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Dear Representative Barca,
I am writing to ask that you run for Governor of Wisconsin. You have heard the same plea from individuals posting it on your Facebook page, to the hundreds who signed petitions asking you to run, to the thousands of people chanting “Run Peter Run” at rallies. I thought I would press my case with a photo/video letter.

There are several candidates who have already declared for this race and other candidates who may be waiting in the wings to declare, but I am positive that you are the only person who can defeat Scott Walker in this election. Your Wisconsin roots and your loyalty to Wisconsin are sure to please one and all. Your unique combination State and Federal experience is unmatched by the other candidates. Yet what sets you ahead of all of the other candidates is your visibility in the past year and your consistent clarion call for clean, open government.

In a year of secret pledges, secret meetings, secret phone calls, secret emails, and a super secret John Doe investigation, Wisconsinites are eager for a clean fresh start with a new squeaky clean candidate with no hidden agendas and no old baggage to hold them back.

Mr. Barca, please listen to the people of Wisconsin and run for the Governor of Wisconsin.

Yours Sincerely,
SH Crane

During this interminable year in Fitzwalkerstan you have made hundreds of speeches.


"GOP doesn't care about unemployed people”- Peter Barca, 7.20.11

You have made speeches on the Assembly Floor.

Rep. Barca speaks at Equal Pay, Equal Rights rally 2/22/12

You have made speeches at small rallies.

You have made speeches at medium sized rallies, outside...

Peter Barca at a rally held at the Barrymore Theater.

...and inside.

You have made speeches at the largest rallies in Wisconsin history!

WI Assembly Republicans attempt to force vote without Democrats present (note empty seats). Watch Rep. Barca's reaction. 2/18/11

Thousands of hours of WisconsinEye Video show you fighting for the people of Wisconsin...

Peter Barca on AB142 Enrollment Requirements for Talent Incentive Grants 11/1/11

... over....

376 Amendments proposed by Democrats and only 1 passed. Peter Barca 9/13/11

...and over again.

You’ve been focused on your work in the Assembly...

...and meeting with your constituents...

Peter Barca Defends Office Hours On Lawn

...(No matter what or who got in the way!).

You don’t realize that you have become a symbol of this movement... the Heart Balloon...

... the Badger...

...the rally...

...and the protest sign.

Mr. Barca, You symbolize Wisconsin's way FORWARD.
You symbolize the Wisconsin Government we want to have.
You symbolize the Wisconsin Governor we want to have.
Clean, Open, Honest Government
Clean, Open, Honest Governor

Mr. Barca, Fighting Bob LaFollette spoke truth to power in 1924: 

"Mere passive citizenship is not enough, men must be aggressive for what is right if government is to be saved from those who are aggressive for what is wrong.”

The time for consideration is over. Now is the time to be aggressive. Now is time for you to follow in Fighting Bob’s footsteps and run for Governor of Wisconsin.

Mr. Barca, please run! With you as our Governor, Wisconsin will rise again!

If you are interested in contacting Peter Barca to urge him to run, you can send him an e-mail:

Scott Walker may not realize it, but his war on the people of Wisconsin has given me many great gifts. These great gifts are all of the amazing people I have met since February 15, 2011, the first day I protested at the Capitol. Hmmm, amazing isn't strong enough. Let's try it again: These great gifts are all of the amazing, resourceful, brilliant, artistic, hardworking, resolute, loving and funny people I met since February 15, 2011, the first day I protested at the Capitol. As a Twitter addict, I still refer to these people, my people, by the most common hashtag used during the Capitol protests: #wiunion.

Like many in #wiunion, I first meet Steven P. Senski via his funny and insightful tweets. When I finally met Steven in real life, I realized that I had met a true Renaissance man: actor, author, movie critic, gifted musician, historian and so much more! I haven't seen Steve in a long time nor had much time for Twitter as I have been busy in the Walker Recall. Recently I found some time to catch up on Facebook and discovered that Steve had written a #wiunion poem, "Twas the Night Before Recall, or A Visit From a Fighting Spirit" in tweets. Steve's poem is just too good not to share with you so I include it below.

Please follow me over the jump to read "Twas the Night Before Recall, or A Visit From a Fighting Spirit" By Steven P. Senski

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You loved Democracy when we filled the Capitol

You loved Democracy when we filled the streets in the dead of winter

But, do you love Democracy in Summer?

This IS What Democracy Looks Like!

Follow me over the jump! I will introduce you to one of the most ardent Democracy Addicts in Wisconsin, @BattiestGrrl and then present you with The @BattiestGrrl GOTV Pledge Challenge!


I will volunteer for GOTV for the recall election

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41%10 votes
12%3 votes
4%1 votes
33%8 votes
4%1 votes
4%1 votes
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I have been participating in the Battle For Wisconsin since early February. Living in rural Wisconsin, I started using Twitter to exchange news with others across Wisconsin and the country. In the last 6 months I have made many amazing friends in The Twitterverse. I am using this diary to spread a Twitter donation challenge made by my friend, @Spudlovr, to my fellow Kossacks.  @Spudlovr is too new on DailyKos to post a diary, so I am posting it for her.

Follow us over the jump! @Spudlovr will introduce you to one of the most ardent Democracy Addicts in Wisconsin, @BattiestGrrl and then present you with The @BattiestGrrl Door Knocker Challenge!

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I have been attending at a fundraising event and just came home to discover that the Republicans on the Wisconsin State Joint Finance Committee are inserting the Collective Bargaining Changes into Budget. This is being discussed right now at 12:31am Central and you can watch it from your computer at

This is from Peter Barca's Facebook page (Peter Barca is the Minority Leader of WI State Assembly)

If you tune into you can watch the proceedings of Jt. Finance and see them in what appears to be an attempt to actually make the collective bargaining changes even more restrictive than what the Governor originally proposed. Of course they waited until nearly midnight to take this up!

Go to and see this live right now. I will add updates after the jump.

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This isn't a diary, but I'm leaving to go to the Rally @ the Capitol in Madison.
There is a Free event on Saturday night 3/12/11 in Madison, WI that I want you to attend.

Speak-Out for Worker's Rights! at the Barrymore Theater @ 7pm 3/12/11

Speakers include
Rep. Tammy Baldwin

(more after the flip)


Are you coming to the Pro-Union Tractor Rally in Madison 3/12/11

57%23 votes
30%12 votes
2%1 votes
10%4 votes
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Wisconsin needs your help! Tell the TV networks that you expect them to cover the Wisconsin Capitol protests on a consistent basis!

On Saturday 2/26/11 over 100,000 people protested Gov. Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill at the Wisconsin State capitol and another 50,000+ protested around the country, but the national media devoted little, if any, time to discussing these huge protests. I have read many blog stories and comments referring to this lack of TV coverage as a media "black-out".

The presence of so many protesters is monumental, but it is wasted if no one hears about the protests and they don't learn what is included in the Budget Repair bill. The public must learn more about the specifics of this bill because we need to a have them pressure their Republican State Senators to not support this bill. Consistent, up-to-date coverage of the protests and the bill by the TV networks is essential to furthering this cause.

 Governor Scott Walker's budget address is tonight and it is expected that he will propose huge cuts to social services, education and assistance to local governments. Wisconsin protests will certainly continue, but will anyone know about it?

Follow me over the jump to find out what you can do.



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5%2 votes
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2%1 votes
72%27 votes
8%3 votes

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The Wisconsin Assembly House Speaker Pro Tempore allowed Democratic Assembly member Hebl to finish speaking and quickly called for a voice vote on the "Budget Repair" bill at 1:07am CT on 2/25/11 even though there were 15 Democratic Assembly members still waiting to speak. The Republicans had quietly gathered, but not all of the Democratic Assembly members were aware of what was happening. Not everyone present was able to vote.

The vote was 51 Yea to 17 Nay with 28 Not Voting

The vote was taken to chants of "Shame, Shame" coming from the Democratic Assembly members and the audience in the gallery. The Republican Assembly members quickly left the room and are escorted from the building by police.

Democratic Assembly members are going to caucus while the Protesters cheer "Thank you, Thank you."

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IT is almost here.
I've waited a year for IT and now I can hardly hold still.
A dark year of being surrounded by conservatives at work, on the radio, on TV.
I'm ready for my day in the sun among my fellow Progressives!

Time to Fan the Flames of My Progressive Spirit !

YES, Fighting Bob Fest is next week !

Who is Fighting Bob?

What is Fighting Bob Fest?

Why do thousands flock to Baraboo the 2nd weekend in September?

Follow me after the jump to learn the answers...


Did you already know about Fighting Bob Fest?

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55%19 votes
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Every fall a new flock of yearling Whooping cranes is escorted south by a small lightweight aircraft operated by the nonprofit Operation Migration. Bad weather has delayed this year's "assisted" Whooping Crane migration and the birds have only traveled 239 miles of the 1,285 mile trip. More devastating than the weather, is the fact that Operation Migration's aircraft hanger was recently burglarized and the equipment that was too big to steal was vandalized beyond repair.    

Please follow me after the jump to learn more about this stunning loss.


What is your favorite crane ?

34%38 votes
10%12 votes
41%46 votes
5%6 votes
1%2 votes
6%7 votes

| 111 votes | Vote | Results

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