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  Break out the popcorn, the Republican internal civil war is in full swing!   When Grover Norquist is pilloried for being insufficiently conservative you know the crazy has come home to roost in Tea Partyville...

   Grab your intellectual haz-mat suit and read the comments here: Link to (cough) Breitbart


   Update: Selected quotes below the orange eclair.

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Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 07:22 AM PDT

Park Avenue

by PlinytheWelder

 For the past 30+ years the vast majority of wealth in this country has been funneled to a few, a very few, people at the the top of the capitalist food chain.  They have bought politicians, media empires, industries and just about anything else they desire. They have rigged the system solely for their benefit and have deemed the rest of us as expendable.

They cheated.

As it turns out, a surprising number of them live here...

                                           Park Avenue

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