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Substantial early (absentee) voting has occured in Iowa. Returns are reported by registration.  Thepre-election PPP poll can be compared and contrasted with the reported returns to validate and extrapolate results.

PPP asks respondents if they have voted early, and presents cross-tabs for their selection.

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More than 70% of Nevada's voters have already voted in the now-closed two week voting period.  Nevada is a swing state and could provide the margin of victory combined with Ohio and NH.

Official NV reporting gives the party registration of the voters.  PPP poling has cross-tabs on the selected candidates of early voters, and the intentions of the late voters.

These two independent streams can be combined to estimate,  corroborate and project actual voting results.

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Campaign cash from the banking and hedge fund majordomos has rained down on Romney since the primary days.  He is their candidate in every particular.

Money buys access in politics. The K-Street lobbyists bundle donations to get a seat at the table on drafting legislation. I've had political aides  stop me mid-sentence, look directly at me, and ask "Do I know you?".  This is a political code phrase for, "Did you make a donation?"

Part of the "bandwagon" psychology of making Romney the inevitable candidate has been the planted stories about the wholesale defection of Banking dollars from Obama to Romney, such as a Feburary Huff Post piece or a May Love Letter at CNN.

Today, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch is running a piece on the frantic scramble by Wall Street to cover their wrong way bet.  His only "fact" in the post is repeating street chatter, but the Wall Street Journal is in a position to know.

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Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 05:16 PM PDT

The "Innocence of Bn Laden" honeypot

by Panglozz

Steve Klein, the christian militia enforcer associated with the Innocence of Muslim agit-prop, claimed the purpose of the film was to acquire intelligence on AQ supporters in Southern California.

The movie poster for the now notorious June 30th 2012 showing supports that claim:

Below the fold, I consider the claims that Nakoula was a confidential informant and the implication that the "Innocence" project was a sanctioned  intelligence operation that has gone seriously off the rails.

I will try to steer clear of the hyperventilating conspiracy and deal only with what has been claimed  by the principals and what is corroborated.

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The media has trumpeted a number of false leads on the identities behind  the "Innocence of Muslims" agit-prop.

It has settled its narrative on an unlikable ex-con named Nakoula with a (self-described) minor role in the affair.

Unfortunately for the narrative, Nakoula was in federal detention in the period when the movie was planned, he was  released from detention only in June 22, 2011.

Far more likely, Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, owner of  Media for Christ, and a right-wing media star during the NYC anti-mosque rallies is responsible.
More follows........

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Wed Sep 12, 2012 at 12:32 PM PDT

Tracing the Sam Bacile Network

by Panglozz

Sam Bacile is an obvious pseudonym. The very earliest web trace is the Y-tube account created on April 4 2012, the "trailer" was posted on July 2, 2012.  The 14 min film "trailer" is the only independent evidence that a longer film  may exist.  

Three names have been associated with the Mohammed film.  
Terry Jones, the media-whore pastor from Florida
Morris Sadek (Gergis) - a Coptic agitator with a media relationship  to Terry Jones
Steve Klein of San Jacinto/Hemet

Klein has been most available to the media.  He has made a recent interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic.

Klein updates a Facebook page "Altar or Abolish"  and  parallel websites.   or

Below the fold I will present additional sources and information.

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Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 08:37 AM PST

Jon Corzine and the Electoral Map

by Panglozz

Jon Corzine's MF Global went bankrupt, and $1.2 billion in customer deposits are unaccounted for.  A tempest on Wall Street? Hardly, many of these deposits represent the receipts from pre-sales of smaller grain farmers and cattle ranchers in the Great Plains and inter-Mountain West.

Farmers and Ranchers have been hedging against the vagaries of their profession on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for more than a century.  They sell future contract for delivery, permitting the price of a harvest to guaranteed and  the capital for the current season expenses raised.

Farmers and Ranchers have iconic importance and massive charisma (far exceeding their actual numbers) in these states. Social solidarity with them brings whole communities to their defense, and elections won and loss on their issues.

No electoral map that abandons key Plains and Inter-Mountain states produces an electoral win for Obama.

The Administration's kid-glove silence on Jon Corzine's mis-appropriation is playing into the Republican strategy to win these states.  The narrative- which can be found endlessly repeated in local western papers and television-- is that Obama is protecting Corzine because he is a "liberal".

I argue that a forceful and clearheaded response to the collapse of farm credit and Corzine's particular  crime would change the dynamic for Obama in these states. He is truely missing a crucial electoral test by hiding in a foxhole on this issue.


Is it Concern Troll, or does this highlight a needed response?

15%3 votes
85%17 votes

| 20 votes | Vote | Results

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The great mass mobilizations against Vietnam have many parallels to the Occupy Wall Street eruptions. The great demonstrations accomplished much in moving public opinion and creating a resilient network of organizers.  Like OWS, the movement exploded quickly, surprising even the organizers and outstriping their resources. The protests also contributed to conflict and burnout, and led much of the leadership into dead-end internal conflicts that paralyzed the anti-war momentum at some critical junctures.

 As a youth, I volunteered at the DC headquarters for many of these demonstrations. I never had a leadership position (I was very young), but starting in 1967 ran the mimeo's, posted billboards, and organized students.  I do have a understanding and perspective of the events from this ground-level view, my perspective  is often at odds with the broader cultural history of the '60's, but is often consistent with some of the more closely documented history of the movement.

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Riffing on the "We are 99%" phenomenon, I started a photo tumblr to document the nation's crumbling infrastructure.
Ruins of Empire

Let's crowdsource the need to rebuild infrastructure, the suicidal Republican opposition, and the very real threat to human life if we ignore these needs.

Go photograph the crumbling Ruins of Empire in your community and upload the images to the tumblr blog.  We are at an Ozymandias moment in our history.

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Corporations with close and cozy relationships with Republican politicians engaged in fraud and featherbedding in Alternative Energy programs.  A primary offender is the now-bankrupt Raser Corp.  (Stock symbol:

Raser built a geo-thermal plant in south western Utah, dedicated as "Hatch Geothermal".  The plant was named for Orin Hatch, a hometown champion of the company. Hatch, the senior republican Senator from Utah, helped arrange DOD funding, overseas trade grant funding, and other subsidies for the company.

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