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Not really a diary.  Just another chance to berate the gun-nut freakazoids*:

Yup.  A 12-gauge shotgun discharged as its owner was having it checked by security at a North Carolina Gun Show.  Apparently, he was bringing it there to sell and rather wound up sending two people to the hospital.

I guess it didn't occur to him to check if it was loaded.  I will leave commentary on the level of stupidity demonstrated to the comment section.

*Full disclosure:  I own numerous firearms including a semi-auto shotgun (a 1958 Browning A-5 12-guage).  As a responsible gun owner, I welcome more stringent gun regulations, including universal beckground checks for all fire-arm sales, banning of assualt-weapons capable of firing 5 or more rounds without reloading, and their affiliated extended clips.

UPDATE: A more complete article is located here:


Mon Nov 09, 2009 at 04:21 AM PST

I wrote my Congresscritter...

by OnStarboardTack

In the leadup the the Health Care Reform Bill vote, I called my Congresscritter, Frank Kratovil (D-MD01) numerous times.  I had long conversations with the phone staffers in all of his offices.  But to no avail, Kratovil voted against reform.

I knew my calls alone wouldn't have any effect, but I was hoping if enough of us called, he'd come around.  It didn't work, but maybe if he gets a few letters like the one below, he may think twice when the bill comes out of conference.

All MD-01 Kossacks need to hammer this guy...

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With all this "freedom & democray" breaking loose after the success of the "surge", the mainstream media probably won't publish this bit of "good news" <snark> that came out of Iraq:

(In fact I saw this on the login page.  If this has beeen diaried let me know so I can take it down.)

Follow me below the fold - it's worse than you can imagine:

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The Senate judiciary Committee has voted along party lines to send Pryor's nomination to the full senate:

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This account in the WaPo about the siege of an Iraqi village sounds like every soldiers nightmare.  (This was the incicdent where 3 marines died.) The insurgents had armor-piercing ammo and some had flaq vests.

See below for more...

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We were pretty torqued this week about the pharma-fundi-fascists denying doctor-prescribed birth control and morning-after pills.  Well someone has actully done something about it:

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We all have seen how incompetance is rewarded in the republican fantasy world.  Most recently, being the medals of freedom for George "slam-dunk" Tenet, Paul "de-Baathification" Bremer, and Gen. "plenty-of-troops" Franks.  And despite calls for Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld's resignation, Bush tells us he's doing a "remarkable and splendid" job.  Have you stopped to wonder why?

Is there such a thing as an "ethical" republican in Congress?

31%10 votes
9%3 votes
3%1 votes
43%14 votes
12%4 votes
0%0 votes

| 32 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Aug 31, 2004 at 12:44 PM PDT

Convention DINOs & RINOs

by OnStarboardTack

We all loathe and deride Zellout for not switching parties even though he no longer espouses any democratic values.  And we laugh out loud about the republican governator who supports gay rights, abortion rights, and universal healthcare (at least he used to.)

Of course, we all recognize that having this DINO and RINO on at the RNC is part of the Rethuglican effort to appear moderate to swing voters accustomed to the likes Hastert, Delay, and Santorum.  Actually it's not quite that simple...

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