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Earlier this year Missouri passed a constitutional amendment strengthening gun rights. For background:

Missouri voters in August approved Constitutional Amendment 5 with greater than 60 percent support. It states that any restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms "shall be subject to strict scrutiny," but adds that the measure should not be construed to prevent laws limiting the gun rights of "convicted violent felons" or people determined by a court to be a danger because of mental illness. The measure now is part of Article 1, Section 23, of the Missouri Constitution.

Now a convicted drug dealer says that means his non-violet felony background means he should be able to own and possess firearms.

Guess what the author of the legislation (who by the way is running for Attorney General) thinks of that?

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Many are saddened tonight with the news of Robin Williams. So here is a video that is guaranteed to move you. A man had his dog die and his partner of 63 years die within the span of 4 months. His family decide to surprise him with a new friend.

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On Saturday there were two separate shootings at two different gun shows in the US. One took place in Texas and one took place in Pennsylvania. Only one of the shooters is facing charges. Care to guess where?

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An armed couple walked into a CiCi's Pizza in Las Vegas less than a week ago. Without warning they pulled out their guns and shot two police officers down in cold blood. The story is well known at this point.

What isn't as well known is that just a week earlier the group Open Carry Las Vegas had a monthly get together at CiCi's Pizza.

It raises a whole host of questions, both in terms of the killings and in terms of Cici's acceptance of Open Carry.

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What is four inches wide, 35 feet long and according to Duke Energy poses no threat? The answer is a crack in an ash pond dyke at their Cape Fear Steam Electric Plant in North Carolina.

They announced the news last night.

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Sun Nov 17, 2013 at 06:18 PM PST

ACA-Kate's Story

by Rock Strongo

Kate (not her real name) is a 21 year old that works the front desk at my gym three nights a week. (She also has a second job.) She is a full time student and last year made about $12,000. Here is her story as it relates to her experience with Obamacare.

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Many of you remember the homophobic remarks said by Barilla pasta CEO Guido Barilla on an Italian radio station last month. For those who don't remember or missed the story he said:

“Our family is a traditional family,” Barilla told the host. “I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect toward homosexuals—who have the right to do whatever they want without disturbing others—but because I don’t agree with them and I think we want to talk to traditional families.”

Barilla also expressed indifference toward the effect of his remarks on gay consumers. “If gays like our pasta and our advertising, they will eat our pasta; if they don’t like that, they will eat someone else’s pasta,” he said.

The remarks cause an immediate backlash which is still continuing.
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I want to make some changes to the country, and so perhaps the best way to do that is to become King. I have decide to make the following my top priorities if chosen to be your leader.


Which part of my platform is your favorite?

2%1 votes
6%3 votes
20%9 votes
20%9 votes
6%3 votes
11%5 votes
15%7 votes
17%8 votes

| 45 votes | Vote | Results

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I realize that this is barely a diary, and also that some may take issue with expirements done on animals, but this is a facinating (and very funny) look at what happens when inequality is presented in the animal world.

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The Mt. Rushmore of Tea Party nut jobs Bachmann, West, Joe Walsh and Steve King have had a mixed bag tonight, and at least three of them seem to be in for a long night.

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As many of you know, Mitt Romney likes to claim the success of Staples as an example of his job growth expertise. This is despite the fact that much of the growth at Staples came after Mitt was no longer running Bain Capital.

So if Mitt wants to take the credit for jobs created when he was not running Bain, then surely he will admit that he is responsible when layoffs are taking place, right?

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Of course that president was George W. Bush. A great piece of Romney video was posted at New York Magazine today with the headline "This video proves Mitt Romney knows his whole campaign is a lie." As is pointed out by the author of the piece. under normal circumstances this sort of flip floppery would be called out by the news media everywhere. Instead it is business as usual for this repblican candidate

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