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In order to counter the films NBC and CNN are producing about Hillary Clinton, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has contracted with Citizens United to produce a film that promotes the GOP's likely Presidential candidates for 2016. So far, this leaked image is all that's been discovered about the details of that film:

For the full story:

A revealing interview where a Republican reveals the magic cure for everything is tax cuts!

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“Good day my friend! I must say, you certainly look like a smart and discerning voter! Have you lost weight recently? Hey, don’t those folks in Washington DC just make ya mad? Sayin’ they’ve just got your interest in mind while takin’ all that money from special interests and doin’ what’s best for them…when they’re not fightin’ with each other like stubborn brats, am I right? Don’t ya wish we could just get rid of both parties and just elect good people who’ll do everything we all want?

    Well, my friend, it’s a good thing I ran into you. Ya see, just by chance I’ve got millions of dollars behind me just to make all your dreams come true. I can’t tell ya who the money’s from or who’s behind all of this, you’re just gonna have to trust me that I’ve only got your best interests in mind and I’m only doing this for you. Er, what’s your name again, friend?”

Basing a new, allegedly populist party on the old movie, “The Music Man” might work to fool some of the people in the short term but it wouldn’t seem to be sustainable.

Especially when those trying to hide their involvement in such a venture are eventually exposed…which intrepid souls out there already have accomplished on the web though not really in the MSM yet.

The fruits of their valuable labors (huge props are owed to Jim Cook at Irregular Times and Stephen Gowens’ “What’s Left”  among others for being way ahead on this story and reporting many of the details provided below) will be shared later on and the picture that is painted is deserving of concern.

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Today’s release of over 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin's Yahoo account may provide fascinating revelations. Here's a sneak peak at an exclusive collection of some that have already been found to be remarkable.

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President Obama and Sarah Palin have just had their first debate, albeit by long distance.  

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A shocking early draft of the GOP's Pledge to America that they never wanted you to see!

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A Tea Party rally turned ugly against Delaware senatorial candidate, Christine O'Donnell, after revelations that she admitted being a witch.

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Andrew Breitbart confesses on tape to using crack cocaine, being in rehab, narcissism and that he's a fraud!

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Watch this clip from Larry King to see Sarah Palin oppose teaching kids gravity, the direction of left and that the word "gay" means happy and instead supports teaching kids Intelligent Denial.

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How do you explain to your kids that a corporation is a person and is entitled to the right to drown out your voice in our democracy? With this children's book by Dr. Suits!

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Fri Jan 15, 2010 at 10:38 AM PST

God Blogs about Pat Robertson

by RebelWithAKos

God is angered once again and thus has to blog about it. This time, it's about Pat Robertson and Haiti.

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If a blogger had written this classic Christmas poem, it might have gone a little like this.

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