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Tue Apr 29, 2014 at 02:06 PM PDT

Crime in my neighbourhood

by Roiling Snake Ball

Such a day I had today. Got to my desk at work, sat down and hooked my laptop up to monitor, power and mouse. Logged in to sync up mail and team chats and them had to decamp to one of our conference rooms for my first meeting of the day. I never did return to my "desk".

Anyway, shortly after my second meeting of the day, as I was eating lunch in the above mentioned conference room, the phone rang. This was unusual, to say the least. The co-worker I was eating lunch with and I exchange curious looks and I suggested he hit the speaker phone burton to pickup.

Me: Hello?
Recorded Voice: This is not a sales call. Crime in your neighbourhood has increased. You are receiving this call because you have been referred...
Me: ohhh fuck off
Me: (turning to co-worker) Well, I guess he does have a point, we are in the Boston Financial District...
Co-Worker: Oh man, that's so true...
Me: Shame none of them are going to jail any time soon. I am soooo posting thus up on DailyKos...
Anyway, that was the high point of my day. Just wanted to share.

The schadenfreude is strong in this one:

Boehner rival loses job over campaign ad

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but perhaps he can make lemonade out of these lemons and turn it to fund raising. Regardless, Tea Party on GOP fighting is fun to watch.


Ok, this is going to be real short because I am on the train and the wireless is unreliable. Anyway, the New York Police Department has launched a new social media campaign on twitter using the hash tag


The have sent out a call for people to post pictures of themselves with members of the NYPD. Guess what...  This is going viral in the most amusing way. Stopped and frisked, maced occupiers, etc are posting their pictures right now. Have a picture of yourself getting your rights violated by the NYPD? Get it up on twitter on #mynypd and join the fun.


Oh Snap, Panetta just went there...

Senior defense officials say Pentagon chief Leon Panetta is removing the military's ban on women serving in combat, opening hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war.
Officials: Panetta opens combat roles to women

This is a major step forward for every woman serving in the military because not only does it open combat rolls but it opens leadership rolls traditionally only available to those who have led troops in combat.

I'd write a lot more but I'm at work and have to be on a train in 40 minutes.


I ride the Amtrak Downeaster five days a week, commuting into Boston from southern New Hampshire. It's about 90 minutes each way but it sure beats driving into Boston and lets me work for a very fun and exciting startup smack in the middle of downtown Boston.

When i started riding in March the train was typically about 70% full. That's a rough, totally off the cuff estimate from my memory of 6 months ago, but based on how often I had a seat to myself I think it s fairly accurate. In May ridership picked up and trains were often at or near 100% capacity. They said this would only last during the summer. Well, summer is over and it is 5:01pm right now. As the train is pulling away from North Station (as I type this sentence) there are still people looking for seats. I suspect there are people sitting in the Cafe car already, even tho they are not supposed to.

It's about to get MUCH worse. More below the fold.

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And it is HAMMER TIME folks. This ad just got posted up to the OFA YouTube channel and is tagged as a spot for TV. It's been 6 days since Mitt unleashed Ryan on an unsuspecting America and people have been asking (in many diaries here as well as on blogs, etc) where the Medicare ad from OFA was.

Well, the answer to that is no longer blowing in the wind. It is right here below the orange boxing gloves of doom:

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Fri Jul 20, 2012 at 04:57 AM PDT

Obamacare iPhone app

by Roiling Snake Ball

My wife wants to learn how to make iPhone apps, and to get started down this road I've proposed to her that she create a relatively simple app that would provide info on the PPACA/Obamacare.

Concept is a flashcard type application driven by a simple menu selection with various topics. I'm actually a little surprised that nothing like this already exists but I've searched the AppStore and not found anything under Obamacare or PPACA.

Why this app? ObabaCare/PPACA is a massive program being implemented over many years. There is a lot of misinformation out there and many of us in the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive universe are often interacting with relatives, co-workers, etc who have misconceptions that should be corrected. Keeping everything in our heads just doesn't cut it. Having this info at hand in an easy to access app would be beneficial to those of us who have drunk the Apple cool-aid.

So, why this diary? Well, would like to get some additional input from members of this community on what should go into such an app, resources to cull info from, a name for the app, etc. If you have suggestions, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Below the fold I'll update the diary as things shape out. Current list is a little thin as this idea just jelled in my head this morning and I'm on the train headed into work as I type this.

If I get several good name ideas I'll do a separate diary with a poll.

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Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 07:33 AM PDT

Going to Disneyworld

by Roiling Snake Ball

Ok, this is going to have to be short because I have a dentist appointment in 45 minutes. New dentist so I need to get there early and do paperwork.

Anyway, there eis a GREAT recommend diary on the whole Fast and Furious bullshit blowing up in Issa's face right here. Read it and rec it up.

At the end of the diary is a comment:

When it happened, Eric Holder was spending the day at Disneyworld. Darrell Issa was in Washington where the circus is in town. No kidding.
So, my immediate reaction to this was, we need a viral video. Various people in the administration (or actors playing them) being asked a question by a reporter and responding with "I'm going to Disneyworld!" Starts with BHO being asked:

Reporter: President Obama, the Supreme Court has just upheld your land mark legislation that assured affordable health care for all Americans. What are you going to do next?

BHO: I'm going to Disneyworld!

and ends with:

Reporter: AG Holder, you have just been found in contempt of Congress, what are you going to do now?

Holder: I'm going to Disneyworld!

Add your suggestions for questions and answers in the comments.

Can you imaging a whole OWS group yelling "We're going to Disneyworld!"?


Fri May 11, 2012 at 02:33 PM PDT

Romney's Google Problem

by Roiling Snake Ball

It's been about 36 hours since the story of Romney and his sordid past as a bully and serial abuser came to light in the Washington Post. I knew when I first saw this starting to trend on twitter that this would be a BFD and that it would "leave a mark".

36 hours later the story is still growing stronger as more of Romney's former classmates come forward with their memories of this time. Romney made no real friends as a teen, so it seems, and that's going to haunt him.

Schadenfreude is such a wonderful thing, must be in my German genes (thanks mom).

Anyway, back on track, I want to bring up Romney's new Google problem. Right now, "Mitt Romney bully" is either the third of fourth hottest trending search on the google. It's been moving up and down. That tells us the a lot of people are dialed into this issue.

And, what is worse, "bully" is now the number one suggestion when you type "Mitt Romney" into the google search window in your browser (because of said hot trending). This will put this issue front and center in millions of people's browsers.

Pass the popcorn.


Thu May 10, 2012 at 06:04 AM PDT

Mitt Romney, the bully

by Roiling Snake Ball

The Washington Post has a piece today on Mitt Romney's history as a teenage bully.

Mitt Romney’s prep school classmates recall pranks, but also troubling incidents

The center piece of this story is an event during his senior year of High School during which he (along with several other) assaulted a fellow student. According to multiple sources Romney was the leader of this assault.

“He can’t look like that. That’s wrong. Just look at him!” an incensed Romney told Matthew Friedemann, his close friend in the Stevens Hall dorm, according to Friedemann’s recollection. Mitt, the teenaged son of Michigan Gov. George Romney, kept complaining about Lauber’s look, Friedemann recalled.

A few days later, Friedemann entered Stevens Hall off the school’s collegiate quad to find Romney marching out of his own room ahead of a prep school posse shouting about their plan to cut Lauber’s hair. Friedemann followed them to a nearby room where they came upon Lauber, tackled him and pinned him to the ground. As Lauber, his eyes filling with tears, screamed for help, Romney repeatedly clipped his hair with a pair of scissors.

Normally I would say that an event almost 50 years ago would not have a last impact. But, given the timing and Romney's precarious position with the radical right, I can come to only one conclusion.

This is going to leave a mark.

Consider, Mitt has two choices. He can come out and say that what he did in '65 was wrong and the result of "youthful indiscretion, etc". Or he can remain silent and try and ignore it. The first will almost certainly infuriate the radical right (Bryan Fischer, thank you, seriously). The second will just further compound the image of Mitt as a cold, callous person with no empathy for others.


Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 08:54 AM PDT

Thank you, Randy Pierce

by Roiling Snake Ball

This weekend I went skiing for the first time in my life. Had a great time with some people that I will starting work with next week. This was up at Cannon Mountain in the New Hampshire White Mountains. For what its worth, I don't suggest starting your skiing adventures at Cannon Mountain. For the new skier there are probably better options. Regardless, I had a great time. Enough about me tho. Follow me below the orange ski bindings to find out about a truly inspirational event.

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Wed Mar 14, 2012 at 04:54 AM PDT

Run, Newt, Run!

by Roiling Snake Ball

Jennifer Rubin is wrong:

The silver lining for Romney is that Gingrich, though coming in second in both races, vowed to stay in the race. It is the competition between Gingrich and Santorum that will help keep Santorum’s delegate count low, allowing Romney to maintain or lengthen his lead.
See, basic problem with Republicans is that they are, basically, stupid. And part of that stupidity is their complete and utter inability to do simple math.

Romney doesn't need to "keep Santorum’s delegate count low". Romney needs to get enough delegates to avoid a brokered convention. Even if he does end up getting the nod at a brokered convention, the damage done by extending this all the way to the convention is immeasurable.

Gingrich in the race actually makes it HARDER for Romney to get to the magic number, because while he is stealing delegates from Santorum, he is also stealing delegates from Romney.

Case in point, MS and AL with all three in the race netted Romney somewhere around 30% of the delegates available. MS and AL without Newt in the race would have netted Romney closer to 45, maybe even 50% of the delegates.

This is a pattern which is likely to play out in every solid red state.

Run, Newt, Run!

Could we end up seeing a Gingrich/Santorum ticket pre-convention? Is that what Newtie is playing at by leaking hints of asking Perry to be his running mate?

I can definitely see Newt going to the frothy one and saying "I'd rather be Romney's VP than your VP, but if you let me be Pres I'll let you be my VP and we can put one over on that Massachusets Librul".

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