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Sat Nov 10, 2012 at 01:44 PM PST

Heck of a job Bloomie (and Andy)

by Pudentilla

1) No heat in the Rockaways till Christmas?
2) "It's about the elderly neighbor limping over to ask where the shelters are and who was going to pump her basement."
3) "There is little public transportation in the neighborhood, where most people still don't have power and many homes were wrecked."

This is a national disgrace. And the abysmal media coverage is not an accident.


My letter to Marketplace this a.m.

As a professor at a liberal arts college, I listened with no small interest to David Frum’s attackon Nancy Pelosi’s plans to increase access to higher education this morning on the NPR show, Marketplace.  The basis of his argument appears to be that because college students do scarcely better on standardized tests than high school seniors,  Americans should not increase access to college. They’re not, Mr. Frum suggests, getting their money’s worth.

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