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In early April, the US Postal Service won. They got a Federal Judge to dismiss, without prejudice, Berkeley's lawsuit against the sale of the downtown Berkeley Post Office.

 photo berkeley-post-office-generic_zpsa20d581c.jpg

Funny thing though, nobody in Berkeley thinks the Post Service won, and for Postal Service management it was at best a pyrrhic victory. In order for them to extract that ruling, they had to attest that the 2000 Allston Way building was no longer for sale, and aver that they had rescinded their decision to move services out of the building.

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 photo Void-Freedom of Assembly--2_zps09iwgi5a.jpg

On Thursday, May 21st, 2015, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, in response to window breaking during protests the evening of May 1st, promulgated, secretly, new edicts prohibiting night time street protests.  These were enforced by Oakland Police that night when Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to take to the streets after a #SayHerName rally remembering Black women killed by police terror.

Forced back onto the sidewalk under threat of arrest, Black Lives Matter organizer Cat Brooks spoke out, saying then and there "We Gonna Take Back These MotherFuckin' Streets!"

Inevitably, the call went out sometime on Saturday for a protest in defiance of this new edict for that very same night.  Another protest is already being planned for tonight, Sunday evening, and for Friday, June 5th.

This is how it all came down Saturday night, told below in the tweets and tweetpics from the protest.  It is a long story, and destined to get even longer as the week unfolds.

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 photo hoover-mlk_zpskhjxpob2.jpg

Surveillance of oppressed groups and so-called undesirables has been a tenet of America's heritage. Slave patrols and infiltration made sure the smallest hints of rebellion were brutally repressed. As early as the 1860's, police were spying on labor organizers. J. Edgar Hoover's FBI was compiling dossiers on anyone perceived to be a threat, including the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.

The '80s saw the Drug War used to extend the monitoring of people of color - with massive phone data collection, public cameras, and individual randomized targeting, best known as 'Stop & Frisk.' After 9/11, many such practices extended to Muslim faith communities.

Today, new technologies are allowing police to deploy surveillance on an unprecedented scale. Unsurprisingly, the weight of this is being brought to bear most heavily on minorities and the impoverished.


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Police pull up suddenly on some young black men. One of them runs. A cops gives chase. "Shots fired." One more dead. "I feared for my life."

This is a script that is running on loopback in cities large and small across America. But it's a script that some say might become less popular if there was an unimpeachable witness to the play - video as it happened.

The Oakland Police have had body video cameras for some years now. Three years ago to this day, late into the night of May 5th, 2012, Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso was wearing his camera as he and his partner cruised East Oakland. Spotting 18 year old Alan Blueford and his two companions "walking while black," the script played itself out.

photo vigil-dove-release_zpsc87ardsd.jpg

As officer Masso approached the young men he turned on his body camera. But when Alan took off running and he began a footchase he TURNED IT OFF. Alan ran into the midst of a street party and the event was witnessed by a number of people, but despite the gathering no video was recorded.

Alan Blueford's parents will never know for sure what happened just minutes after midnight. They do know that Alan died then in the street with three bullets to his chest. Witness testimony is conflicted and Masso's testimony - in which he admits to essentially having a PTSD episode before firing his weapon(1) - is riddled with inconsistencies and is contradicted by the evidence. The fact that Miguel Masso took one of the four shots he fired in his own foot further compounds the fog. A camera might have shown what Masso should have seen, rather than what he says he thought he saw.

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Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco chief of staff Dan Bernal meets with our coalition against fast track to accept the petitions.
Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco chief of staff Dan Bernal meets with Daily Kos, CREDO Action, Sum of Us, Electronic Frontier Foundation & Corporate Accountability International
As House Republicans and the White House whip votes to pass fast-track legislation for the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, passage depends on House Democrats—and everyone knows it.

Daily Kos members have been very engaged on pressuring Congress to reject Fast Track, and we have been working with coalition partners like CREDO Action, Public Citizen, Sum of Us, Corporate Accountability International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Food & Water Watch.

Today, I joined a delegation from these groups—all of whom are San Francisco constituents of Nancy Pelosi—to the House minority leader’s office as we delivered 160,000+ signatures against fast track.

“In 2014, Leader Pelosi said no to fast track for the TPP and now she has a chance to be a hero again,” said Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director at CREDO Action. “If Leader Pelosi uses her power and influence to lead Democrats in the House to stop Fast Track, that will mean the end for the TPP.”

President Obama is meeting with 30-odd House members today from the conservative “New Democrat Caucus,” hoping to peel off just enough Democratic votes to pass fast-track. That is why our petition delivery today was so important.

Since Friday, Daily Kos has generated over 1,400 constituent phone calls to House Democrats. If your member of Congress is a Democrat, please call the Capitol Hill switchboard at (202) 224-3121 today or tomorrow and leave the following message with your member’s office:

I am one of your constituents. As a Democrat, I am urging you to stand up for working people and say NO to a secret corporate trade deal that will ship jobs overseas and endanger our environment. Please vote NO on fast-track approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.
House Democrats are under a lot of pressure, so we need to keep enough in line. Please make a quick phone call.
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Christopher Casey of the Consumer's Union runs a de-brief of activists opposed to the Comcast merger after the CPUC hearing on March 12, 2015
Christopher Casey of the Consumer's Union leads a de-brief after activists attended a hearing at the C.P.U.C. to oppose Comcast's merger with TimeWarner.
This morning, I attended the California Public Utilities Commission hearing in San Francisco to oppose Comcast’s merger with TimeWarner. If the merger is approved, Comcast would control every major cable and broadband market in California—serving up to 84 percent of all households.

Daily Kos and other independent websites could not exist without a diverse and decentralized media, and it’s a threat that we take seriously. Which is why we joined the Consumer’s Union, Courage Campaign, Media Alliance and others today to oppose the merger–and have collected over 22,000 signatures from Daily Kos members in California.

The C.P.U.C. has a long history of being cozy with the industries it regulates, with its former President possibly facing criminal charges—and its public hearing process is less open than other bodies I have spoken to in my career.

That’s why today’s hearing was so important to get our voices heard.

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Reposted from Pgonzalez by Paul Hogarth Editor's Note: Last week, we delivered a Daily Kos petition to the Federal Reserve office in San Francisco to oppose this bank merger. They have responded by saying they will hold hearings, which is a big coup. -- Paul Hogarth
Last Monday, a delegation of community advocates traveled to the Federal Reserve to deliver 15,000 Daily Kos petitions along with a letter from 51 state and national organizations addressed to the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The letter and petitions built on months of opposition to a proposed, controversial bank merger that would combine two banks with troubled histories to create a “Systemically Important Financial Institution, aka a Too Big To Fail Bank.  

Four days later, the Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced that they would hold a public hearing on this merger in Los Angeles on February 26, 2015.

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Susan Bonilla photo Susan Bonilla large_zpssy8w5lux.jpg

A special election on May 19 will determine whether Susan Bonilla or Steve Glazer gets to be a California Senator representing the 7th Senate district.  Susan came 2nd in the March 17th primary.  

Glazer received 38,411 in the primary while Bonilla got 28,389, about 10,000 votes less.  However,  the next candidate was Joan Buchanan who received 25,534 and she endorsed Bonilla.

True, the Republican in the race came 4th and received 18,281 and endorsed Glazer (another red light when a Republican endorses a Democrat) before withdrawing from the race 1 month before the March primary.  So many of the votes Glazer received were probably Republicans.  Republicans that voted for Michaela Hertle even after she withdrew will probably not participate in the special election.  So it will be close and we can make a difference.

“I am endorsing Steve Glazer for California State Senate District 7.  Mr. Glazer has proven that he can work with Republicans and Democrats alike to find common sense solutions to our state’s needs”, said Hertle.  “He is not beholden to labor or other special interests, as seen by his opposition to BART strikes.”
The choice in ths special election in DailyKos' backyard is clear, Susan Bonilla, a great Democrat or Steve Galzer a blue dog.
7th CA senate district photo 7th district_zpsjjj7grw3.jpg

I'm far from the district but as a Single Payer activist I will do what I can to support Susan.  She is all for Single Payer, Glazer is not.  And we need Single Payer supporters in Sacramento so that what happened in 2012 doesn't happen again and so we can get to Single Payer however convoluted the road map has become in the era of Obamacare.

Untitled photo Untitled-2.jpg

As a matter of fact, the recently launched Single Payer PAC has picked Susan as the first candidate to support.  You can donate to her campaign via PayPal on the PAC page or donate to her campaign directly via ActBlue on her website.

Single Payer PAC Susan Bonilla photo Single Payer PAC_zpsehno0eil.jpg

Another red light, SF Gate seems to endorse Glazer;

Steve Glazer: A moderate Democrat, actually;

It’s true Glazer has business support. But that’s because private enterprise needs Democrats who are, as California Chamber of Commerce Veep Marty Wilson put it, “reform-minded” and “will stand up to the unions.” The chambers’ JOBSPac has spent more than $180,000 to help elect Glazer, a Democrat who helped push through a big tax increase, because the chamber is desperate to elect Democrats willing to buck the left’s entrenched interests.
 And those progressives in the  Chamber of Commers obviously love Glazer even if he is a Dem.

If you still have doubts, compare the endorsements of  Bonilla vs. Glazer. Interestingly, Governor Jerry Brown has not endorsed Glazer even though he is one of his top advisors;

Glazer is known as Jerry Brown's leading political strategist.
A yellow light at least IMO.

And this from Calbuzz;

Op-Ed: Why Unions Back Bonilla Over Glazer

Bipartisan Bonilla: Experience is one reason labor backs Bonilla. A former high school English teacher, she has built a reputation in the Capitol as a workhorse who tackles tough issues. Susan has teamed up with Gov. Jerry Brown on a landmark restructuring of the state’s local education funding formula, and won bipartisan praise for her handling of the “Uber” bill last year as chair of the Assembly’s Business and Professions Committee.
On income inequality, Glazer has refused to support an increase in the minimum wage, a bread-and-butter Democratic issue supported by Bonilla, not to mention President Obama and Gov. Brown.

When Glazer was asked about the minimum wage at a candidate forum last year, he replied that, “Most of these jobs are being provided by small business people in our communities. I think you should talk to them. I think they’ll tell you things aren’t so grand,” hardly what we expect from someone running as a Democrat anywhere, especially in one of the wealthier enclaves of California.

Glazer also has angered environmentalists by suggesting that he’d push for unspecified major changes in the state’s landmark California Environmental Quality Act (better known as CEQA). By contrast, Bonilla, scored 81 percent on the California League of Conservation Voters scorecard.

Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown and Dianne Feinstein are all moderate Democrats. But none has crossed labor like Steve Glazer. He is pushing policies that damage the middle class and reflect the California Chamber of Commerce‘s agenda. His victory would signal that there is not much difference between Democrats and Republicans on economic issues. That is precisely what corporate interests want in California.
So if you want a better Democrat in Sacramento and if you are a supporter of Single Payer, please get involved or at least donate.

Sat May 02, 2015 at 05:11 PM PDT

R.I.P. A Garden Grew in Oakland Today.

by jpmassar

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Oscar Grant Plaza filled Saturday afternoon with a couple hundred people come to the first #BlackSpring event in Oakland. The organizers came up with a great idea, an its already spread across the twitterverse.

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A simple tweetpic essay.

Putting the final touches on chalk art at Oscar Grant Plaza before the march arrives. The March in Solidarity Against Police Terror, called by ILWU Local 10 and community organizations united against murder by police, left the Port of Oakland as scheduled at 10:00 AM and arrived at Oscar Grant Plaza outside of City Hall in downtown Oakland at 11:30 AM.

The pre-march rally at the Port of Oakland. Mollie Costello, of the Alan Blueford Center for Justice, revs up a crowd that reached nearly one thousand people.

Out of the Port, into West Oakland.

The post-march rally at Oscar Grant Plaza. I'm in there! One of more than a thousand.

More tweetpics and tweetvideos below.

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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups regularly socialize but also get out the vote, support candidates and engage in other local political actions that help our progressive movement grow and exert influence on the powers-that-be. Visit us at Daily Kos every morning at 7:30 A.M. Pacific Time to see how you can get involved. The comment thread is fun and light-hearted, but we're serious about moving the progressive political agenda forward.

The orange pinpoints are the location of each organized group of Daily Kos readers.
If you'd like to join a group, click on a point and a box will pop up showing contact links.
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Have You Ever Been Helped by a Self-Help Book?

Stop Having Problems self help book I'm still touched by the optimism (if not the occasional outright chicanery) of the self-help and pop psychology movements of the 1970's. Remember Transactional Analysis? Remember when you discovered your inner child needed braces? Did you ever experience the euphoria that accompanied the first chapter of a new book that so clearly identified your basic problem-- and promised to solve it in a few easy chapters? The advice may have been facile or questionable, but it was a way for a bookish young adult lacking in mentors to figure out the mystery of other people.

Self-help books (especially the juicy ones about sex) gave me something I was otherwise lacking-- adult advice, encouragement, and strategies for navigating a confusing world. One (now dated) book in particular helped me through a trying time when I was in my 2i0's. Called Stress and the American Woman it explained how stress physically affects women and outlined the body-mind connection in a way that made complete sense to me. Best of all it was practical and offered an array of techniques including progressive relaxation, self-hypnosis and meditation for calming an overactive sympathetic nervous system. I still use all three. My best coping skills at that age (sadly) all came from a book. It seems to me stress relief techniques and basic cognitive therapy principles should be available to all young adults.

Here's a few titles I could easily bring to mind from that time of life. How many do you recall?

I'm Ok You're OK
The Peter Pan Syndrome
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Inner Child
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
How to Be Your Own Best Friend
Open Marriage
The Joy of Sex
What Color is Your Parachute
Games People Play

I'm still a sucker for advice. Not that I want to take it, but I'm curious as to what people have to offer, which lead me to the thoroughly charming Life Lessons by a 90 year old, featuring my favorite piece of perspective:

# 40:
If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s,
we’d grab ours back.

Which basically really does sum it up.

Carlin self help

How about you? Where has your favorite source of written life advice come from?

Latest Updates on Regional Meet-Up News Can Be Found Below the Orange Group Hug.
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It wasn't the Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day. Or even the Eleventh Month. It was, though, the 14th Day of Fourth Month of the Fourth Year in the War to Save the Berkeley Post Office and Fight Postal Privatization.

On that day, April 14th, 2015, Federal District Court Judge William Alsup proclaimed a stalemate. He declared that the lawsuit, City of Berkeley v United States Postal Service, which sought to enjoin the Postal Service from selling the Post Office building at 2000 Allston Way, was moot - for lack of there being a buyer. (The prospective buyer, a local developer, had backed out from the purchase in December, 2014.)

But in conjunction with declaring the sale moot, he forced the Postal Service to admit that they were rescinding their decision to relocate Postal Services elsewhere, out of the building. More importantly, he made it clear that should the Postal Service attempt to sell the building at any point in the next five years they must provide 42 days notice and, should the City of Berkeley refile the suit at that point, the case would end up back in court before him.

Two days later, eight god-warrior enemies of privatization sat on the (still public!) steps of the Post Office, relieved yet still wary.

 photo peeps-after-dismissal-4-16-15_zpsgujuwfsx.jpg

From left to right, back to front: Thor, Ares, Indra, Pakhet, Athena, Ku, Kali, Tumatauenga.
(appearing in mortal guise all)

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