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In Japan guns are illegal (in almost all cases) and last year we had less than 100 gun deaths total. In a country with half the population of the US in the land area of California.

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Many of us on the left have felt vindicated this election. Many of our long held truths were upheld in the court of public opinion. In one particular case was the decriminalization of cannabis in both Colorado and Washington (God it feels good to type that) which has been both primarily ignored as a serious subject, or mocked and joked about depending on your "news" provider of choice.

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Good evening (at least here) to my fellow Kossacks!

As I do on most nights I watch Stephen Colbert and the episode I watched tonight was his recent interview with Nancy Pelosi and their discussion of her effort to get the Disclose Act through Congress. Their interview raised some serious questions in my mind.

Ill keep this short as Id like to get some feedback and not bore you to death with a huge intro but here is my question:

Under the current Citizen United ruling what is to stop a Chinese corporation (fronting for the Chinese government..for example could be any country on Earth) from incorporating in the US, forming a SuperPAC and backing a candidate who would be a front for this foreign government?? Isnt this nothing less than the opportunity for a country to literally come here and take over the Presidency(I know Im being a bit hyperbolic here...but the conclusions are pretty scary)?

Anyway this is a framing that I think would be very effective to get both the right and left together on overturning these abominations of democracy (SuperPACs that is).

Anyway any feedback, opinions and comments would be great!



Ok so it has been one hell of a long time since I wrote a diary here. Been busy with my new son and moving to a new part of Japan (maybe should get someone to change my name from ProgressiveTokyo to something new).

Anyway there was a topic that has been on my mind for a long long time and (as far as I can tell) has never been addressed.

One of the biggest philosophical disagreements I had with Markos was his opposition to protests during the Iraq War and Bush Presidency. He said they were ineffective. He said they were a waste of time, and I have never once seen him walk that back since the overwhelming success of (gasp) people going out in the real world and making their voices heard. The Occupy protests have changed the tone of the media, they have changed the discourse in a way that none of the millions of phone calls and strongly worded e-mails sent during the health care debate never (and never could) do.

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Really writing this diary has been on my mind for quite some time. This so called debt deal with its massive cuts to our most vulnerable citizens was the straw that broke this camels back.

Im so tired of a Democratic party that doesnt fight for us, only empty platitudes during campaign season and a request for money (as if they arent getting enough from their corporate backers.

A little personal history and background before I say my final words here below the squiggly line.

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Sun Mar 20, 2011 at 10:53 PM PDT

Times Four Jack Bauer

by ProgressiveTokyo

Ok, I need to explain this title. And in order to understand this title you have to understand a bit of Japanese television. You see 24 is VERY popular here (and I know how that may make folks here who think it is torture porn, which I might also agree with) and so is Keifer Sutherland. Very very very popoular. He even does Japanese commercials:

Now below the fold I want to tell you about a hero here in Japan they are calling "Times Four Jack Bauer"..and he is a government worker.

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This is the second part of an ongoing series covering the Tokyo Earthquake and it`s aftermath from my eyes. This may develop into a short novel, however that (for now) is in the air from my end.

You can read Part 1 here.

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I found this video online and I had to share with you all. This is so classic, yet it makes sense and explains the incident in a way you will never see elsewhere. Anyway without further ado:

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Looking at most of the bad information out there about the ongoing incident I decided to post up this fact sheet (which has been verified by my own independent research) regarding the ongoing nuclear incident in Japan. I would also like to use this as a live blog to update the community with news as I see it on NHK and Japanese news sources. I have noticed that the western media is about 24 hours behind on their reporting.

The source of the fact sheet was originally found as a comment on the MSNBC website by a user by the name of Sam W. I found it the best all in one breakdown of what is happening right now and what might happen in the near future.

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While the title may be decieving because unfortunately I was too busy crapping my pants to take out my iPhone and actually snap some pictures or shoot a video which I imagine would have made me an instant YouTube sensation. Thinking back I could be partying with the likes of Keyboard Cat and Rick Astley if I had gotten this all on video, or at least the scariest 2 minutes of my entire life. But I digress.

Below the fold I will tell my story of the earthquake if only to get it off my chest.

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Im sorry but I just spilt my shouchu and mitsuya cider on my shirt when I read this. If its already been posted, sorry.

Michele Bachmann Plans Iowa Trip; Is a 2012 Bid on Tap?

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, may be considering a 2012 presidential bid - a possibility that her chief of staff confirms is not "off the table," according to ABC News.

In recent weeks, speculation swirled around the possibility that the Minnesota congresswoman might challenge the state's Democratic Senator, Amy Klobuchar, for her seat in 2012.

Please please I hope she runs. She is the epitome of moron right wingers currently in office (sorry Sister Sarah).

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Its been a while since I posted regularly here at DailyKos, not because I have nothing to say but mostly because others here tend to post what I planned to say better than I could write it.

Today though I decided to post whats on my mind, even though GrannyDoc has a post at the top of the rec list which says a similar thing. One comment I saw was one of the usual apologists saying that it was a small minority in the left blogosphere who are upset with Obama. Well, apparently now I am one of them.

I did not come to this decision on a whim. In fact I have been one of the Presidents staunchest supporters and defenders.


Would you support a primary candidate from the left in 2012?

56%174 votes
33%105 votes
9%30 votes

| 309 votes | Vote | Results

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