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I asked Kos about this probably a year ago. Propose to create 20 million jobs and let Boehner kill it, then run on that. Kos gave this idea a thumbs down.

So just what were Democrats running on in 2014?

In over 400 years there is only one economic model that remotely gives any indication of actually working: Keynesian Economics. For every 100 billion spent on infrastructure 2.5 million jobs would be created. 20 million jobs @ 36k each would add 90 billion in additional FICA, SS would be good thru 2090.

I've been saying this for 2 1/2 years.

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When a new Social Security report comes out, the first thing I like to look at is the Trust Fund Ratios. The 2013 report showed a decline in funds looking thru 2090 compared to 2012. In 2012, the low cost scenario showed that the OASDI Trust Fund would not be exhausted thru 2090.

Each annual SS report uses 3 cost scenarios, Low Cost, Intermediate Cost and High Cost, and a 4th scenario, the Stochastic Model. Low Cost, Intermediate Cost and High Cost scenarios use different values for things like GDP, workforce growth rates, interest rates, etc. the Actuaries generate the different scenarios. In general terms job creation can be the largest driver of increasing or decreasing Trust Fund revenues, wage growth is second and interest rates can be 3rd for our purposes.

In 2013, the OASDI Trust Fund was predicted to be exhausted in 2068 in the Low Cost scenario. In the 2014 report the the OASDI Trust Fund was predicted to not be exhausted thru 2090 in the Low Cost scenario.

 photo DKSSDlogo-1.png

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Todays Canadian Supreme Court decision gives full title to Yinka Dene of their land. Not all First Nations, just the 6 bands in the Yinka Dene Alliance. This probably means the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal to the Pacific Ocean is Dead. Yes Enbridge can route around the Yinka Dene lands, only to greatly added cost, and more permitting.

Yes permits. I'll refer you to a recent comment by Observerinvancouver

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The Yinke Dene are an alliance of 6 aboriginal indigenous First Nations in Northern British Columbia who have pledged to ban the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline from crossing any of their lands, territories, watersheds or the ocean migration routes of the Fraser River Salmon. The Yinka Dene consist of these First Nations: Nadleh Whut'en, Nak'azdli, Takla Lake, Saik'uz, Wet'suwet'en, and Tl’azt’en.

 photo Capture.png

The Save the Fraser Declaration was written in 2010, signed by the Yinka Dene and the St'át'imc Nation, today with over a 130 signatories, the above map shows First Nations lands united by the declaration. The Transmountain Pipeline was built in the late 1950's and is the process of twinning, a second pipeline is built parallel to the original. The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is shown, talking tar sands to the coastal port of Kitimat, the site of a proposed supertanker loading facility. The Northern Gateway pipeline cannot be built without crossing into Yinka Dene lands. The Declaration is based on Indigenous law, Title, and Rights, and has status under First Nations law, Canadian law, and International law.

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Remember, the Bush regime took out Saddam Hussein, who was a Sunni. The religious leadership in the Middle East region was balanced at the state level for decades, by taking out Saddam Hussein that balance was upset.

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Expand Social Security, not with a 1.5% COLA, I mean real solid increase in benefits for seniors getting the smallest benefits of $8,657.26 for an individual. Raising the SS income cap to 90% (186k) where it has historically been going back to 1984, would raise about .2% of GDP according to the CBO. Thats 35 billion dollars. This would support $1100 to more than $2000 in increases for individual seniors. For couples that would be a bit more starting at $1500.

Remember when Senator Warren started to stir the SS pot last year? Suddenly all the CPIers started to choke on their words.

That is why we should be talking about expanding Social Security benefits.....


Recently a few Senate Democrats have proposed the RAISE Act which would place a payroll tax on earned income over 400k... the top, oh I dunno... 1.2% of earners. Thats not a lot of people, nor is it a lot of money. And the benefit increases aren't going to be very big either.

Now remember Seniors got a 1.5% COLA this year, that eligible individual that gets almost 9k a year..... got less than a $128 increase for 2014.

Propose to raise the SS income cap giving seniors over a grand, and make the GOP vote it down. Then we run on the issue watch the RWNJ's fall by the wayside.

In fact, Infrastructure needs 3.6 trillion in just repairs, 900 billion a year for 4 years would just get us even, and using a 2.5 multiplier would create about 22 million jobs.

Make the GOP vote against job creation, real job creation, not some half assed proposal. then make them run on it.

Lets make sure the American people know who the real obstructionists are & what they are obstructing: Jobs for Americans, expose them and run them out of office.

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Polywell is a branch of fusion research started by Dr Bussard of the Bussard Ramjet fame. EMC2 is a corporation set up to conduct research which has been funded by the Navy going back about 15 years. Since the Navy has funded Poywell fusion they have issued a publishing embargoe from the beggining of the funding.

Until now. EMC2 has published a 12 page report found here.

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1) Tar sands extraction requires lots of energy, typically natural gas. the Mackenzie Valley pipeline proposal to feed natural gas into the tar sands, is DOA.

2) The Alaskan Hiway natural gas pipeline proposal is also DOA.

3) The Keystone XL pipeline proposal has been stalled for at least 3 years.

4) The Northern Gateway pipeline proposal has been stalled for nearly 5 years.

5) Tar sands developers facing a pipeline bottleneck have turned to shipping by rail car and barges.

6) Tar sands developers have resurrected 2 shelved proposals for pipelines to the Atlantic coast in the face of no major pipeline progress elsewhere in North America.

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Photobucket The Northern Gateway pipeline proposal would move oil from the tar sands in Alberta, west to Kitimat, on the coast of British Columbia. Shipping oil from Kitimat would mean navigating oil tankers thru narrow turning channels before reaching the open ocean. The most cost effective way to ship oil to Asia is with supertankers. Because of the nature of the port of Kitimat, building a supertanker loading facility is very difficult. If built in the port proper, supertankers would be operating in very tight quarters, if built out past the islands that surround the channels leading to the port, the cost of piping running to the loading faculty would be tremendous.

Last month I wrote about the British Colombian Premiere announcing support for the Northern Gateway pipeline. For many the take away was bleak. Last week some good news came out of Canada, their largest Private Sector Union publicly announced opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

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The Northern Gateway pipeline would deliver 525,000 barrels of Alberta oil to a tanker terminal in Kitimat, on the Pacific coast of British Columbia. The proposed pipeline  route goes thru First Nations lands. THe First Nations and the Yinka Dene have been solidly opposed to to the pipeline proposal and have refused to let the pipeline go thru their land. opposition on a number of fronts in B.C., including from First Nations, environmentalists and the province’s NDP opposition.

The 727 mile long project is currently undergoing a joint environmental review thru 2013.

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Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 10:01 AM PDT

The 1st time I met Frank Lautenberg

by Roger Fox

Senator Jon Corzine had just won election for Governor of NJ, probably 1000 Democrats from around the state were collected at a nice hotel in New Brunswick NJ. By 12:40 the crowd was thinning out and I got a chance to approach Senator Lautenberg, and asked him if I could take a picture of him. After taking the picture I asked the Senator if it was him who had thought up the Chickenhawk.....

Back then Senator Lautenberg had made some headlines because he set up an easel on the floor of the Senate, propped up a graphic of a cartoon drawing of a chicken dressed up in Faux military garb, and proceeded to lambaste Dick Cheney....

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With the recent introduction of cars such as the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S (Motor Trend's 2013 car of the year and Consumer Reports' highest-rated car in the publication's history) the nascent all electric car market looks to grow into the mainstream.

Golf Course equipment vendors have also introduced battery powered mowers and equipment but face skepticism on the part of Golf Course Superintendents, worries about battery life and power outages are often cited.

The Bear Trace at Harrison Bay is part of the Tennessee State Park system & has recently made a purchase of all electric golf course equipment that may be one of the largest purchases of its kind in the industry.

 photo a185be6b5aa548db567bd935ad8a49e2-.jpg

Superintendent Paul Carter demonstrates the Jacobsen Eclipse 322 electric mower while Jeff Hollister of Chattanooga Golf and Country Club looks on. Photo Credit: Turfnet.

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