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Stand with Walmart Workers in Boothwyn, PA

For those interested in getting involved, or who believe the Walmart Workers Black Friday strike is only happening in another part of the country; look no further then Boothwyn, Pa in Delaware County. OUR Walmart, the Organization United for Respect at Walmart is organizing a nationwide strike on Black Friday in order to draw attention to the abuses workers face at Walmart. And if you are in the area of the Walmart at Larkins Corner inBoothwyn, Pa, come out and support the workers.

The mission statement for OUR Walmart explains the purpose of the organization better then I could:

"OUR Walmart works to ensure that every Associate, regardless of his or her title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart. We join together to offer strength and support in addressing the challenges that arise in our stores and our company everyday."
Whether or not you believe in Unions, Collective Bargaining or the changes the Labor movement in this country seeks to address. OUR Walmart is trying to address an injustice almost all of us can agree is wrong. That injustice is the targeting of workers who try to speak up for what they believe, the firing of workers who want nothing more then a voice or a future.

This isn't some foreign ideal, some unAmerican desire. The strike is about hard working Americans who have had enough of being told that they aren't worth the bother; shut up and be happy that they have a job. The rights that OUR Walmart are demanding are rights that I enjoy at work. The only reason I enjoy these rights is because at some point someone enough. And I stand with the Walmart workers who this Friday are saying enough and standing up for their rights.

You can find an OUR Walmart strike in your area by clicking on this link


With three days to go until the election, I have seen quite a few intriguing campaign signs float up around Skippack, Lansdale, Towamencin and Montgomery Twp. My absolute favorite are from the Let Freedom Ring PAC, just another name of one of the astroturfed American for Prosperity/Koch Brother fronts.

"Defend Freedom Defeat Obama", or  "Casey Kills Jobs", or "Obama, Stagnation and Blaming Others (including you) Romney, Growth and Integrity"
When I see these signs, I can't help but chuckle. I mean freedom is a mere talking point for the Tea Party groups behind these PAC's and Candidates, but I must agree let's let freedom ring.

Let's let freedom ring for same sex couples who wish to marry and not let our "Freedom" crowd restrict that freedom. How bout we Let Freedom Ring for women who seek reproductive freedoms. You know access to contraceptives that your employer is not free to restrict, access to mammograms and other preventive screenings for those women who can't afford them and the freedom to decide whether to carry a pregnancy to term. At least when the pregnancy was caused by incest, rape or the life of the mother is in jeopardy.

We can further Let Freedom Ring by making investments in education. You know so our children are free to think and free to pursue their dreams. Another freedom we can let ring is the freedom for workers to organize, I mean if capital can organize  why can't those who work to put that capital into action.

We can even Let Freedom Ring for women who are tired of making 78 cents on the dollar to men. And while we are talking about Freedom, how bout we Let Freedom Ring for those dreamers  who were brought to this country by their parents and love this Nation as much as you and I.

You see the very idea of freedom is just a myth to our freedom friends in the Tea Party. I guess when we hear Conservatives talk about freedoms these days we can always think of the Karl Rove strategy. Make our weaknesses look like theirs and their strengths look like ours. So if we want to truly let freedom ring, how about we reelect President Barack Obama, Senator Bob Casey and other Democrats/Progressives who will fight for everyone's freedom, not just their own self interest.


One of the best pieces I have seen written on the few, the greedy, the American CEO was in Keystone Politics this afternoon. You have no rights at work by Jake Blumgart helps expose the unchecked power employers have in regards to political intimidation.

These entitlement CEO's believe freedom can only be secured by coercion of their workforce. These titans of hypocrisy believe little in the rights of everyday Americans, they believe in the market and what they can get out of you. Articles like Jakes shine a light on this dark shadow on freedom. Through astroturfed organizations like the National Federation of Independent Business, whose independence is controlled by an invisible elite hand, the Koch induced cohort of greed is going all in for their Outsourcer in Chief.

Intimidating workers by threatening that an Obama victory will force their workers to lose their jobs. Not because profits will be down, but because they might have to pay more for the society they are trying to exploit. These men care little about freedom. The freedom they seek is the freedom not to care about anything but their own personal greed. And Mitt Romney, the champion of ignoring the 47% at the expense of these fees thinks Employee Political Intimidation is good for business....Mitt Romney tells business owners that they should intimidate workers into voting for the GOP

Could you imagine the Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck response if President Obama was caught on tape telling the AFL-CIO, AFSCME or SEIU workers to vote Democrat or they won't represent them. UnAmerican would be the nicest thing they would say about the President.

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The Wisconsin 14 got me back into politics and the Pennsylvania 112 is making me laugh at Politics. I am still in shock after reading an email from Keystone Progress in regards to the PA House Republican walkout to prevent HB520, a bill which calls for a probe into Governor Corbett's handling of the investigation of Jerry Sandusky during his term as Attorney General.

As a Liberal who for God knows why voted for Tom Corbett in 2010, I would like to know if The Attorney Generals office was complicate in the cover up. I don't see HB520 as being a political measure, I see it as the duty of our elected officials to find the truth.

What are the House Republicans afraid of? If Tom Corbett turned a blind eye to protect Penn State, or his own involvement with Sandusky he needs to be held accountable. If the Attorney Generals office did not take part in a cover up; Thank God, we can move on.

In her blog for the Philadelphia Weekly, Tara Murtha stated:

According to Briggs ((Rep.  Tim Brigs is the sponsor of HB520), the  investigating Grand Jury report on Sandusky found there were credible allegations of sexual abuse lodged against Sandusky as far back as 1998, yet it was years before the criminal complaint was filed by the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General and Sandusky was finally arrested in November 2011. While these allegations were pending, Sandusky continued to have contact with minors, putting them at risk of sexual abuse. Complete Article at Philadelphia Weekly
I hope the Pennsylvania House GOP will allow the bill to succeed and an independent investigation to begin. Unless they would be happy to join the many other good people who chose to protect their own hides, rather then do what is right.

Please sign the petition by Keystone Progress to help persuade the Republican Majority in the State House to seek the truth, not to hide from it.

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Rep Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) is far to young to have fallen this far off his rocker. Simmons one of the rising stars of the Pennsylvania Tea Party, the 21st century version of the Nineteenth Century  Know-Nothing's might be able to have resounding success during a midterm election with a little better then 40% turnout. However with a Presidential season and two years of a Tom Corbett led Tea Party agenda cutting and shifting the common good to the special interest, Republicans like Justin Simmons will have to do more than be liberal with their facts to win.

After hearing Justin Simmons claim the Corbett sponsored Budget spends more on education than ever before, I can see where Mr. Simmons would have a problem with funding public schools. Especially if he thinks 12 millions in cuts to Lehigh Valley Schools adds funding PSEA Corbett Budget App I guess the math department at Southern Lehigh High School definitely did not help Mr. Simmons much. At least not enough as the special interest money flooding campaigns like Gov Corbett and his seeking to turn a profit from our kids education is.

The main reason the Tea Party agenda targets education in our state and around the country is not the interest of the kids. It's a not so subtle assault on Unions and how they support Democrats, kind of the same way tort reform has nothing to do with costs in business but is about crippling trial lawyers donations to Democrats and lowering corporate accountability. Teachers Unions like the PSEA make it hard for Tom Corbett's
policies from turning our children's education into little more of the concern of a CEO's bottom line. Policies which Justin Simmons has consistently voted for during his time in Harrisburg

Our communities don't need anymore political staffers like Rep. Justin Simmons. Staffers who learned from Pat Toomey and Bob Mensch how to put CEOs of for profit education and the party line ahead of the needs of our communities. Hopefully the voters of HD131 will cut his three term promise, two terms short.

The tea party anchor that Justin Simmons, Tom Corbett, Majority Leader Turzai and many in the Pennsylvania Republican Majority House wear with pride is weighing down our future. Shoddy math, deceit and all the campaign contributions from For-Profit Education and AstroTurf organizations won't change that. If it was all about making the tough budget choices, why do we need misleading politicians like Justin Simmons relying on low information voters to propel the tea party agenda.

The answer is simple. The Republican Party can no longer rely on the issues and with the radical tea party base holding a once proud party hostage, politicians like Justin Simmons who can smile while deceiving the voters is the best they can do.

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After fumbling on the previous Pennsylvania Voter ID AD, which to say the least was little more than a donation to a consulting firm stocked with GOP Staffers, the Corbett Administration is spending valuable Commonwealth resources on a new AD, valuable resources which would be better spent on education. However, the Republicans have to work extra hard to spin the bill that, according to Majority Leader Turzai, will "allow Mitt Romney to win Pennsylvania"

This time the Corbett Administration decides to level the charge that you are unpatriotic if you can't furnish one of the Voter ID Bills approved ID's:

"If you love your country, it's time to show it (stated by a women holding a state ID) ("
Kevin Deely, a Democratic hopeful for State House in the 131st, told ProgressMo Shuffle that the commercial:
"...pours salt in the wound and is a slap in the face to every voter, especially our seniors and the disabled, who have to jump through enough hoops already on a daily basis."
Comparing a Photo ID to loving ones country is quite a stretch for an administration that is working extra hard to hold true to Gov. Corbett's desire to keep the vote down in Philadelphia. During a 2010 speech at a gathering outside Philadelphia the Governor stated. (Video of Speech)

Will Dunbar, Democratic Candidate in the 177th and vocal critic of the voter suppression attempts of the Pennsylvania GOP told ProgressMo Shuffle that love of country is not an excuse to place obstacles in the way of voters:

"Once again the Republicans have found a way to spin the voter suppression bill. This Voter ID Bill negatively affects seniors, minorities and students. Hopefully our Supreme Court Justices will see it that way on September 13th."
I for one do not have an issue with the idea of a photo ID to vote. I actually have found myself in agreement with an argument laid out by Norman Ornstein of the Conservative American Enterprise Institute in his call for a Voters Right Act of 2012. This act would require documentation used for obtaining identification for voting free, requiring a separate federal ballot, changing election day to the weekend and other common sense reforms to how we access the polls in the United States (Read the Full Article)

As stated by Ryan J. Reilly of Talking Points Memo, The Pennsylvania Voter ID Bill, which could affect:

"More than 1.6 million Pennsylvania voters....including more than 1,000 voters who are in the state’s “Voter Hall of Fame” because they voted in 50 consecutive elections. ("
is not about a Photo ID. It is about a party and ideology beholden to Anti-Tax Pledges, Corporate Welfare and fear.

Not a fear of voter fraud that was so nonexistent that Governor Corbett didn't prosecute one case while Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Instead a fear of an ever-changing demographic that is tired of a never changing ideology. A demographic that is growing tired of those who are quick to shout "USA" and "God Bless America" while attacking truths we all hold self-evident.

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If anyone wondered if Romney aide Neil Newhouse was just joking around when he stated

“We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers”
Received a thunderous response from Romney's VP pick Paul Ryan last night when he was not only a bearer of false witness, but showed as much concern for Proverbs 6:16-19 as the backlash his budget received from the Catholic Bishops.

I'm not going to go falsehood by falsehood, mistruth by mistruth or admonish Mr. Ryan for his lying tongue or the discord it sows among his brothers. However, I would hope and pray that a man who claims to be of moral convictions would have the decency to stand up and say "I disagree with the President and this is what I would do different."
 Do you loathe President Obama so much that you have decided to damn the truth?

I could go on and on, and I doubt that it would matter. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have such little faith in the intelligence of everyday Americans that all the pants on fire from Politifact, four pinochhios from the Washington Post or a sermon on the mount would bring an honest discourse from these men obsessed with power and the need to anchor the American people to their brand.

The Good Lord hates a coward and those who see what these callous men of want and need are about must stand up against them. We must show no fear, we must smile in the face of the enemy of truth and decency. I hope the thirty pieces of silver from all the special interests Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan could find was worth it.

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That's right Pennsylvania Call Now!!!

Mike Huckabee wants to protect his freedom not to be concerned with another Americans health care. 

New AD from Restore Americas Voice Foundation at the expense of the voice of 50 Million Americans who will now have Affordable Health Care,  seen in Pennsylvania wants you to add your name to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, better demagogued on the Right as ObamaCare, or as I like to say at times National Romneybama Care. Don't you just love how a Republican Presidential Candidate tries to divorce himself from his greatest accomplishment in his only elected position.

I mean you can't run on shipping American Manufacturing to China or downsizing American companies while making a profit for shareholders and yourself while leaving taxpayers on the hook for the Workers pensions, how you were once supposedly more Pro-Gay Rights than Ted Kennedy, invested in Stericycle; the company that disposes of aborted fetuses and even donated money to planned parenthood when you were a US Senate hopeful in the 90s.

Or my favorite how Ann and you understand what working families go through because while you were out shipping working class families jobs overseas Ann was working hard at home raising your five boys. I'm sure it was hard raising five boys, in January my wife and I will learn how hard it is to raise one boy, however like many Americans we will learn how it is hard to raise that child while both parents work. 

So let's get back to health care and Romney surrogate Mike Huckabee need to return to The Pre-Insurance Company Protection days and Pre-Existing Care days of yore. We have to Repeal this, we really do and not because parts of it are very popular when not demagogued as ObamaCare, but because we want to be free not to care about another's health care, especially when it drives Insurance Company profits down. I mean 80% of all the money Insurance Companies take in have to go to Patient Care, not executive bonuses, lobbying or other administrative costs

And let's not forget how ObamaCares took money from Medicare and will bankrupt it; you know the latest SeniorScare tactic. According to an article from, ObamaCares could be improving something that Republicans rarely care for and consider a tool of class warfare; Corporate Accountability. In the article, Oklahoma State Senator Jim Wilson (D) states:

"PPACA is not expanding Medicare coverage per se," said Wilson. "It is, however, going to require people get better treatment. For instance, Medicare spends $165 million per year in Oklahoma for hospital readmissions due to mistakes and poor followup. The real value of PPACA is Medicare will finally be paying for how well the patient does, instead of the number of unnecessary procedures." (
Helping to address a conservative state bleeding 165 million per year in wasted taxpayer funds sounds awfully Fiscally Responsible. Think of all the Tax Cuts for those who don't need it that will now be available in the Sooner State.

The greatest fear I believe Conservatives like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney (who plays one on TV) have is by adapting a health care initiative created by a Conservative Think Tank, instituted on the state level by a once Massachusetts Moderate and advanced by a Democratic President will prove to be quite successful, even when valiantly distorted to protect profits in the name of not my problem and freedom not to care.

The Party that Opposed the creation Medicare, idea of Social Security, welcomed the Southern Strategy and the Southern Democrats with open arms once again wants to push an individuals mandate not to care for your fellow American.

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The question is pretty simple, but the silence is quite thunderous. Am I ever going to see a counter AD, or a Pro-Obama AD anywhere in Montgomery or Bucks County? I thought this was a swing district.

Yippee doo Obama supports Gay Marriage and a Woman's right to choose. How bout a nice billboard or so that says Mitt Romney Opposes Equal Pay for Woman and Wall Street Accountability, or maybe a picture of Romney and the quotation: "79 Cents for your Daughters, One Dollar for his sons" 

I mean seriously, I know the Republican Party in Pennsylvania is hoping for voters lacking the proper ID and people who only watch Fox turning out in droves but still I want to something besides positive polls produced by calling 600 people.


I lose patience in the argument over Voter ID. If it was only about requiring an ID to clamp down on non existent voter impersonation in Pennsylvania that would be one thing, however when you throw in Governor Corbett's comments in 2010 about keeping the vote down in Philadelphia, House Majority Leader Turzai's slip of the tongue when he stated Voter ID would ensure Romney's victory and now the Republican controlled state agencies making it harder for people to register to vote you can't help but be confronted by a stark reality; the party that claims to be about liberty is openly hostile to those who would vote against them.

If it was about a simple photo ID you would receive one when you registered to vote. If you are citizen enough to register, you are citizen enough to vote. It's quite simple to create a universal identification for voters that you receive when you register. But an ALEC modeled bill that restricts the type of ID to a specific form of ID that almost 10% of Commonwealth voters don't possess. And if Voter Impersonation was such a common occurrence before the bill, why was Governor Corbett so derelict in addressing it from 1995-1997 and 2005-2011 as Attorney General.

I seriously lose patience with the everyone has an ID argument, or it's not an undue burden to require an ID. Like I have previously stated, if it was only about an ID then maybe I could accept the previous arguments. However, if it was only about an ID why all the restrictions. Why perpetrate a fraud that maybe 1% won't have the ID that the bill requires. Yes people cash paychecks, buy cigarettes, show ID to go to work at some places, however you can have a photo ID that might be acceptable for those everyday transactions and still not be able to use that ID to vote.

If we have reached an era where photo ID should be necessary to vote then the same Government issued photo ID should be issued to every registered voter, hell you can add a picture to a voter registration card. Or even make it electronic. You know that American ingenuity you always hear Republicans talk about. Scan the registration card at the polls and poof a photo of the voter pops up on the screen. Simple and even creates jobs to implement.

I wonder if Americans today are so removed from their own history that they don't know how many Americans actually died in order for people not deemed worthy to vote by one group of Americans to access the polls. This summer I took a road trip of the American South and stood shivering in a quiet hotel room in Memphis overcome by the history I've studied, took a walk across an eerily quiet bridge over the Alabama River at Selma, then saw a marker outside Philadelphia, Mississippi recognizing the site where three young men, one who my father knew were murdered because they tried to register voters deemed not worthy to vote.

The Pennsylvania Voter ID bill, developed at secretive American Legislative Exchange Committee (ALEC) meetings and then sprung loose by Rep. Daryle Metcalfe, a man who lack of integrity and decency is quite evident by the ALEC bills and others he has sponsored during his taxpayer subsidized career assaulting everyday Pennsylvanians for the special interests is a rouse at best. It's the realization of a radical ideology that is unpopular and anchoring one of the two major US political parties so far to the right that with the ever changing demographics in this nation, Republicans can no longer just trust their message and must resort to old fashion political machine tactics to win.

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Driving home yesterday from the airport I saw a billboard which kind of made me chuckle and now makes me wonder. The billboard I saw was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike around mile marker 350 and it stated: “Obama supports Gay Marriage and Abortion…Vote Republican”. That of course is a great talking point if all the voter cares about is two wedge issues and nothing else; however, it has brought to my attention something that has troubled me. Why isn’t anyone asking the right question when Republicans try to rely on these issues?

How can you stand up for individual liberty when you don’t believe that individual liberty that you have to marry can be extended to another part of the population? I mean is it only your liberty to decide what is or is not acceptable the liberty you stand for, I just don’t understand. If it is from a Christian or another religious perspective I still don’t understand how two men or women marrying affect your marriage. As a Christian I personally believe that nothing another person will do affects my marriage, for God united my wife and I and if the state or another church would unite a same-sex couple it makes no impact what so ever on my marriage.

As far as abortion, I am not pro-abortion; I personally doubt anyone is. I just personally don’t believe that is a decision the Government or you should make for another citizen. Especially in the cases of rape and incest, how can you or the State seriously make that choice for another family? And if it is about the sanctity of life, where does that sanctity go after the birth since those Republicans that the billboard wants you to vote for want to cut SNAP benefits that will help at risk children and other vital social programs that help the 470,000 children in Pennsylvania according to the whose family rely on these programs.  Are you willing to pay the taxes, or require the wealthiest Americans to contribute more, or do you only care the child is born and then they are on their own?

Furthermore on the sanctity of life issue how about the 30,000 Americans who will die from gun violence, yet no one has the courage to address that issue. Or the 45,000 Americans who die annually from lack of health care according to a 2009 Harvard study and the main talking point of these Republicans is to repeal ObamaCares which expands health care to 34 million more Americans and according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 236,000 Pennsylvanians who now have access to affordable health care.

When I see these Gay Marriage and Abortion billboards I am forced to question the ability of those who make these pleas to win on the issues. How do any of these two issues fix the economy, create job or lower the deficit. Gay Marriage and Abortion are two issues that should be left to the responsibility of those who have to make the decision and that is not me, not you and definitely not the State.

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Just got home from an amazing road trip of the South and I'm not going to lie, I was expecting to feel the same culture shock that I had when attending a country music festival in North Carolina.   

I was waiting to be wowed and shocked by all sorts of political signs, I mean this is an election year and we were driving through the bedrock of American Conservatism. To my surprise the greatest shock I received was a little past the Delaware River on my way home from the airport. Yes, in Pennsylvania. 

Around mile marker of the Pennsylvania turnpike was a huge billboard, quite massive and caused me to laugh and make the "come on" expression:

Obama supports Gay Marriage and Abortion....Vote Republican
I mean I saw one anti-abortion billboard outside of Jackson, Mississippi, but they just had the vote on a personhood amendment that was narrowly defeated. Didn't see one say in the "Don't Say Gay" state of Tennessee. I was actually shocked to see as many Obama signs as I did, but that was in Memphis.

 Nothing in Georgia and nothing in the great state of Alabama where after his inauguration Governor Bentley had to walk back and apologize for a comment on how those who haven't accepted Jesus as their savior are not his "brothers and sisters" (I guess I am his brother even though I think he's an ass). 

Then back into Mississippi and into Louisiana where Gov. Jindal used the comparison on how mardi gras works for New Orleans but might not work for another state to respond to why Romney Care was good for Massachusetts, but ObamaCares is bad for the nation.  

But I guess the Pennsylvania Republican Party would prefer to focus on the important issues that will improve the economy. You know how every Democrat wants to abort your pregnancy and if they can't abort your pregnancy they want your kids to become gay to destroy the sanctity of marriage. 

I never thought that  Pennsylvania would shock me more than Mississippi or Alabama. Thankfully the Pennsylvania GOP was there when I crossed back into this great commonwealth to remind 
me about assumptions.

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