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At his press conference today Gov. Christie stated that before he went public with his initial denials around 4 weeks ago that his staff had nothing to do with creating a massive 4 day traffic jam in Ft. Lee, he asked two people to "interview each member of his senior staff" about any involvement in creating the traffic jam.  Those two people were his Chief of Staff Kevin O-Dowd and his Chief Legal Counsel Charlie McKenna. They reported back to him that nobody on his senior staff had any information about the traffic jam.  

But it turns out there's a document already released that show's that Charlie McKenna was almost certainly directly involved the in the scandal from the beginning.

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After finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy I've been thinking about how likely it is that we could have a real life Hunger Games in the future.  [For those not familiar with the book, the Hunger Games is where 24 kids enter an arena and fight until only one victor remains].  

It's not like there's not precedent for this - just look at the Roman Empire.  Then it hit me - there's a way we could have a real life Hunger Games today and use it to do some good as well.

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With all this talk about the youth vote turning out for Obama, I thought I'd share a story from last night.  

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