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Thu Feb 21, 2008 at 06:31 AM PST

Why we build platforms

by Readrock

We need to work to make things better in America today by helping women access professional abortion care when they need it. Every American woman who finds herself pregnant and does not want to be is someones daughter and she deserves professional abortion care.  This care has to come from somewhere and requires support.  Right now abortion care is under fierce attack. Clinics are closing and large areas of America are under served. And the silence on the political front is frightening and discouraging.  Go here to see a PBS Frontline documentary The Last Abortion Clinic to see the faces of women denied care in Mississippi where only one "abortion clinic" or place to receive abortion care remains regardless of your circumstance.  Hospitals provide no care here even if your life is threatened by the pregnancy.  Women without transportation in the "delta" are trapped to have babies regardless of circumstance.

Genuinely holding women in regard by offering them true choice will give an updraft of support to any candidate.  It is there for the "taking".

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Well, folks, I think it is time we raise the issue of abortion care in our presidential race.  This is an American moral imperative.  Our democracy demands that we defend the right of poor women who are pregnant and don't want to be.  No American should be forced into "state mandated" motherhood.

This is pretty simple.  All Americans deserve professional abortion care.  That means true support.  Do you think the abortion care your loved ones have received is created by the "abortion fairy"?

Providing quality abortion care is increasingly harder.  Clinics are closing.  Who in their right mind would provide abortion care in this hostile and legally INSANE system?  That any of us remain at all is a miracle.

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We have two excellent Democratic candidates running to be president of the United States.  Neither has yet to address the global issues America has when it come to the provision of professional abortion care.  We can all agree that Americans deserve professional abortion care can't we?  We all want our family members to receive good abortion care when they need it and in truth we just never know when they might need it.  Women have unintended pregnancies every single day in America and the problem has grown worse as the far right has demanded "abstinence only" education and fought contraception every step of the way.  More women with unintended pregnancies are becoming mothers...and exactly why is up for grabs.

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Sun Dec 30, 2007 at 05:47 AM PST

The assault continues

by Readrock

It is not easy being an abortion care provider in the United States these days.  You need to look no further than the amazing tidal wave created to assault reproductive rights (women who are often already mothers) by our current administration and its legacy. The gift that just keeps giving.

So much damage has been done in the past decade or so. And the silence is deafening.  We need to launch an immediate campaign on the assault on abortion care in America.  Our leading policy makers must respond as it is the American thing to do.  There is an abortion care crisis in America.  Everyone deserves professional abortion care.

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An excellent "abortion" diary is on the front page of The Daily Kos this morning.  Abortion polarizes and one thing politics can't tolerate in the election cycle is "polarization". Getting elected is about garnering the largest number of supporters so "factioning" is not what one does to win elections.  "Abortion" is not popular with any presidential candidate this year though Democrats "talk support of choice", while doing nothing to directly help improve access to professional abortion care in America.  That professional abortion care is available at all with insanely "hostile" state governments and an idiot in the White House who supplies unlimited resources to the "antis" from money to judges IS A MIRACLE.  More and more Americans cannot receive abortion care.  To see the faces of these American women denied care go watch on line The Last Abortion Clinic , a PBS Frontline documentary.  And to understand how this crises in abortion care is one of America's best kept secrets follow me below the fold.  

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Last week Verizon Wireless said they would not accept text messages from NARAL Pro-Choice America. The "offending message" was declined because "abortion" is considered "controversial or unsavory".

NARAL provided an example of a recent text message that it had sent to supporters: "End Bush’s global gag rule against birth control for world’s poorest women! Call Congress. (202) 224-3121. Thnx! Naral Text4Choice"

Now Verizon has reversed its position. "The decision to not allow text messaging on an important, though sensitive, public policy issue was incorrect, and we have fixed the process that led to this isolated incident," Jeffrey Nelson, a company spokesman, said in a statement.

Is this a rapid response to a backlash from its customers?  And does the fact that the story broke on all major wires yesterday have anything to do with the companies about face?

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I still remember the call.  My co-worker on the phone said "Sit down".  I said I am sitting down.  She said "Hector is missing".  I said what do you mean Hector is missing?  She said he had not come into work that morning and when they went to his house he was not there.  The front door was open.  The TV was on.  A bowl of popcorn sat in front of the television.  Hector and his wife were gone and increasingly it looked like the unthinkable had occurred.  They had been kidnapped by The Army of God.

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Mon Aug 27, 2007 at 11:43 AM PDT

Blogging as a form of birth control

by Readrock

One thing I think we all can agree on is that if our daughter is pregnant and she doesn't want to be she should get the best abortion care possible.  We realize that no amount of contraception or education or "saying no" at this point is going to help.  We need "professional abortion care" which is disappearing in America at an alarming rate. It may surprise you to learn there is a  crisis occurring when it comes to professional abortion care in this nation.  Go to PBS Frontline The Last Abortion Clinic to see a documented example of obstruction of professional abortion care in America.   And yet, our American policy makers, including our esteemed presidential hopefuls, refuse to speak substantively about the actual provision of abortion care, as though it happens "magically" as the result of visitation of the "abortion fairy".

Well, those of us with pregnant daughters know better.

But this diary puts our pregnant daughters aside FOR THE MOMENT to consider a novel new form of pregnancy prevention:  BLOGGING.  Who would of thought? The Daily Kos a form or birth control???

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It is not easy getting information about where to find abortion care if your daughter is pregnant and doesn’t want to be and you live in the south.  The public health units in my state cannot and do not refer families for abortion care because it is illegal to do so according to state law.

If I bring my thirteen year old to a public health unit in my town today and my daughter is found to be pregnant the public health unit will not provide me information on where to get my daughter professional abortion help.  My daughter will be set up for a prenatal care appointment ONLY.  My daughter’s circumstances don't matter, nor as a parent do my thoughts on what is best for my daughter matter.  At all.  This is an example of our wonderful state "abortion laws" working to protect our daughters and our families, right?  Is this "family values" at work in our government?

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Many American mothers and fathers will wake up today to find their daughter is pregnant and she doesn't want to be.  Parents will begin the search for abortion care for their daughter.  Depending where you live in America you may or may not be able to find the care you seek.  Your daughter may be early or she may be late in her pregnancy.  Teens delay telling parents, are in denial about the pregnancy themselves and hide their tummies very well.  If you daughter starts wearing large bulky sweatshirts beware.

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We have a crises in America today and women and their children are suffering.  Women in the middle of the United States and in the deep south are trapped.  When unintended or fatal pregnancy strikes, women are unable to find abortion care.  If they can travel they will be fine.  If not, they will be forced to carry a potential life threatening pregnancy against their will.  On behalf of the state.  Now there are many things Mississippian’s need but a poor woman forced into motherhood is not one of them.

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So as the saying goes "A good story is medicine".  And we abortion care providers have a few good stories to share. But we don’t say much these days because we are the targets of home grown terrorists, most of whom sadly are Christian MEN with tons of money and influence due to the Bush regime.  We abortion providers learned a little over a decade ago to stay low to the ground least we become the target. As a provider of abortion care, I feel like I am on one side of a very small and worn bridge.  On my side you are not regain control of your life and your body.  On the other side are pregnant women desperately coming forward and crossing this very small and dangerous bridge.  I stand there in this vision, Clint Eastwoodisque encouraging women to cross before the bridge goes down...  

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