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Many of you have been following the recent news reports about tainted pet food. The federal government has traced the outbreak to contaminated batches of wheat gluten and rice protein from China and is currently investigating the possibility that the tainted ingredients made their way into agricultural animal feeding operations.

Just last month, I ordered all stores within Alabama to stop the sell of Chinese catfish after my labs discovered antibiotics banned by the FDA present in the products.

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Wed Apr 11, 2007 at 04:17 PM PDT

What is Sparksmania?

by Ron Sparks

First of all, I want to thank James L of SwingStateProject and Markos for taking the time and effort to mention me, and also the great many who responded so positively to those posts. It's incredibly heartening to know that so many folks are paying attention to what goes on in Alabama - it's that kind of concern for every state that helped the Democrats take back control of the U.S. Congress last year.

The election in November showed the power the netroots have to deeply affect the way our government works. We have the ability to once again put the voices of common people right out front, just as our founding fathers intended. Ours are the voices of ordinary citizens, voices that are sometimes drowned out by folks with the money to buy influence - and that makes the 2006 Congressional wins all the more impressive.

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