So what if 2 million+ choose not to work as much by 2017? The Democratic Party should not be afraid of this argument.

Those jobs aren’t going away. This opens up jobs that will most likely be done by a previously unemployed or underemployed person.

Does the Repub Party (They leave off 1 syllable, I leave off 2) have a War on the Pursuit of Happiness now too? The person who doesn’t have to work in order to buy health care will be able to spend more time with their family, have a better retirement, start a business, volunteer or do whatever they choose to do. How is that is a bad thing?

The income earned by the people who choose not to work….it isn’t flowing into the economy. It’s being spent on health care. An insurance company gets that money. The health care services provided by the insurance company cost less, on a per person basis, then what is paid for. The rest is profit.

The Repubs are saying that the CBO report confirms that the ACA provides a "disincentive to work". Using that logic, I expect the Repub Party to be coming out against IRA's, pensions and savings accounts next.

By making the argument that the CBO report on the ACA is a negative, the Repubs out themselves. Heaven forbid that we should sacrifice any corporate profit for an improvement in the quality of 2 million+ lives.