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Tue Feb 02, 2010 at 11:05 PM PST

Illinois Democrats Colossal Mistake

by Publiusj

If you are one of those people that thought Martha Coakley was a bad candidate, let me introduce you to Alexi Giannoulias.  The man nominated by Democratic voters to fill the seat once held by Barack Obama has prevailed in the primary over his strongest rival, David Hoffman.  Republicans were foaming at the mouth for months, praying that Democrats would be stupid enough to nominate this guy, and of course, we obliged.  

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Polls for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in Illinois place Illinois' current treasurer Alexi Giannoulias out in front of his two nearest rivals by a margin of (G)34% -(J)19%-(H)16%.  His two rivals for the nomination are Chicago Urban League President Cheryl Jackson, and former Inspector General of the City of Chicago, David Hoffman.  The Tribune poll, released on the 4th shows Giannoulias as the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, but that David Hoffman had gained serious traction in the race, and sapped both of the other campaigns of any momentum in the polls.  The Illinois primary will be decided on Tuesday, and if Illinois nominates Alexi Giannoulias, Democrats will lose "Barack Obama's Senate Seat."

UPDATE:  Thanks to the Giannoulias campaign for adding their commentary to this blogpost.  


Who makes a better candidate against Mark Kirk in November?

47%73 votes
2%4 votes
49%76 votes

| 153 votes | Vote | Results

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I'm pro-choice.  With that being said I want to say something I've been dying to say for weeks.    

Elective abortion coverage should not be covered by your health insurance provider.

Since the overnight stardom of Bart Stupak a few weeks ago, many of my closest friends and fellow liberal activists have been running around with their hair on fire screaming that this single amendment to the healthcare bill will end women's rights as we know it.  Here are few examples:

* Stupak Amendment A Monumental Setback For Abortion Access

* Stupak Amendment Could End Abortion Coverage - For Everyone

*Stupak Amendment Breaks Promise of Health Reform
Well I'm a liberal, and I support the Stupak Amendment.


Insurance companies offer women abortion coverage because:

29%14 votes
70%33 votes

| 47 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Apr 21, 2009 at 08:51 AM PDT

Capital One Credit Scam?

by Publiusj

So I pay my bills on time every month - it's really easy.  I use online bill pay, so my bank automatically accesses my other credit card accounts and utilities and downloads the bill right to my bank website.  I logon, look at the amount, fill in how much I want to pay, and click away.  Bill Paid.

But recently I've noticed that all the credit card company bills were "inaccessible" by my bank.  I noticed this after a bill had lapsed, my credit card interest rate was jacked from a fixed 8.9% to a 19% adjustable, and I was assessed a late fee on top of it.  I immediately went to my credit card company's website to figure out what the hell was going on, only to find that my credit card company added a new "layer of protection" "for my benefit."  Besides a username and password which is already protected by a "sitekey" ID which protects against phishing scams, my bank now wanted to me give them something more.  "Where were you married? What was your first car make and model, my mother's maiden name...and so on, and so on.  


If you use online billpay to pay your bills, have any of your credit card bills not been delivered recently?

41%35 votes
58%50 votes

| 85 votes | Vote | Results

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Last week, thousands of Dan Seals supporters in Illinois 10th District should have received Dan Seals final direct mailing. Unfortunately, those letters were tampered with and never left the post office.  Authorities are now investigating the situation, but they have already missed a critical opportunity to raise funds and keep Dan on the air in the final days of the campaign.  Dan is up single digits in the polls, so we need to make sure we can finish strong.

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I'm in the field every day working for local democrats in Illinois.  Today I think I might have caused trouble for a woman that had no idea trouble was coming her way, when I stopped by her house to drop off an Obama sign that she had indicated she wanted.  Keep in mind we had spoken with this woman on 3 different occasions; during a canvass at her door, and during two followup calls, we knew she cared about the Supreme Court and a woman's right to choose, we knew she was a supporter of a local democratic State Senator, and we knew she wanted a yard sign.  When our local office got them in, I drove one to her house, stuck it in her yard, and left a note on the door thanking her for her support.  As I was walking back to my car, a belligerent man came running out of the house screaming at me - telling me to "get that shit off of his lawn."

It - Gets - Better....or worse I should say.


Do you think some women will be forced to vote McCain by their husbands?

63%337 votes
36%191 votes

| 528 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Sep 17, 2008 at 07:57 AM PDT

Hitting McCain Hard

by Publiusj

It's time to take the gloves off.  This is a modern spin off of an ad made for McGovern in 1972, but he never allowed it to be aired.  The original ad showed a Vietnamese child burned by Napalm, as her mother carried her down a village road sobbing.  The end of the ad used a child's voice to ask, "Does the president know airplanes bomb children?"  Needless to say, testicle free Democrats didn't use the ad, and the didn't win in 1972.  We should not let this happen again.  


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Senator McCain recently said "The Surge is Working," repeating his assertion that he has been making since mid-late 2007, at a time when even Hillary and Barack were talking about the security gains that were so remarkable.  I remember distinctly Hillary was going on about the Sunni's in Al Anbar, and Obama admitting security improvements without political improvements, whatever the case may be, or wherever Hillary is on the war at this point, there is one undeniable fact that has echoed down the chamber for a year now.  The surge is working.  

My question is, who is it working for?

I guess that depends on what your definition of is is, doesn't it?  Just because the surge IS working - doesn't mean that it is actually working.  Is the surge working right now at this very moment - no.  Was it working before when I said it was - well not really.  Well my view of working and your view of working are two different things...Does this sound familiar yet?


The Surge Is Working

57%15 votes
42%11 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results

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A few days or weeks ago I wrote about the racial hatred that was being spewed at the partybuilder website during the whole pastorgate scandal, because for me it had reached a tipping point.  As someone who had been blogging there since they opened the site, I had been getting more and more dismayed after the February contests seemed to change the tone of the debate on the blog.  Arguments became more belligerent, full of common fallacies, and just plain stupid, as blogger after blogger posted diaries railing against both democratic candidates in support of the other like nothing we had seen before.  Using Republican talking points, these so called "democratic" bloggers spent great deals of time establishing their so called strong allegiance to one candidate or the other, and using it as cover to post nasty comments about the democrat they weren't voting for.  I think this problem may be moving to KOS.


Do you think republican spies are purposely sewing seeds of disunity on democratic blogs?

73%294 votes
15%63 votes
10%44 votes

| 401 votes | Vote | Results

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I was watching MSNBC and I nearly blew a gasket after Hillary's press conference today.  She clearly denied to reporters that she ever told Richardson that Obama couldn't win in Novemeber, which would put her at odds with what is being reported Richardson is saying.  Strangely, immediately following the news conference, Norah Odonnell claims that Hillary did NOT deny saying those things about Obama - when clearly she DID deny it.  It's on TAPE!  Is MSNBC just bad at listening?  I don't think so - you can tell by the edit they included when they replayed the clip that they are playing with facts.  Luckily, I have a DVR.

This was just so obvious and urgent I felt I needed to say something.  When the media decides to write its own storyline despite the facts, we all lose in the end.


Is MSNBC purposely trying to cover up a Hillary controversy?

45%145 votes
5%17 votes
48%154 votes

| 316 votes | Vote | Results

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Fri Mar 07, 2008 at 04:07 AM PST

Hillary Backs McCain over Obama?

by Publiusj

Hillary has taken the attacks to a new level - she has openly stated that she thinks John McCain would make a better president than Barack Obama.  She didn't say it exactly like that, but saying that John McCain meets the "Commander in Chief threshold" and that Obama does not, she has openly declared war on the Democratic Party.  



Is Hillary Clinton tearing the party apart?

92%114 votes
7%9 votes

| 123 votes | Vote | Results

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On Face the Nation Sunday morning, Bill Richardson declared that whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday should be the nominee.  Of course, this puts a great deal of pressure on Hillary Clinton to not only win all the states, but win them by large margins.  Saying that Obama has "huge national momentum," Richardson said that we would be hurting the party to have a protracted race that lasted through April.


Should Hillary Clinton should drop out after Tuesday?

80%469 votes
19%112 votes

| 581 votes | Vote | Results

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