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In what has turned into what will be one of Canada's most historic elections in recent memory, The New Democratic Party of Canada is poised to become the next government of Canada.

Whether it is a minority government or a coalition government formed with the Liberal party of Canada, it appears Jack Layton is beating all odds at possibly  becoming the first Prime Minister from a party who has never even become the official opposition in parliament.

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In a shocking development revolving around the last weekend's G20 summit in Toronto, Police Chief Bill Blair has now confessed that a temporary but controversial law (that many say is against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) was a big fat LIE.

From the Toronto Star:

Toronto’s police chief has admitted there never was a five-metre rule allowing police to search and demand identification from members of the public who strayed too close to the G20 security perimeter.

This has now opened up new calls for the resignation of the Police Chief.

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This whole "looking forward" meme is one that I hold with contempt.  It should be obvious to anyone mature enough to realize (without any pretense) that one cannot truly "look forward" without reconciling the past.  It is a sham, otherwise.  That is, the past will inevitably haunt you in more ways than you can even fathom.  Great Shakespearean plays have been written about this, for goodness sakes!  Have we not learned anything in the span of a few hundred years?!

Anyhow, I want to put a 'face' to this "looking forward" meme.  I want my fellow Kossaks that peddle this snake-oil to try to personalize this war crime a bit more.  I don't know, maybe that will help them "see the light".  Who knows?  It's worth a try.

I wrote a recommended diary here a few years ago when extraodinary rendition by the Bush administration was first being discovered.  I now present this diary once again.  It is a story about an innocent fellow Canadian that fell victim to these war crimes...


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International war crimes -- including an illegal invasion of aggression and occupation, 100's of thousands of dead civilians, the use of illegal weapons, torture, criminal neglect of his own people while they drown in a man-made disaster that was due to more neglect, the outing of his own intelligence agent (placing many of her American colleagues at grave risk), spying on his own citizens and lying about it repeatedly, joking about not finding WMDs a year after starting a invasion of aggression, calling the massacre in Iraq a "comma" in history, supporting 2 illegal wars and multiple war crimes committed by Israel...

and the new President-elect has this to say about the man behind these actions...

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"So what if the guy threw a shoe at me?!"

- George W. Bush  December 14, 2008

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We now have a Prime Minister that is destroying the democratic fabric of Canada for his own political gain.  It's disgusting.  It's horrifying.  Just when you thought the Canadian political mechanisms were fail-safe to protect this country from a government similar to the Bush administration, the most power-hungry PM that I have ever seen in my lifetime goes and does this...

Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean has granted a request from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to suspend Parliament until late next month, a move that avoids a confidence vote set for Monday that could have toppled his minority government.

How convenient!

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Christmas has come early in Canada, folks!

The CBC is now reporting that an official agreement has now been made between the Liberal party and New Democratic Party to form a coalition and topple the current conservative minority government a week from Monday in a vote of confidence with respect to the conservative national economic plan.

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Now that an Obama administration is, thankfully, a reality -- the world is now trying to get an early jump on trying to influence policy.  The other day, a China foreign ministry spokesman issued a message about Taiwan (a country close to my heart, since my wife is Taiwanese and I lived there for 5+ years.

In the message directed to the Obama team they

...urged America's new president-elect, Barack Obama, to oppose independence for [already de-facto independent] Taiwan.

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Ok, I'm biased, but I finished watching the U.S. VP debate and I thought to myself -- I might as well be watching stump speeches.  There was little (if any) direct interaction between the TWO candidates.  There was also a limited amount of questions on a limited amount of topics posed by the moderator.

Well, how would you like to see a debate amongst FIVE -- yes -- FIVE leadership candidates for the position of Prime Minister?  It can't be done, you say?  It will lead to mass chaos, you think?  Nothing of great substance will be discussed in such a format?

Think again.

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This time, Wolf Bleetzar cuts McCain down to size over Sarah Palin's eBay plane story.  First, here's Rep. Michelle Bachman pimping the fantasy that is a lie (please ignore the "Bridge to Nowhere" lie for the moment)...

The lie is exposed below...

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FRIENDS, In the last couple of days I have brought you these two photo diaries...

RNC Images That Make You Go...'Hmmm' - Part 1
This is What "Hate" Looks Like -- RNC Pics part 2

This is the last in the trilogy.  Because of the importance of this final diary in the series, I have spent extra time sifting through the photos, carefully balancing the emotion of one image against the impact of another.  I took the challenge of presenting a visual diary that would not exaggerate any one issue being delivered by the many speeches during these past 4 days. Hopefully, I have not left out anything.

Without further ado, I now present to you the most comprehensive RNC photo diary ever posted at Daily Kos...

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One of the startling things, for me, about tonight's event at the RNC was how negative it was.  It was bursting with nasty sarcasm, and viscious punches left and right with speeches from Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani.  Sarah Palin's speech was a bit different in the sense that it was more of a "folksy" subtle sort of hate.  But that negative energy was definitely oozing out of her pores.

With this diary, I am following up on my previous photo diary which people wanted me to repost today, but you can see it HERE (RNC Images That Make You Go...'Hmmm' - Part 1).  Yesterday, I laughed at the pathetic nature of the Republicans wrapping themselves up in patriotism -- almost smothering beneath the huge video flag onstage.  Today, I found it...well...creepy.

So here are simply pics that I found (without commentary) that, for me, best describes the vibes I got from Wednesday's RNC.

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