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Sun May 01, 2005 at 08:22 AM PDT

Sunday Griot: The Weapon

by Our Man In Redmond

Cross-posted at Booman Tribune and Omir the Storyteller.

Good morning! Good morning! Welcome once again to Sunday Griot! Come, have a seat. Be comfortable. Today's story is another original effort, about a faraway place that doesn't resemble the here and now in the slightest, I'm sure you'll agree. It's called . . . The Weapon.

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Cross-posted to Booman Tribune

Good morning! Welcome once again to Sunday Griot.

This week the world's Jews are celebrating Passover, so I thought I would present a Passover story. I'll warn you right now, it's a bit dark, but there's light in it too. And I have to say I'm sorry I couldn't think of a better title that was as descriptive as . . . Passover In Hell.

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As Frederick Clarkson mentions in his The Lights Are Going On II diary, Pastordan is doing a great service by giving those of us who are people of faith a chance to speak out against the alleged "men of faith" who are trying to hoodwink the people of America into helping them hijack this country. I wrote up a few lines for him to add to the project, which I am cross-posting in this diary.

If you like this meme, please help spread it. These people are wrapping themselves in the trapping of Christianity, but they are really worshiping the false god of Mammon. They say one thing and do another. I do not believe they are the Antichrist, but they are Anti-Christ in the broad sense of the word. They are hypocrites, and you know what Jesus said about hypocrites. They deserve to be exposed.

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Ah! Good morning once again! Thank you for coming to visit! It is time once again for Sunday Griot. There's coffee and bagels in the back, and a warm fire up front. Come, sit, and learn how what seems to be a curse . . . can be a blessing.
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I admit: I'm superstitious. I believe in the supernatural power of prayer, karma, positive energy and good vibes. The sharing of joy and happiness can help us get through the cold and darkness of this administration.

That's how Carnacki starts these out when he's here. Well, I didn't know how superstitious he was until he appeared in the C&J Cafe chat room this afternoon and asked for a volunteer to fill in for him today. Before I knew it everyone had taken a step back and I was standing out front with my tongue in my mouth and my teeth hanging out. They must have all realized this would be Got A Happy Story #13.

But that's OK because it gives me a chance to tell a story I've just never yet gotten around to. It's the story of why Damien comes to visit.


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Cross posted to Booman Tribune.

Good morning, good morning, and welcome once again to Sunday Griot! I'm so glad you took time out of your Sunday to hear a story. And you know what? There's a secret to this story, but I'm not going to tell you what it is yet. That's what makes it a secret! So pull up your chair and sit back while I tell you the story of Why The Monkeys Have No King.

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Cross posted at Booman Tribune.

Welcome! Welcome! Good morning! I am glad to see you here! Come, have a seat, and you shall hear a story.

Now normally I tell a story that has some kind of relevance to the world we find ourselves in, but today I just feel like telling a story that's fun to tell. So here, then, is the story of The King's Three Questions. Enjoy!

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Today is an anniversay that has gone almost completely unnoticed, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of Kosmopolitans everywhere so we could publicize it. For exactly one hundred years ago today, on April 1st, 1905, Professor Aaron Abramowicz of Yeshiva University and a fellow of the American Oriental Society made an amazing announcement.

More below the fold.

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I have noticed a distressing trend of late of people who get fed up with Daily Kos, or its posters, or its perceived problems, or all of the above, and leave in a blaze of glory with a "Goodbye, Cruel World" diary to announce their displeasure. These diaries must take a great deal of time to write, and no doubt take up much of the posters' newly found post-Kos spare time.

Therefore, as a public service to Kossacks around the globe, here is a handy fill-in-the-blanks template for a "Goodbye, Cruel World" diary. Just choose the answers that suit you best, or fill in your own!

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Update [2005-3-27 12:53:53 by Our Man In Redmond]: Cross-posted to Booman Tribune

Good morning, good morning! Welcome to Sunday Griot! Here in thiis part of the world many of us celebrate Easter Sunday today, so I thought it might be appropriate to do one of the stories of Yeshua bin Yusuf, the Master Teacher. So I thought I would do the story of The Good Samaritan.

But you may never have heard it told like this before . . .

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It is Sunday again, and that means it is time again for Sunday Griot. Today's story can best be described as being from "all over." and is a story about family. It is called, "The Half Blanket."
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Good morning! Good morning! The Griot is back in the market square. Come listen as we return to Aesop to tell the tale of The Lion And The Statue.
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