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Mon May 04, 2015 at 01:31 PM PDT

Bernie Sanders Townhall Simulator

by Patience John

Bernie Sanders not coming to a town hall near you soon? Would you like to live the sensation of being packed into a barnburner but in the comfort of your own chair?

Boy do I have just the thing for you! Here is Bernie Sanders in Austin, Texas a few weeks back at the event I invited y'all out to. Now sit back and enjoy, though having someone needlessly elbow you every few minutes makes this feel more real.



Mon May 04, 2015 at 01:15 PM PDT

How we got to Garland today.

by Patience John

I was one confused guy last night when I heard about the shootings in Garland. See, I knew that the Curtis Culwell Center had become a flash point in the discussion about Islam in this country, but I had no idea there was a follow up.

The follow up is what is in the news, but not how we got here.

I still can't believe Garland ISD is the epicenter of this, but here we go.

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Police are currently in a crisis as the amount of bad apples in the barrel are reaching critical mass while the infotech is documenting their actions global and instantly. The basic public trust in our current policing system is in crisis not just in large metropolitan areas, but also small towns where a culture of compliance has allowed a mole hill to mountain.

Here are a few humble suggestions from an armchair civicist.

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Any news this morning? While the country is lasered onto Baltimore. The new Kinloch mayor has yet to be able to get in the door of city hall. Seriously.

New Kinloch mayor blocked by police from entering city hall

On Thursday, McCray was ready to start on the job, but was met with strong resistance. Fox 2 was there with McCray when she showed up at city hall, where she was greeted by more than 20 Kinloch police officers.

One officer attempted to prevent himself from being filmed by pushing a camera away. No one was being allowed inside city hall, including the elected mayor.

Kinloch city attorney James Robinson informed McCray she had been impeached. However, the city refused to tell the new mayor the articles of impeachment.

“You have been served with articles of impeachment that were put in the mail,” said attorney James Robinson.

Mayor McCray said she will file an injunction with St. Louis County courts and return to Kinloch City Hall Friday and try to enter the building again.

Update:  A lawyer for Kinloch says he misspoke after this story aired.  He says the new mayor is not impeached, she is suspended.  They realized there is a process that the city must go through before they can impeach her.  He says the mayor has been served with articles of impeachment on Thursday.  Newly-elected mayor Mayor Betty McCray says she never got them.  Kinloch cannot hold an impeachment hearing until 30 days after the papers are served.

As of yesterday, this coup by a boss hogg was still effect.

Any news? Did the bad guys wait for the news cycle to change and win again?


So wow, first off, people who waste their time reading me will be shocked, shocked I say, to find out I actually am a member of the Good Book. Just not the biggest fan on how other people use it.

This little tidbit from Kerry Eleveld's diary really stuck in my craw:

But frankly, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who has a shot at winning Iowa but nowhere else, really took the wedding cake.
“Let me be clear: I’m not backing off because what I’m saying is true,” he said. “We’re criminalizing Christianity in this country by telling people who hold to an orthodox worldview of biblical marriage that if you still believe that … you will be guilty of discrimination, which could result in some kind of civil or criminal action against you.”
Here we get into the dangerous world of what a "Real" Christian is by being those who are allowed to define the "orthodox" worldview. Especially among protestants of any flavor, though I think the Pope still fulfills that capacity for The Church.

Being a freethinking Lutheran, I believe both paths lead to dogma and dogma combine with civics equals a theocracy. Men like Cruz and Huckabee want to define that theocracy, especially when the law comes to the LGBT community.

Especially with marriage.

This has always confused me.

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Mon Apr 06, 2015 at 05:47 PM PDT

The Nut About Pistachios

by Patience John

Well, this has been a long time coming. This is what happens when you look forward and let all those yahoos keep their ill-gotten gains, giving them more buying power! Sit down, grab a cup of coffee or whiskey and hear a tale about how almonds are being used as the whipping nut for big money and bigger Pistachios.

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Howdy my fellow Texans, we got a full-blown lefty coming to town! Come see Bernie Sanders at the IBEW Union Hall tomorrow.

The IBEW Union Hall is on 71 (aka Ben White Boulevard because this city loves naming streets like four times) just east of I-35 on the northside of the road. The discussion will begin around 7pm, Austin time.

As a left-leaning populist, rarely do I get to hear a politician speak that I can even remotely relate to. I look forward to seeing the Senator speak and helping to open the overton window to the left as much as we can. And doing it in Texas.

So come on by tomorrow!

Town Meeting on the Fight for Economic Justice (RSVP here)

Tuesday, March 31 at 7 p.m.
IBEW Local Union 520, 4818 E. Ben White Boulevard, Austin, TX 78760
Please join Bernie, Jim Hightower and other local leaders to discuss how we can:
Get Big Money Out of Politics
Deal with Obscene Wealth and Income Inequality
Combat Climate Change
Create Democracy NOT Oligarchy
Click here to RSVP »Town Meeting on the Fight for Economic Justice


Tue Dec 16, 2014 at 11:55 AM PST

The Pretzel Incident Under Review

by Patience John

Washington, D.C. - Last Sunday, Dick Cheney freely admitted that the Bush Administration believed torturing innocents was justifiable, going against this republic's long held tradition of the Blackstone's formulation in regards to the use of torture. Former Vice-President, and now admitted war criminal, Dick Cheney also stated emphatically then President George Walker Bush also knew that the CIA was more than likely torturing innocent civilians.

Probably the most shocking accusations come formerly discredited whistle-blower analysts, is how Bush was told. They state one night Bush challenged Cheney over the torture program and the Vice-President struck the President repeatedly in the face in a fit of rage. Bush would later claim to have "choked on a pretzel."

"To his credit, President Bush was very uneasy with the moral slipper slope the Vice President's Office was presenting," an undisclosed analyst said. "But Cheney and Bolton were very gun-ho, especially after Yoo had given them the green light. When President Bush appeared to be siding with the State Department and having the assets sent to Leavenworth instead of Thailand, Dick Cheney came over to the White House in what can only be described as 'Sopranos'-style."

"Bush was never the same President after that, the Vice President's Office pretty much ran the show at that point, at least with foreign affairs," the analyst also added. "It was a shame to see Bush's name dragged across late-night comedy over choking on a pretzel. But that does sound better than getting roughed up by the Vice President because he refused to torture innocents."

All calls to the innocents tortured and the defamed pretzel were not returned by press time.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney was deemed to dangerous a criminal to approach for comment.


Mon Sep 22, 2014 at 12:51 PM PDT

Clown Cars on the Border

by Patience John

While reading the internetz about the great border closing, which oddly got more coverage than the environment march, I noticed right off it was in Starr County.

Starr County has one of the last legendary type mayors in Texas.

Check out the video here:

One simply cannot deny a Villarreal in a hat and belt buckle like that.

So right up on the great "Shut Down All Ports” meta data floating around, I noticed two thing.

One, the organizer was not Ron Cupp, but most definitely Rob Chupp. Media doesn't use fact checkers anymore, much less research departments. Getting the right name is a biggie though, so people can actually follow up on who is running and ruining this clown car show on our borders.

This is the same Rob Chupp of the Bundy Ranch fiasco for which no one was ever held accountable. Not only was Rob Chupp at White Man's Privilege Festival 2014, he was there with his sheriff, Sheriff Brad Rogers.

Here is a letter to editor showing his glowing respect for this sheriff, that went to the Bundy Ranch. Apparently this was a thing that happened I didn't notice at the time.

The sheriff had to walk this all back of course, because he did it in freaking uniform.

Merlin1963 here at Dkos noticed:

Here is Rob Chubb is complaining about vetting the Oath Keepers, remember that part of this circus?

Rob Chupp You can also send supplies to the guys doing outside perimeter security around the ranch (camp liberty) they are in deserate need of supplies. For some reason supplies are not making it to their camp. They have the most men out of all the security teams there.
April 27 at 4:37pm · Like · 5

Rob Chupp I wish people would vet their information before they post stuff .. I was part of the conversation with oath keepers .. they didn't pull out the, a hand full simply went to debrief and vet the information they had received. I think this is sad that this was even posted.. united we stand divided we fall.
April 27 at 5:28pm · Like · 3

Now, besides the Bundy thingie, the reason Rob Chupp rang a bell was because I also read Mexican websites.

Law enforcement readies for possible port protest
By Murphy Woodhouse, Nogales International

Those goals, according to Indiana-based protest organizer Rob Chupp, include the immediate release of active-duty Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was arrested in April in Mexico for bringing loaded weapons into the country after apparently making a wrong turn into the San Ysidro port of entry in Southern California. Chupp’s group also wants the U.S. government to “secure our borders and protect the citizens in America from foreign threats.”

Among other things, a mission statement released by organizers demands, “[a] clear plan of action and confirmed intent to permanently seal off our Southern border, by means of a military grade fence with razor wire (or similar equivalent) and adding any and all additional Border Patrol Agents and militarized National Guard members needed to further deter any unauthorized entry. The Southern border MUST be sealed.”

Stasyi Barth, the Southern California-based originator of the protest, confirmed that the DeConcini port would be one of 17 ports of entry along the southern border targeted by protesters and one of four in Arizona.

Chupp claimed that an unnamed federal law enforcement body had advised the group to avoid certain ports because of potential threats from the Islamic State in the Levant, the terrorist group known by the initials ISIS or ISIL.

So there you go, from the horse's mouth, the threat was ISIS or ISIL.

Take your pick but that is what kept Rob Chupp and his fellow patriots from the border in Texas.


If I had pointed guns at federal agents for a good month then threatened economic terrorism, I am pretty sure I would not be giving interviews to Fox News.

Then again, I am as brown as Villarreal.

The co-pilot in this clown car caravan of cascading claptrappary is one Stasyi Barth.

Stasyi Barth is a slow moving train wreck I've seen one to many times.

Luckily Robin Abcarian is new to this circus and has a great character feature that smells of freshly buttered popcorn here:


Archive Link:

Watch and tell a friend.

8 Minute mark is when the police arrive.

Then the police just started randomly shooting people with rubber bullets unprovoked.

Two older folks are outside in the yard wondering what's going on, police just shot flash grenade in their direction.

Overall, this should be required viewing by every citizen so we can have a frank discussion about the militarization of our police forces.


Sat Aug 02, 2014 at 11:05 AM PDT

AIPAC Named Secretary of State

by Patience John

Washington, D.C -  In a stunning move brought on by the Citizens United decision, a corporate entity for the first time will become a citizen official. The legal construct known as AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) replaced former-Senator John Kerry as Secretary of State, a move which Israel says should not be second guessed.

While most insiders were surprised to see the first corporate official take such a high level of office, everyone in D.C. agrees AIPAC had the resources and influence to dictate foreign policy for quite some time now, so this transition appeared to be a natural evolution of their current role in the federal government.

"AIPAC has made more a lateral move," stated K Streeter James Hariford, a long-time supporter of AIPAC whether he liked it or not. "Instead of constantly lobbying via suitcases of cash under the guise of campaign contributions, now AIPAC can operate free from the shadows in a very public position. At least for once, the people will know who is really calling the shots, that's for sure."

The Obama Administration refused to comment and referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's press office for comment, least they get in hot water again.


Thu Jul 10, 2014 at 01:27 PM PDT

Liberty of La Linea

by Patience John

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Ah, sweet Lady Liberty, first thing many migrants saw before arriving in the Great Apple, ripe of the American dream. That vision of the American dream still radiates across the world, especially in countries in our geographic neighborhood.

It could come as no surprise that huddled masses, especially the poor, from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras are doing whatever it takes to get to America. As one who follows things in Americanos Latinos, those countries do ring a bell from our own country's activities not long ago.

It is as if though well-meaning, but incredibly short-sighted, intervention, we helped create the current social climate in these countries that caused over 50,000 minors to attempt to achieve the American dream since last October.

50,000 children.

Border Centers Struggle to Handle Onslaught of Young Migrants
By FERNANDA SANTOS, New York Times, JUNE 18, 2014

Since October 2013, about 50,000 unaccompanied children have been apprehended on the Mexican border, most of them in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Agents there have been sending many of them to the Border Patrol station in Brownsville, intended as a hub for processing young people.

On Wednesday, more than 400 children caught in the past few days were being held in chilly, crowded cells that had concrete benches along the walls, but no beds. The station also housed some adult mothers and their children, swelling the population well above its normal capacity of 250 detainees.

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