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“Senator Brown has turned into a Bay State Birther, for goodness’ sake!”
-Gov. Deval Patrick

We’re all well aware that Republican Scott Brown has made divisive attacks and mudslinging the centerpiece of his campaign, opting for character assaults over policy debates.  Brown has been so over-the-top with his attacks that Governor Deval Patrick has dubbed Brown the “Bay State Birther.”  Governor Patrick isn’t the first to make this connection; numerous media outlets have already likened Brown’s mudslinging to the far-right-wing fringe “birther” movement.

To drive the point home, ProgressMass has assembled a new video, entitled “Republican Scott Brown: Bay State Birther,” illustrating that Brown’s character assaults are just as divisive and repugnant as any of the birth certificate-related comments spewed by Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney.  Watch for yourself.

Republican Scott Brown’s brand of divisive mudslinging might be the norm for a Fox News interview featuring Sarah Palin or Donald Trump, but it doesn’t belong in Massachusetts.

Let other residents of the Commonwealth know just how low Scott “Bay State Birther” Brown is willing to sink by Sharing the video on Facebook and Re-Tweeting it on Twitter.  Send the link to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and classmates.  Help hold Republican Scott Brown accountable for his negative attacks.