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Thu Apr 16, 2015 at 03:55 PM PDT

Something is haywire at the DCCC

by RJDixon74135

I've been saying for some time that something is screwy at the Democratic national committees, including both the DNC and the DCCC. Some of the hysterical doom and gloom emails I've received in recent months have been utterly ridiculous, but today's communication from the DCCC tops almost all of them.

The DCCC tells me they find this "incredible"

--Hillary’s first announcement? She’s running for President.

--Hillary’s next announcement? She supports an anti-Citizens United constitutional amendment!!! [their bold]

Then, predictably, they ask me for a contribution, suggesting I send $5 or $35. Here's the part that has me rolling my eyes:
If we can get 5,000 Democrats on board, it’d be a BIG win for Democrats who support campaign finance reform -- and a kick in the gut to Republicans who rely on billionaires’ donations to get elected. [Again, their bold]
Yep. $5 - $35 from 5,000 donors will get them $25,000 - $175,000. That's really gonna' scare the pants off of some millionaires and billionaires.

Sorry, I don't there's enough in this diary to warrant going below the orange pasta, and I don't think the DCCC's big plan warrants my $5. What do you think?


MSN is reporting that Abbas plans to appeal to the international community to set a date for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 boundary lines.

I support such an action, but I'm willing to listen to opposing views.

More below the orange calligraphy.

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Sorry this diary is so short.

MSNBC has just confirmed that the man on the right in the video they've been showing this morning of two men walking into an Atlanta hospital is Ebola victim Dr. Kent Brantly.

He walked in under his own power! No visible respirator. In fact, he looked pretty strong!

I don't know about you, but I was in dire need of some good news this morning after all the bad news from Gaza, and the stupid comments of Bibi (the butcher) Netanyahu.


When it's the amount paid to families for each death caused by GM's auto ignition fraud.


In an execution display so shocking that Department of Corrections officials closed the curtain on the wittnesses sixteen minutes after the procedure began and twenty seven minutes before inmate Clayton Lockhart was finally pronounced dead of a massive heart attack, Oklahoma has been forced to issue a 14-day stay on the second execution scheduled for tonight.

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They're on the Senate floor where they just passed a bill to stop us from going over the fiscal stepping stone to the next manufactured crisis.

I wish I could include some cogent analysis, but I'm not even sure what's IN the bill despite spending much of the evening trying to find out.

Here's what the NY Times said about it a few hours ago, and we know they're always right.

And, here's what the LA Times said about it some time after the NY Times posted its take.

Between the two, what else could there be to know?  If you read the DK articles, you'll find just about every possible opinion.


The next presidential debate will be held on October 16 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. It will be organized in a "town meeting" format and moderated by Candy Crowley (right-leaning CNN announcer). Undecided voters selected by the Gallup Organization will ask questions on foreign and domestic policy. The President and the challenger will each have 2 minutes to answer and Crowley will have an additional minute to facilitate a discussion.

So, what can we, what should we do now?

We can look to President Obama's campaign theme and go forward. As much as we love to talk back, we can leave the fact checking and analysis of the first debate to the President's pros and media pundits. They can do a better and more effective job than we can given that virtually no undecided voters are readers of Daily Kos.  There's not a lot of time, and none to be wasted.

For some other thoughts on what we can do, continue below the orange squiggle

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In this diary, I will present a walking tour through “Believe in American – Mitt Romney’s Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth.” I hope it’s relatively painless. If you’ve been thinking you should have read the Romney plan by now and wondering what’s really in it given the sometimes conflicting claims, but just haven’t had the time or stomach to do it, this is for you.

Actually, tackling his document on your own is somewhat easier than you may have thought. Although you’ve probably heard it described as 159 pages, Adobe counts the pdf version at 87 pages, owing mainly to the smaller than 8.5 x 11” format of the original. So, for those who do have the time and inclination, or those like me who simply have to see it to believe it, here’s the link to the Romney plan (pdf).

Before I start, I need to note a couple of general things about budgets:

1.    Almost invariably, budgets have numbers, you know, estimated amounts of revenue and expense. Romney’s document does not.  Hence, rather than a budget, Romney’s document is more like a rambling philosophical treatise. At most, it’s a set of some of the policies he advocates.  (In contrast, Paul Ryan seems to have turned over his own philosophical treatise and policy recommendations to the Congressional Budget Office for conversion to into a very short approximation of what an actual budget might look like if his proposals were all accepted by both houses of Congress, but Ryan’s plan is not the topic of this diary.)

2.    The hardest part of “balancing” a budget for an entity like a government is estimating the correct amount of revenue that will be collected.  Expenses can be more-or-less calculated based on quotes provided by suppliers and decisions that can be made about how much money to spend and how to spend it.  Revenue, on the other hand, depends on variable factors such as the number of people who will be working and paying taxes at a given rate, i.e., unknowns.  In such cases, a useful budget should include not only the dollar amounts estimated for the future period, but also a side-by-side comparison to the actual amounts recorded in the most recent previous period. Deviations should be explained. Without this, virtually any budget can be made to “balance” merely by adjusting the revenue  projections.  Mitt Romney has promised to create 12 million new jobs. I hope someone will pin him down with questions about how much estimated tax revenue is associated with all these hypothetical new workers and what will happen to the expense side of his budget if these jobs fail to appear.

And, a couple of general things about the document:

1.    The copyright notice

Copyright © 2011 Romney for President, Inc. All rights reserved. Brief excerpts or quotations from this publication accompanied by proper acknowledgement may be used in blog posts, news reports, articles, or reviews. Permission to reprint or post longer sections or entire chapters must be obtained in writing from Romney for President, Inc.
I will respect that restriction, in accordance with my understanding of fair use, so as not to cause any financial damage to Mr. Romney or his publisher, to the extent that such damage is possible in that document that is available for free online.  

2.    Authorship

No attempt was made to disguise the fact that almost none of Mitt Romney’s plan was written by Mitt Romney which might explain why he sounds so vague when asked about it. Note that the title itself is expressed in the third person as is almost all the text .  The author of the majority of the text is, at least to me, unknown.

In fact, the tiny amount (nine paragraphs) of writing by Mr. Romney included in his plan (beyond the almost 4-page “Introduction/ letter” in which Mr. Romney recaps his own “success” and President Obama’s “failure”), is actually excerpted from his book published last year, No Apology, The Case for American Greatness, still available at Amazon, list price $15.99, now discounted to $6.40 or free for Kindle.

On the other hand, the various segments of the plan include sidebars contributed by other conservatives who are identified.  Generally, their contributions are a little bit campaign speech, a little bit sermonette. These contributors include:  Scott McNealy,  founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems; Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc., which operates the Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurant brands; Dave Heineman, governor of Nebraska; Jim Talent, former U.S. Senator from Missouri; Peter Schaumber,  former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board; Jim Risch, U.S. Senator from Idaho; and, of course, Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay, and in 2010, the Republican nominee for governor of California. Even if you decide to read the document for yourself, I’d say you could comfortably skip those.

Finally, take a look at the tour map while you’re slipping into your walking shoes:

The Table of Contents

01 Foreword

02 Introduction: Letter from Mitt Romney

06 Day One, Job One

09 Part I: America in Economic Crisis

21 Part II: President Obama’s Failure

31 Part III: Mitt Romney’s Plan

37 Tax Policy

53 Regulatory Policy

69 Trade Policy

85 Energy Policy

101 Labor Policy

119 Human Capital Policy

135 Fiscal Policy

151 Conclusion

You may feel you already know what Mitt Romney (or his surrogate on his behalf) would say about each of the segments named in the TOC.  If you want to know a little more about what has been committed to writing in Mitt’s name regarding how he would save our country, head down below the fold for more including some quotes and some comments.
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Sorry, this is such a short diary, but there's not much to say except that it was just announced on CNN that Wolf Blitzer will interview Mitt Romney on Monday in Israel. I'll update this diary if the script of the interview leaks out, but my guess is that Romney and Blitzer have the only copies.

I predict a new low for CNN.

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Mon Jul 23, 2012 at 02:44 PM PDT

Sally Ride, 1951 - 2012

by RJDixon74135

I'll never forget the 72pt. newspaper headline: Ride, Sally Ride

First American woman in space


No doubt you remember earlier this year when President Obama signed the Stock Act to end the exemption of House and Senate members from insider trading laws. Many of us were astonished and angered to learn the exemption existed in the first place.

At the signing, President Obama remarked:

I want to recognize Congresswoman Louise Slaughter [D NY 28], and wish her a speedy recovery.  She broke her leg yesterday, so she can’t be here in person.  I think she’ll be okay.  But she first introduced the STOCK Act in 2006, and I know how proud she is to see this bill that she championed finally become law.
President Obama also reminded us of this bit of history:
Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about the choices facing this country.  We can settle for a country that -- and an economy where a shrinking number of people do exceedingly well, while a growing number struggle to get by, or where we can build an economy where everybody gets a fair shot, everybody is doing their fair share, and everybody plays by the same set of rules.

That last part -- the idea that everybody plays by the same rules -- is one of our most cherished American values.  It goes hand in hand with our fundamental belief that hard work should pay off and responsibility should be rewarded.  It’s the notion that the powerful shouldn’t get to create one set of rules for themselves and another set of rules for everybody else.

And if we expect that to apply to our biggest corporations and to our most successful citizens, it certainly should apply to our elected officials -- especially at a time when there is a deficit of trust between this city and the rest of the country.

And that’s why, in my State of the Union, I asked members of the House and the Senate to send me a bill that bans insider trading by members of Congress, and I said that I would sign it right away.

With Louise Slaughter and the entire American public on his side, what could go wrong? For the answer, check below the squiggle.
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Thu Jul 19, 2012 at 07:20 AM PDT

DNC apologizes to Ann Romney

by RJDixon74135

We'll never do it again.

More below the fold.

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