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Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 04:38 AM PST

Catch A Wave

by Pam Bennett

How many LGBT people have boats and go out on the water (owning a boat and using it are often not connected)?  I have a boat, currently she is on the York River in Virginia, which I do use; actually, me and my cat Boo.  Although a search for LGBT yachters, boaters and variations of those will result in a few groups, even one in my area, there are very few results.  

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Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 06:21 AM PST

Veterans Day 2010 - Navy Memorial

by Pam Bennett

Each year Veterans Day brings a deeper appreciation for what our forefathers and foremothers did to form our country, as well as what those who have fought and died for freedom from tyranny mean to me and our country.  

This year the hard numbers are continuing to show a decline in the percentage of veterans to general population, which would be fine if we were not engaged in two wars. Those women and men on active duty around the world are strained and suffering to an extent unheard of in modern history.

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Sat Jan 09, 2010 at 06:14 AM PST

Stop Messing Around In Our State

by Pam Bennett

What is it about Colorado that makes Obama/Emmanuel/? so ready to want to take over and run our Democratic Party and state?  I know Obama had the stage at Mile High Stadium for an hour, but that did not give him the keys to  777 Santa Fe.  He is as nice a guy as I've almost run in to, a fact he established after he and I almost ran into each other a couple of years ago; literally ran into each other in a hall way when we were not looking where we were going, and his Secret Service agent was laughing at us as we excused ourselves from near disaster.  

So far Obama has gotten his choice of a Senator, but he has not stopped there.  With Ritter heading to the "Former Gov’s" portrait and plaque lounge we have a lot of drama and fun of speculating who from a good half dozen qualified Democratic Party members will pick up the tee and plant it in the box for the next hole (See I can do sports talk too).  But right from the start we have been smothered with ". . . the White House would like . . ." talk.


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Now that the VA is going to build a new hospital in Aurora at the medical campus that used to be the Fitzsimons Army Medical Post, we need to make sure the construction employs those with a special interest in it.  I mean veterans and working men and women.  During these terrible economic times, there are many veterans who could use new skills to be ready to work.  

Our hospital must be built by veterans in unions where they can learn the skills they need to keep them employed for the rest of their lives.  Apprenticeship programs teach and train women and men to not only do the job, such as electrician, but to do it well and safely.  These programs are the best way to learn about modern techniques and materials.

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Fri Apr 10, 2009 at 08:09 AM PDT

Politics - The Out Way

by Pam Bennett

The first question, all politicians are always asked is, "why are you running?"  A very simple question - with a simple answer and a very long answer. The simple answer is I like to help others and to be in elected office gives me the opportunity to help many people.  But when you think about who I am then the question is why am I running?  

In my case, I've always been interested in politics; I was fortunate enough to have a relative who worked at the US Capitol when I was growing up and so I was able to see the Congress up close and personal at a very young age.  But that alone wouldn't have been enough to get me interested into politics.  My great uncle was not political. OK he had to be political to want to work at the Capitol.  But I would not consider politics, genetic.  Also, not too many 10 year olds received the Congressional Record, and read it.

I think many of us get into politics because we have opinions, we want to see things better for many people, and politicians are doers.  Some people do not need to be pushed into politics, and others have to be shoved.  I'll say I had to be shoved.

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Sun Feb 22, 2009 at 08:11 PM PST

Jolly Rancher Leaves the U.S.

by Pam Bennett

Many of us enjoyed Jolly Rancher Candy over the years. It was produced in the Jolly Rancher plant in Wheat Ridge on Ward Rd. a little north of I-70.  The smell of the candy wafted all over the west side of the metro region for decades.

However, the company was sold to Hershey's in 1996 which closed the plant in 2002. Operations were moved to other plants in Canada. Then in the U.S. at the Reading Pa. plant.

The Hershey plant in Reading Pa. is now being closed with the Jolly Rancher candy production being moved to Mexico.  Along with Jolly Rancher candy the York Peppermint Patties production is being moved too.

One more company jumping on the jobs bandwagon.  Only jobs for other countries, and eliminating the jobs in the U.S.

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Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 04:57 PM PST

On The Streets of Aurora

by Pam Bennett

This afternoon while traveling around the Aurora-Denver metro region doing campaign and similar work I stopped in at the office where the Gay Lesbian Bi-sexual and Transgender (GLBT) people meet.

Quite a few of the people there are on and off the streets. Many have HIV/AIDS. Some are on parole, and all are just a step away from homelessness. Joblessness is the norm.  Survival is how you live day to day. Being clean is their goal.  And not just getting a shower every week or so.

The office and building is a friendly place to go for help and talk.  A place for transgender people to find safety.  Next door is the office where gays and lesbians can go for the same.

Fortunately the operation has donors to keep it afloat in these terrible times.  Unfortunately there is very little hope for these people to find jobs and become self-sustaining in the near or possibly long term future.

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Something important has been happening during the last week that cannot be ignored.  KOS has been a hotbed, mildly speaking, of a discourse that needs to happen.  Reading the diaries concerning GLBT people and Warren at the first brought out those who supported and did not support GLBT people in denouncing what Warren was doing in the inauguration ceremony.

Then there were the diaries giving what happens in the real lives of GLBT people. Many learned enough to gain an idea of why there was so much push back from GLBT people about the Warren invite.  That also gave a few people a lot more education then they were willing to accept.  There was some breaking through a lack of knowledge and in a few cases willful ignorance.  But, there was an upwelling of something that still needed to surface completely to bring the discussion to where it is today.

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Sun Aug 24, 2008 at 06:47 PM PDT

DNC Possible Protest Locations

by Pam Bennett

Although most of you will not be in Denver for the DNC Convention.  There are many others wanting to use their First Amendment rights.
Here is a list of where the Legal Observers from the Law Project will be this week.  Just in case you want to see the protests up close and very personal.
This afternoon several of the protests brought a heavy police presence, there was no clashing between them.  The anti-abortion crowd did their best to be arrested, as they wanted (no names or links will be provided for them)they were not arrested. Just escorted out of the religious meeting they invaded.
update: missed line.  Not My Tribe is the link and source for the list of possible protest locations.

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