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Tue Dec 28, 2010 at 02:24 PM PST

This is not a game.

by QuietObserver

Well, my last diary obviously didn't go over well, but after sleeping on it, I’ve decided to revisit and expand on my thoughts, re the status of political discourse and maneuvering through media, and the role that blogs like this play in shaping the conversation.  

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Mon Dec 27, 2010 at 03:52 PM PST

Some Christmas gift...

by QuietObserver

UPDATE: As I explained in one comment, I am not a political cartoonist. I'm just one person with a little extra time and a pencil. This little drawing was done out of frustration at the absolutely baseless accusations and labels being thrown at President Obama, and how the craziness has taken over the political discussion from all sides. Sorry if it sucks.


Another Christmas has come and gone, and I hope Santa brought you all what you wanted this year. As for me, well, I got a board game.

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I took some notes on yesterday's press conference, and here's what I thought:

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I'll be honest: I don't follow Mr. Greenwald's work. All I know of him, I learn from sites like this. I know that he has a huge fan base around these parts. I know that his opinion is highly regarded and is almost always critical of the current administration. Fine. But this is, to say the least, a curious tweet.

Quick diary below the fold.

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'Shocked, but not surprised' is the reaction of the Grant family.

The news is still developing, but former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle has been sentenced to 2 years in state prison. How much of that time he will spend behind bars is still unclear.

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Wed Sep 22, 2010 at 01:37 PM PDT

I, too, am exhausted.

by QuietObserver

Mr. President,

  I’ve supported you since that fateful Super Tuesday in the primary election season of 2008. I took time to read you platform, listen to your own words, and observe the way that you communicate with the American people. I knew, even back in February of 08, that if this nation was to have a positive future, that you would be the next president of the United States.

  After you were elected, I was ecstatic, but also cautious of the public reception. I knew that declarations of "the end of racism", the "fruition of MLK’s dream", and the end to the ills of America’s social and economic problems were all premature and simplistic. I expected to see that elusive change, the healing of some of American’s deepest wounds, and the gradual improvement of the lives of Americans who had suffered through the policies of the past several decades.  But nearly two years in, things have not quite gone the way I imagined, and frankly, I’m exhausted.

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      Bad news for the Corn Refiners Association and all lovers of cheaply made, syrup-laden food products: it seems as though more Americans are realizing that heavy food additives aren’t that healthy, especially additives that may increase the likelihood of obesity, diabetes, and other long term health issues.


What would be a "nicer" name for HFCS?

2%5 votes
5%10 votes
4%9 votes
17%33 votes
1%3 votes
7%15 votes
5%10 votes
1%3 votes
53%100 votes

| 188 votes | Vote | Results

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Dear writers, bloggers, commentators and fellow Americans,

   "Under the bus" has officially jumped the shark. We’ve reached peak levels of use, and can no longer afford to rely on this increasingly wobbly literary crutch to advance our rants and observations while we continue to feed out addiction to personal victimization. I understand: you feel as though you or the person/groups you are referencing has been mistreated, deceived and unexpectedly abandoned.  But there has to be a better way, or at least, an alternative way to express our frustration.

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 On Thursday of last week, the White House released a rather unexciting statement in response to August 4th’s court ruling which overturned California’s gay marriage ban. While the statement praised the dismissal of the "divisive and discriminatory" law, it also reiterated the fact that the president’s personal stance on gay marriage has not changed. He still opposes it for personal, religious reasons.


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     Recently, I was talking with a relative about popular movies and TV shows that debuted at the years of our birth. It got me to thinking about the general backdrop images and public figures from early childhood, and how they affected me.  This includes the presidency of the time.


Who was the POTUS when you were born?

1%3 votes
15%41 votes
24%65 votes
33%90 votes
12%34 votes
6%18 votes
5%14 votes
0%2 votes
0%0 votes

| 267 votes | Vote | Results

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I was browsing Huffington Post this morning (in the same way that I would flip through a magazine while standing in the checkout line) and I came across this week-old article:

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnists Call Obama A 'Female' With A 'Humanoid' Problem

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Where were you, shortly after 5pm Pacific Time, on October 17, 1989?

For most Americans, the answer is probably "I was about to watch the World Series" or "I had just sat down for dinner when I turned on the news..."

But for thousands of Bay Area residents, and people all throughout California, that day was a day of destruction, danger, and in some cases, death. For me, it was a day of confusion, fear and anger- anger that something had intruded into my happy little world. In contrast to the horror stories of that day, my experience was relatively trivial.

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