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Here's a great example of two things, one, a Democrat with brass balls, and two, how a lot of activists cannot handle opposing viewpoints. "MD Friend of Hillary" shows us how it's done:

I mean really. Suggesting that people have an option requires a phalanx of cops?

It's hard to imagine that a more innocuous message could draw more hostility. Aren't these people paying attention?

(update: feel free to
email me with press inquiries for MD Friend of Hillary, the man with the banner)


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In a blog post that has been endlessly recirculated today, LA Times reporter/blogger Andrew Malcolm, trumpeted the following headline:

Breaking News: Pro-Clinton push poll erupts in California

The problem? If you read his story, none of his headline is true. Great job LA Times.

Media Whore* Malcolm tells the breaking(!!!) story of a Clinton(!!!) erupting push poll(!!!).


Mickey Kaus Blows

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... today, in Salinas. Hartnell College 2 - 4. Be there or be square.

The titan organization of the civil rights movement, Cesar Chavez' and Dolores Huerta's United Farmworker Union is picking their candidate, and perhaps picking the President: Hillary Clinton.


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(I've changed the title to minimize disappoint to people hoping to re-live the glory of Linda's Obama endorsement)

Earlier, there was the much trumpeted Obama endorsement by Rep. Linda Sanchez. The earth shook! Commercials were to be made! Blogs were to be rec'd! Another Biggie Breaks for Obama! It was proof, proof! that Obama was more awesome than ever.

You could just feel everyone push back their recliners and bask in the glow.


Lo and behold, several hours later, her older -- and somewhat more conservative -- sister, Orange County-area Rep. Loretta Sanchez, endorsed Hillary Clinton.



Pie fight!

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I guess the truce did not include allegations of racism that include Latinos.

Via The Politico:

The radio ad aired by one of Obama's labor allies re-injects ethnicity into the Democratic primary contest in sharp terms.

The ad notes the Obama campaign uses the slogan, "Si Se Puede." But the lady who actually coined the phrase along with Cesar Chavez, Dolores Huerta, talked to reporters on behalf of Clinton:

"It’s pathetic and it's sad and it's unfortunate that they have to stoop so low," said Dolores Huerta, a longtime Hispanic labor leader who supports Clinton. She said she had never met Obama in her years of working on Hispanic causes, and suggested the ad was prompted by his lack of Hispanic support.

"I have yet to find even one worker — a Latino worker — who is supporting Barack Obama," she said.

The political director for the textile and hotel workers' union UNITE-HERE, Tom Snyder, confirmed a portion of the transcript, and defended the decision to run it.

How did opposing culinary union precincts turn into a lack of respect for Latinos?


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This comes via an old friend who gave me permission to use his report from last night's Bill Clinton event at UC Davis.


Doug Paul Davis, the pseudonymous influential Davis activist, reports from behind the scenes at last night's last minute event.

Last night Bill Clinton came to the ARC Pavillion [...] It was a last minute event, that turned out to be highly successful. According to some of the organizers, the Hillary for President campaign had called and asked if they could get 1,000 people to show up at an event with the Former President as the speaker.

Instead, as early at 7 pm, two full hours before the event a crowd wrapped around the entire recreation field waiting to get in. An estimate 7,000 people showed up inside the ARC and another perhaps 2,000 were eventually turned away. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the crowd was that perhaps 90 percent of it was students.

(bolds mine)

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Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the latest email in your in box for this small-print menu:

"Manage Subscriptions | Update Profile | One-Click Unsubscribe"

Click over on the right, and you're done! For good. No more spam!

Yes, I'm pissed at Kerry's email endorsing Obama. Not because he did it, but why he did it.




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The title is straight from The Politico.

The entire post is too short to worry about clipping:

In a speech this afternoon in central Iowa, Barack Obama seems to have widened his criticism of the politics of the past to encompass not only Hillary Clinton but John Kerry and Nobel Laureate Al Gore.



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ABC's Sunlen Miller Reports: Barack Obama has often said he'd consider putting Repbulicans in his cabinet and even bandied about names like Sens. Dick Lugar and Chuck Hagel. He's a added a new name to the list of possible Republicans cabinet members - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: "What (he’s) doing on climate change in California is very important and significant. There are things I don't agree with him on, but he's taken leadership on a very difficult issue and we haven't seen that kind of leadership in Washington," Obama said of the California governor.

What a poor political impulse. For CA activists, it's immediately obvious that the most charitable thing you can say about Arnold is he doesn't pee on the carpet when the voters muzzle him.

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Should Obama modify reverse his support for Arnold?

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Paul Rieckhoff of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is asking us to lobby Congress to stop billing Purple Heart recipients for a prorated portion of their signing bonus.

Paul's email recaps the story:

I'm writing today to ask you to please take a minute to help us out on an important issue that is affecting wounded servicemembers.

When Jordan Fox was serving as a Private First Class in Iraq in May of this year, he was injured by a roadside bomb. The attack left him with a back injury and blind in his right eye, and as a result, the Army sent him home. A few weeks later, to his surprise, they sent him a bill for nearly $3,000.

The Army demanded that he return part of his enlistment bonus because he had been injured and medically discharged before completing his enlistment. Jordan had signed up to serve his country and was injured in the line of duty, and now the Army was asking for its money back.


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Sat Sep 08, 2007 at 09:49 AM PDT

Eau Fred

by Pacific John

Behold the genius that is the Groups News Blog's LowerManhattanite. Here's his blurb, stolen in full:

Being a Presidential candidate these days is about a lot more than experience...and smarts...and a a clear sense of right and wrong.

It's about how you smell, apparently. So, without any further ado, we here at ye olde GNB proudly present this short promotional piece for the new scent that's sweeping the nation! That is, if "the nation" means a TV soundstage in Burbank, Chris Matthews' funky-ass den, and a bank of just-rented offices in a sun-blasted industrial park off I-40 in Knoxville. With that, we give you...

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