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Talk about a people-powered candidate! The NYT has an interested article up about how a Dartmouth undergrad, Vanessa Sievers, ran for County Treasurer as a Democrat on a shoestring budget...and won!

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We have John McCain right where we want him. With just three weeks left, Obama is continuing to do well in the daily tracking polls (much to the chagrin of Matt Drudge). How could things possibly get bad at this point? Well, they can due to a confluence of various factors that we must keep on guard against. This is NOT intended to be a "concern diary", as I feel Obama is doing what he needs to do correctly at this point. However, I believe that he could face numerous challenges over the coming weeks that could help McCain and lead to a narrower race by election day.


This diary is:

63%36 votes
36%21 votes

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Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3 in its stable version. Faster, leaner, and full of more add-ons than ever before, the browser that broke Microsoft's monopoly on the market has even more features, including malware filtering, a smarter address bar, and improved font and CSS rendering.


Are you taking part in Mozilla's "download" day

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9%5 votes
7%4 votes
5%3 votes

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Remember when AOL used to charge by the hour in the early days of the Web? If you were online back then and were grinding teeth over $100+ bills, the good old days may be here again!

Time Warner is saying to hell with unlimited access, and is planning to "meter" bandwidth and data transfers with a variable pricing structure similar to what you pay for cell phone minutes and electricity.


How will you use your bandwidth?

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Wed Jan 09, 2008 at 04:13 PM PST

BREAKING: Richardson out

by Progressive Moderate

I was watching the evening news on my local NBC affiliate, and it has just been announced that Richardson is exiting the race.


Richardson supporters: who will you vote for in upcoming primaries?

43%122 votes
20%59 votes
25%73 votes
4%12 votes
2%8 votes
2%8 votes

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With Hillary now being projected to (narrowly) win in New Hampshire, it looks like we have a competitive race on our hands. How competitive you ask? Well, as the title of my diary suggests, it is possible that this race will not be over on February 5th, or even in early March. And BOTH parties have a decent probability of this happening.


What would you think of a brokered convention...or two?

66%34 votes
19%10 votes
13%7 votes

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Since 2003, the RIAA has either sued or threatened to sue more than 20,000 people. Most of the people (liable or not) settled with them to the tune of $3,000-$5,000, while others who have been wrongfully accused and illegally harassed have been prodding the RIAA just to get their legal fees paid back.
Unfortunately, today the RIAA won its first case, as it was one of the few to actually make it this far without a settlement or a case being dropped.

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The RIAA's reign of terror against the people has hit a pivotal speed bump. A federal judge has awarded Tanya Andersen attorney fees in the Atlantic v. Andersen case.
Now, considering the fact that the RIAA has sued (or threatened to sue) over 21,000 people since September 2003, the Andersen case brings out the worst nature of both the cartel and its lawyers.

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Well well well, since Verizon didn't get its way when the FCC set the rules for the 700 MHz spectrum auction, they have decided to fight back with their lawyers. Ars Technica reports that Verizon is suing the FCC to browbeat it into abandoning its "open access" requirements for the spectrum. One of those requirements stipulates that any device that is capable of utilizing the spectrum must be allowed to. This is seen by Verizon (and AT&T, which is also bidding) as an affront to their proprietary lock-in model.


Who should get the 700 MHz spectrum in the auction?

87%36 votes
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2%1 votes
9%4 votes

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Since the Apple Store seems to be closed at the moment, and since there is a lot of speculation regarding one or more possible new iPod launches today, I thought that "teh Steve" deserves a thread regarding his announcements. I'll be busy this afternoon, but since nobody has yet posted on today's event, I feel that posting an obligatory thread is in order.

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Aside from weakening Brown v. Board of Ed., the SCOTUS has issued yet another decision overturning precedent. This one rolls back a 96 year-old ban on price floors.


What precedent-shattering decision will the SCOTUS makes next?

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21%16 votes
15%11 votes
46%34 votes
2%2 votes

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Bad news. According to Ars Technica, the FTC has issued a guideline report (a non-binding report that is given to advise lawmakers and policy makers) critical of net neutrality.

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