That's it!  I have just realized what has been afflicting so many of our beloved elected officials in US government - AFFLUENZA!  And all along I thought it was they who were solely responsible for their consistently selfish and uncompassionate behavior. I thought to myself, how can these people turn against the same voters who elected them?  How can they take food stamps away from children during a time of a national economic emergency caused by members of their own (affluent) class on Wall Street?  I asked myself, why would they want to deny affordable and reliable healthcare coverage to the many, many Americans who are less fortunate than them, yet who still need it for their loved ones.

I had always thought that it was simply because these particular elected officials were just greedy bastards.  How uncaring on my part!  All along I did not realize that these people had a PERFECTLY GOOD EXCUSE.  I can only thank the defense lawyer who recently pointed out that the affluent among us are under a terrible burden to have to try to make moral decisions. And coincidentally, wouldn't you know this awareness came to us from a recent court case in Texas?  That case kept a young man from having to be judged on his own actions like plain regular people, when he was actually under the influence of "Affluenza".  All seriousness aside, I wonder what would be the verdict if he had a jury of his "PEERS"? Pretty funny thought.  Nevertheless, thank you again, Texas, for your timeless wisdom.

I would humbly like to suggest a SOLUTION to this national scourge of Affluenza, because, I believe we have a responsibility, not only to prevent a potential epidemic, but also to help those tormented by ANY negative mental condition, just as we would alcoholics, addicts, people with eating disorders, or anyone with a behavioral aberration related to self-centeredness and ego-centrism - First, TAKE THEM AWAY FROM THE CAUSE.  Take these people away from the alcohol, drugs and junk foods and, with counseling, they stand a fair chance to become normal people!  But leave them in that original environment and too often not even our prayers can help them.

That is why I am proposing that new legislation be enacted to mandate, just like sort of a pre-employment drug test, that NO person be allowed to seek elected office in America without first being CERTIFIED AFFLUENZA FREE!  We only need to imagine the many wonderful impacts of an Affluenza Free US Congress to compel this new law's consideration.

PS   I have very little medical expertise, but is there a blood test available for this yet?