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Even though we get most of the "big" news online, we still buy our daily newspaper "L'Independant" every morning to keep up with what's happening locally. Often, we find the local interest stories charming more than earth shattering, but it's always good to keep up on current events.

Now, after years of reading the "L.A. Times," the "Independant" can seem quaint, so imagine my surprise on reading this morning's editorial entitled "Mensonges," or "Lies."

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Thu Aug 13, 2009 at 08:57 AM PDT

Seniors and the Health Care Lies

by PossumGirl

From previous diaries, many of you know me as Mrs. Lupin. You may also know that we moved my (now) 85-year-old mother over here to France to live with us almost 2 years ago, after the sudden death of her husband.

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It's the holiday season, so of course, some of our thoughts turn to gift giving.

When you live in a place that has a specialty wine that is barely known outside of the region, even in the rest of France, it is clearly the gift of choice.

Where we live, that specialty is Blanquette de Limoux, Methode Ancestrale. It is considered the very first sparkling white wine, pre-dating Champagne (those damned monks stole the idea!). While there are several different styles of Blanquette, the Methode Ancestrale is an all natural process, producing a light, sweet, bubbly wine, perfect for aperitifs and dessert. It has a low alcohol content (only 6%), and is not actually exported out of the region.

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Even though Lupin and I live out here in the back of beyond France, we are still as involved in what's happening in the States as if we were still living in Reseda.  I have to be excited or I will cry.

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Fri Oct 10, 2008 at 12:03 AM PDT

More Parents and Politics

by PossumGirl

I really should move on, but I can't get over my irritation at my mother from the other day. I suppose that means that even at 55-years-old, one can still be immature!

It doesn't help that I STILL have to go into her her flat several times a day and watch the hideous FAUX news channel, which seems to be obsessed with Caribou Barbie. Yesterday, for example, they were showing the cover of NEWSWEEK when I was there and literally GUSHING over how gorgeous Palin was! And, this, I wondered, is news?

I keep wanting to engage my mother in a more intelligent debate on the subject, particularly the lies, but I have to hold myself back because I know that realistically it will accomplish nothing except to make me feel angry and ill.

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After looking at Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep, I made the mistake of thinking I could dialog on the subject with my 84-year-old mother.

As those of you who read Lupin's diaries know (I'm Mrs. Lupin!), we brought my mother over to live with us in France last year after the death of her husband. Most of the time it has gone well, but if we make the mistake of talking politics, there are problems.

Mom now lives in her own apartment 2 doors away from us and I go to check on her several times a day. She ALWAYS has her television on, and thanks to satellite, watches English language channels. It seems to me that more often than not, when I go there, she has FAUX rampaging away in the background.

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