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Wed Aug 04, 2010 at 08:00 PM PDT

Hope is a flippered thing.

by Pax Amicus

My family had a reunion at my Uncle's house on Hatteras Island. We took a day break walk and found both a live science lesson and a lesson in hope.

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I really am confused, and so is my Senator, I fear.

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Let's kick the State o' Maine in the seat of their pants.

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I think this really might be "Breaking". Please be gentle.

We are our own worse enemies.

No, really. The Navy's playing chicken with itself and had a little "whoopsie" in the Hormuz.

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Sat Feb 07, 2009 at 03:11 PM PST

I'd rather my kid smoked Pot

by Pax Amicus

Conan O’Brien on Michael Phelps’ pot scandal;

"A tabloid published a picture of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps at a party taking a huge hit from a bong. I think there’s an important lesson to be learned here: Kids, never share your pot with someone who has the lung capacity of a dolphin."


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When my oldest was a little little girl, she attended this school.... Hearthstone School.

At the time, the school was located on the grounds of an estate owned by Lorin Maazel, who is the conductor of the NY Philharmonic. He has children the same age and he wanted them educated in the Waldorf method, so basically he opened up a little home school for his own kids and opened it up to neighbourhood children, of which my oldest was one. That school eventually had to move to bigger quarters, which is what you see on their web site, but for a long time it was situated right on the Maazel estate, Chateauville.

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