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Not a pro at this but a few friends and I decided to get off our asses and make a Palin video - Simple and brief and hopefully to the point - Just trying to cut through the clutter a little. We have a few more in the hopper but this was our work on a lazy Saturday afternoon after a few beers.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have.  

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I've been a Dem all my life. And I like debates and gotcha lines and zingers and soundbites just as much as the next guy. But I tell you I watched almost all of this debate and I dont think anyone "won." Everyone keeps telling me that this is now a race election or a gender election or its the Women vote vs. the African American vote. But I think its a 'crabs in a bucket' election now and it makes me sad.

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Admit it... you loved watching Colbert roast President Bush a year ago... watching him squirm and listening to the strained awkward laughter of Washington dopes who wanted to laugh at the correspondents dinner but were afraid to. But you always kind of wondered... did they hire Colbert because he had a new show and was a hot item, or did they hire him because they actually thought that he was a republican? I always though that no... no one could be that dumb. But after tonight I offically change my tune thanks to Colbert and Delay.... because Tom Delay just got owned by Colbert .... and yes Tom Delay really is that dumb.

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Thu Apr 19, 2007 at 03:13 PM PDT

Fitz for AG! Why Not?

by Political Slacker

I watched about 75% of the hearings and I think "going down in flames" is putting it lightly. Gonzales cant be long for his Job. Everyone is talking about Coburn Dumping him but I though Graham had the best line of them all which Coburn stole a bit of his thunder on later on:

[paraphrasing] "Dont you think that the reasons of poor management and leadership could also apply to you today?"

So who is the new AG? Bush could actually impress me for once and just appoint Fitzgerald? Am I nuts? Would there be anyone who would block this at all (I mean besides Cheney and Libby - talk about "go F yourself").


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Say what you will about the republicans but they know how to work the PR machine. They know how to manufacture a story. They know how to play the mock outrage card.

The part that I cant figure out is why the Dems dont fight back more on these issues. I am reading about this Boehner comment and the outrage of Ried and Dean and it seems kind of clumsy...

The hard part for me is it that truth is on our side - Sometime I feel like these commercials write themselves.

George Bush talking about how he doesnt think about Osama very much.

Bush joking about those missing Weapons of Mass Descrtuction while a crowd looks on and laughs.

Hastert saying the buck stops with him and then blaming everyone else for his mess with foley.

Terry Schavio, Katrina and the levys that no one could have anticpated, etc.

I feel like I never see these commercials - Although I do really like the new commercial that finally calls Bush on the BS that "we have never been for stay the course" - I hope this commercial is running across the country.

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I saw this happen once before - And it was on that day that I realized just how good the republicans were at PR, slogans, Media. It was the day that Condaleeza testified in front of the comission and gave her newest version of a BS fabricated slogan along the lines of "no one could have anticpated...." and she kept repeating over and over again:

"The president was tired of swatting at flies."

Damn it was good - It was so good they even put it in the Path to 9/11 - Even I was like, ok, the president was tired of just felt good to hear it - and I am no Bush fan. And then finally someone stood up. Someone stood up to all of the spin and sound bites and PR and slogans like cut and run and stay the course and retreat and defeat and someone stood up like the kid in the emperors new clothes and said hey - what does that mean ??

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So I am no brilliant strategist but I know a few things. I know Kerry ran a bad campaign, and I know that if I was his campaign Manager I would have run a commercial with a clip of George Bush talking about how he "doesn't think much about Osama Bin Laden and didn't spend much time on it" to the tune of 50 to 100 million bucks.

That's Classic Rove - Take the opponents greatest strength and turn it into their greatest weakness. Franken wrote about this in "the Truth with jokes." Bush's greatest strength (or percieved strength) was 9/11 and terror. So turn it into a weakness.

That being said I think the Dem Strategy of the "Culture of Corruption" is a good one. The Repubs keep playing right into it every day - Kentucky Governor gets indicted today, Jerry Lewis in the house of Reps is under investigation by the FBI - All plays right into our hands...

But one problem below the fold...

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The internet seems abuzz at how offensive and amazing it is that Michael Brown would be hired back on as a consultant, and how can I disagree. But no one is really explaning why he is back, and to me this one seems to be the simplest of them all.

FEMA is hiring Brown back to be his friend...right before he testifies in front of congress.

Which if my memory serves me correct is...


  (more below...)

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