justice.  I urge you to read it.  

My name is Dawn Hill. Though I am old now, there was a time when I was young and carefree as you perhaps are now or can remember being in your childhood. Childhood should be a happy and carefree time for all our children, but my mother found her new husband, my stepfather, much more important. He forever took the joy away from my life when I was just 11 years old: He began molesting me and continued until he began raping me when I was 13.

Mr. Mourdock last night said:  “I came to realize life is that gift from God, even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape. It is something that God intended to happen.”

I became pregnant, contrary to the "scientific theories" of many modern Republicans. Not only was the experience loathsome and painful, it was also impossible for me to deal with or talk about because of the times: in the fifties, abortion was illegal. Illegal in the same way the Republican Party platform states it wants to make abortion now by constitutional amendment and just as Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has suggested casually he would “be delighted” to return to.

Please, take a moment to travel back to the fifties with me.

My mother took me to Mexico, where anyone could get an abortion for a price. I have blocked out many memories associated with this entire experience, but I remember the pain. Illegal abortions are not the simple safe vacuum procedure used today by legal abortion providers. Oh, no: They were a “dilatation and curettage.”  

This means that my cervix was mechanically opened by insertion of larger and larger metal “dilators” until it was opened enough to get a sort of sharpened spoon inside my 13-year-old uterus, while strangers looked at my exposed parts that were theretofore called “private.”  

It was cold and dirty in the room, and then the true torture started. They shoved this curette into me and scraped away the entire lining of my uterus with the sharp side. I screamed the entire time even though no one had seen so much as a tear out of me before this moment because I had developed a stony stoicism to protect my mind from the molestation.

This pain was, however, like nothing I’ve ever felt before or since. Can you imagine what happened to those women and girls who couldn’t even get this barbaric abortion? They stuck wire hangers into themselves and bled to death or suffered other horrible complications. Then, too, I also got a terrible infection from the filthy conditions.

I can tell you, though, that I would have gotten a hundred illegal abortions before carrying that monster’s offspring and going through labor, even to give the child away. That would have been the unkindest cut of all.

For women and girls, safe legal abortions are essential. While many will choose a different path than I with their pregnancies, having that choice is essential. Any encroachment on that right is an encroachment on the life, liberty, and safety of the women and girls of America.

All bolding is mine.
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Sat Oct 27, 2012 at 02:46 PM PDT

Early voting update from Fl.

by Olympia

Not really a diary, just early voting update.

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

People trying to get a jump on early voting Saturday morning encountered waits of an hour or more in Manatee and Sarasota counties, a crush that many of them attributed to a narrower early voting window this year.

By late morning, the waiting time to vote reached about 75 minutes at the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections office, a sign of high voter turnout in an election where 70 percent of people are expected to cast their ballots before Election Day.

The line snaked past the Supervisor of Elections Office down to the adjacent sheriff's office…

At the Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Office on U.S. 301, there were 100 people waiting when the polls opened at 7 a.m., said volunteer Dave Poelke, who stood just inside the door and informed people they were looking at a 50-minute wait as they filed in.

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