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Barbara & Wade West - Synopsis
Barbara West of WFTV is married to Wade West.  

Barbara has a long history of attacking the Clintons and puffing up George W. Bush.

Wade has long standing relationships with many Republicans.  His connections date back at least to Governor George W. Bush in Texas, inculdes his protests for Bush during the 2000 election, and extends to his employment by over 85 congressional Republicans plus Bush cabinet members.  It's been suggested one of his companies was involved in the Pentagon scandal that promoted PR as news. It's possible he's the same Wade West who President George HW Bush, the father of President George W Bush, commended in his 1990 Thanksgiving day speech in Saudi Arabia.

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Think Progress: Obama & McCain Tax Proposals

This graph forces us to ask the question about the honor of the men running for president.

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jbalazs' diary McCain cheated? proof he knew the questions ahead of time. UPDATED with video link and Terre's diary McCain KNEW the Questions beforehand catch John McCain's ESP moment on a question about Supreme Court Justices.  I'd like to highlight what appears to be the collusion of Rick Warren with John McCain.  It's very easy to miss because it moves by so quickly in the crosstalk and does not appear in the transcripts correctly.

What is Rick Warren talking about when he said "You're jumping ahead.  You got all my questions, good. " after John McCain said "...are we going to get back to the importance of Supreme Court Justices..."?  Why is Rick Warren saying "You got all my questions, good" to John McCain missing from the CNN transcript?  Why is "You're jumping ahead" missing from Rick Warrens transcript?  The transcripts and this small portion of video do not match each other.  The transcripts don't match each other either.

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