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So throughout this 2008 Presidential campaign, we heard lots of discussion about who "loves" America, yet I never did hear any talk from either campaign about how people can love America beyond loving America’s ideals.  I particular, I am referring to the things that American’s can actually do to help this country get through its rough times.  When I was a child, I would often hear the phrase "Made in America" or "Buy American".  I actually grew up with guilt that if I bought from some place other than America, that I would be literally doing something sinful.   Yet now, we have American car companies, including GM and Ford that are failing, and insist that they have cash flow problems that are much more serious than originally understood.  With hundreds of thousands of American jobs on the line, not to mention the jobs attached to these companies in various economic ways, why are we not hearing people shout across the airwaves to "BUY AMERICAN!!!!?"  

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Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 10:58 AM PST

Abortions for Guns?

by Political Mamma

What would happen if we posed this ultimatum to the pro-lifers out there?  You give up your guns and we will give up the choice to have an abortion?   Last night I was in a heated debate with an ignorant man who could not see that there was a difference between pro-abortion and pro-choice.  So, I said to him that he should not dare take away the right of a woman to do what she will with her body, just as I will not interfere with his right to own or use a gun (that’s not to say that I wouldn’t interfere in the case of murder).  You hear NRA members claim that no one will interfere with their constitutional right to own a gun, however, do they not understand that they are interfering with the implied right to privacy that is provided and defended in Roe v. Wade?  What if I was to say that I had a religious problem with someone owning a gun?  Would that be the same as someone saying that they have a problem with me having an abortion? Where does the slippery slope stop?  Just because James Dobson, or another church leader gets a following on an issue, does that mean that the Constitution should completely be dismantled?  
Just some thoughts...
Political Mamma


So there is talk today, as Rahm Emanuel, Representative from Illinois becomes President-elect Obama’s Chief of Staff. I am curious to know others opinions about this, are they giving it back to the Dems for going after Palin or is it just short-term memory from our not-to-distant palin days? They seem quite irritated about Rahm Emanuel being a "pitbull politician" and getting this position.  I do recall that we just went through 2+months of hearing from Republicans about how wonderful it was for Sarah Palin to be a "pitbull with lipstick".  They couldn’t stop raving about her and how much she could get done being so tough, yet now, when the other side appoints their own "pitbull", they cry foul.  What is the deal?  As I have said all along, "If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen". Democrats can play too and I think Republicans in the Congress are getting very nervous.


So today I have a few minutes to myself and I can’t help but reflect on the history that was made last night.  I don’t know if it is my English/Episcopal guilt that seems to have traveled through my ancestry, and has provided me with a love for all people, no matter what their diversity, or if it is just honest-to-God pride that is running through my veins today.  May be it is both.  The joy that I feel for African Americans in this country is immeasurable. I couldn’t help but replay clips today of Martin Luther King Jr’s "I Have a Dream" speech over and over this morning and pray that his soul is rejoicing in heaven at what his people have achieved.  Along with millions of voters of all ethnicities, blacks were joined yesterday in realizing something so potent, it brings tears to the eyes of even the people who did not vote for Obama.  

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So today, I felt like it was Christmas morning. I actually wanted to wake up early. I wanted the kids to call my name and get me out of bed. I was so anxious for this day and it was finally here. So of course, after doing our morning routine as quickly as possible, I get the kids in the car and off we go to the Library in our village where we go to vote. I couldn’t wait to show my 4 year-old the excitement of doing something so inspiring and powerful. In the 2 minute drive to the library, I could not help but let out a few tears. The pride in my heart that I feel today for myself, for Barack Obama, for his family and for Americans across this country is immense. Still thinking about it now, I try and fight the tears. It is a great day for America.

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  1. "Obama Girl" got a huge head start on Sarah Palin.
  1. His creepy smile.
  1. His rich wife standing behind him. A) I don’t believe you know what "it’s" like and B) She looks like she is his private nurse that never leaves his side.
  1. He said "My friends" too many times.
  1. When he wasn’t saying "My friends" he was saying "My fellow prisoners"
  1. Even when he listened to the questions in the car, he still couldn’t make people believe that he was one of the religious right.
  1. He reminds us of cranky old "Mr. Wilson". Americans don’t want to feel like "Dennis the Menace".
  1. He can read the cue cards on "Saturday Night Live" much better than he can read his teleprompter at a stump speech.
  1. He hugs and kisses his running mate way more than he does his wife.
  1. When given the chance to be compared on the same stage with Barack Obama, he wandered around like the crazy old man at the mall looking for some "tail".
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It is purely coincidence that this is my second day with Oprah mentioned in my post! With that said...

According to, with Barack Obama as our next President, Oprah Winfrey will have her taxes increased $16+ million, while under a McCain presidency, they would be decreased $9+ million.  If I didn't know anything about politics, and I heard this, as a middle class citizen, that would encourage me to lean towards Barack.  I have no problem with people making lots of money, but I would much rather they pay more than the middle class pay more.  I certainly don't want a president who will make someone, who's salary is $275 million per year, pay $9 million less.

Yet she still thinks he is the one... I would say thats a good example of country first!

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So there I was, in the car listening to Gayle King (Oprah's best friend) and she is discussing issues with Suze Orman... I didn't think that I would actually hear an endorsement (why I thought suze wouldn't be frank, I do not know), but in true Suze fashion, she was perfectly clear about her choice to better our economy.  Barack Obama, she said with absolute confidence. I couldn't find the conversation from the radio show, but I did find this interview from the with some good questions and of course straightfoward answers from Suze, including her choice of BO. This may seem trivial to some, but for those middle class people who maybe don't know who to trust about the economy, Suze seems to be one that they rely on.

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So last night I was geared up to hear what I thought might possibly be a well-detailed, well-thought out policy plan for Sarah Palin to give today to many intent listeners.  After all, she has to make up a lot of ground here in gaining voter respect. I am sure many special needs advocates, many much more experienced than I, were listening to maybe hear a glimmer of hope for their children and their family’s.  Instead, what did we get.  We got fluff.  Pure, ass-kissing fluff.  Basically it was "I have one too, so I feel your pain".  That is all fine and well, but it does nothing for our children.  There was much talk about what we already knew, and little stubstance of what we desperately need to hear.  As parents, we know our children are special.  We know they are God’s gift.  My daughter specifically has a genetic disorder so rare that she is one of approximately 30 children like her in the world that we know of.  I don’t need a speech from someone to reassure me of how special my child is.  

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Of all of the things that have infuriated me about the McCain/Palin campaign this election season, it is that they seem to have blatantly used the fact that Sarah Palin as a special needs child (yes, that’s right, again I may not be politically correct, but as a special needs mom, that is how I feel about it) and yet, they have proposed nothing good to actually help special needs children or adults.  She says she is an advocate, but if someone could please hand her a dictionary when they hand her the Constitution, then maybe she can learn what it actually means.

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From the day that John McCain first announced his pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate, I felt uneasy.  Of course it was prior to Katie Couric and 3rd grader Brandon Garcia, so little did I know what was coming.  However, I just had a bad feeling about the whole scenario.  Who was this woman?  Why does SHE of all people, who I have never heard of, deserve to be MY Vice President?  I am pretty "up" on politics and political happenings each and every day, and I have NEVER heard of this woman.  So then the guilt set in for me.  As a woman, how could I instinctively not be supportive of another woman, who like me was a so called "sports mom"? Good for her for trying to have it all. The guilt also set in when I opposed her at first solely for her wanting a job that would completely take her away every day from her 5 beautiful children.  I am a special needs mom, and I couldn’t understand how this woman could possibly be there for her special needs child, as well as her older children, when she is so consumed with being the Vice President, not to mention still the governor of her state. Now I know that these things are not politically correct to say, but it is honestly how I, and probably many other people felt.  

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Tue Oct 21, 2008 at 12:45 PM PDT

Nurse Cindy McCain?

by Political Mamma

Now, just as no one should not vote for someone on the basis of the color of their skin, I don't necessarily think it is okay to hold someone's age against them (the fact that he had cancer 4 times is another story).  But I wonder why in the heck when I turn on the tv and see McCain speaking, I see Cindy McCain ALWAYS standing rigt behind her husband like she is waiting to give him his medicine or correct him when says something wrong (or is that Lieberman on the other side?)


Why do you think Cindy McCain stands directly behind her husband while he speaks?

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