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Sun Oct 07, 2012 at 04:46 AM PDT

Why losing the debate was really a win

by PLS

Ok, I know everyone is upset about Obama's debate performance. It actually will turn out to be a good thing in the end though.

First off, Rachel Maddow went back and looked at the history of a challenger taking on the incumbent in their first televised debate and it turns out that the challenger won every debate with one exception.

The exception was Bob Dole, who lost the first debate to Bill Clinton. And this is why it is a good thing Romney won. Follow me over the squiggle to find out why.

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Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 07:08 AM PDT

Need advice re:upcoming medicaid cuts

by PLS

I am a therapist in a group practice in NH. A group practice is when several therapists in private practice share the expenses of space, employees who handle the billing, and so on.

Recently we lost one of the three clinicians who can accept medicare clients, so now there is only myself as a MSW and one of the partners who is a psychologist who can do so. The upshot of this is that all the recent referrals I have gotten have been medicare clients, all of which also have medicaid.  

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A sheriff is reporting that he was told by the hospital staff that Giffords is still alive, although 5 others are dead. He said that he was told that 5 minutes ago, after NPR reported that she had died. Lets all pray that she is still alive and makes.

The sheriff stated "I am really really angry, we need to take a hard look at the kind of crap and hate that is being stirred up.... she is a personal friend of mine and a beautiful, beautiful person"..... loose qoute.

Another congressmen is talking right now, identifies himself as being of the other party, talking about how serious this is, blah, blah, blah. Not taking any responsibility for the hate.

A hospital spokesman just said she is alive and in surgery right now.


Thought I would throw in a bit of good news this morning, though I doubt it will make an impression on the doom and gloomers.

Just saw the results of a new poll on CNN, including the pronouncement that it included surprisingly "good news for Democrats".

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Tue Mar 02, 2010 at 04:44 PM PST

Breaking: Bunning breaks!!! W/updates

by PLS

MSNBC just broke the news that Bunning has given up and will no longer block the spending bill that includes an extension of unemployment benefits, plus a number of other important stuff. I am unemployed and my benefit period just expired so needless to say, I am very pleased with this. I am a therapist and just joined a group practice in which you get paid when the money comes in, so I need my benefits to continue in order for this to work as it takes time to build a case load. I am also glad that money will be flowing to other worth while projects as well.

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I read this great piece of commentary on the SCOTUS ruling by a poster called smintheus on, in which the said poster came up with a relatively easy fix to the ruling.

The meat of his approach is quoted below in a this key graph;

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I know, I know, it doesn't seem possible. But I saw both of them last night, Howard on Hardball, and Bernie on the Rachel Maddow show, and they were pretty happy about the health care compromise that we know is just an evil give away to the insurance companies!!!

In fact, I have even heard that it was Howard who suggested expanding existing programs as a compromise for dropping a weak watered down public option! And I thought he was a real progressive who wanted real reform!!!

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Howard Dean was just on Olberman to talk about what a good idea it is to expand medicare, explaining that he had done just that in Vermont to get almost everyone covered. Over time he expanded this program and that one, and today Vermont is a model for the nation. Then Gene Robinson echoed him, pointing out that a watered down barely PO is less effective than the real thing, Medicare. The real PO number one, and number two, this would help a lot of folks.

Then Keith reported that it appears to be a deal, medicare eligibility will now begin at 55, but no PO.

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After their first effort to kill the evil PO by requiring members of Congress to enroll in it failed because the Dems unexpectedly happily agreed, Vitter, Conrad, and now Bacus are trying to up the ante. They are planning to introduce an amendment today to require the president, vice president, cabinet members, and staff have to enroll in the PO too!

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Sat Oct 31, 2009 at 10:05 AM PDT

Why I can't watch the 'Ed Show'....

by PLS

Ok, so I don't know why I decided that I wanted to get flamed this morning, but this has been sticking in my craw for along time. I keep trying to watch Ed Schultz, I should be able to watch him, but he keeps bugging me.

Last night two of his statements and his over the top emotional presentation really crystallized what bothers me about his show.

Statement number one regarding the the health care bill and Obama's desire to get Repugs on board; "This isn't what we voted for!!! He is riling the base!!"

Statement number two regarding HC, the Congress and the Senate; "He needs to tell them what he wants, that's leadership! If you ask me, there has been too much legislating going on around here!!"

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Boy, he really is just about getting re-elected, isn't he? Anyway, he just told Ed Shultz that there is no need for an opt -out or a trigger provision, because we "have 60 votes". Ed then challenges, and Specter explains about cloture, and that he would expect Loserman to vote for cloture, and then he could vote no on the bill, and that he would expect the same from the other Conservadems. He, explained it of course, as if this "procedural matter" was really somewhat arcane, and somehow the question why this approach wasn't taken from the beginning never came up. He explains that all the Dems really need is 50 plus the Biden, and that he hopes Snowe will come aboard, but then talks about the Republicans as if he never was one.... that they have become the party of "no". Next guy up used the same talking points, also saying that he would expect Lieberman to vote for cloture, and if not, his committee chairmanship could be in doubt. I didn't recognize him, and was to busy writing this diary to catch his name. Hopefully someone else who was watching can fill in more details, like who the guy was.

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Ok guys, Obama is about to speak to the AFL-CIO and everyone is claiming that he is going to tip his hand about the public option. Supposedly, Obama is going to try to keep the left's support regardless of whether or not it includes a public option or not. MSNBC is going to cover the speech live, and David Shuster is on now talking to a labor leader.

Obama has entered the hall and is shaking hands and getting ready to speak at this point. Lets all watch and see what he has to say. Please participate so that those who are trapped at work or who are out doing something will know what Obama actually said.

Hilda Solice is speaking at the moment, MSNBC isn't covering that, instead David is talking to Chuck Todd. Chuck is stating that there is a hope that giving an address will put pressure on those Dems who want to be part of the process.

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