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another_pupmillThere's a lot of talk about conservatives being the "true" majority in the US, and representing the wishes of "real" Americans. Please contain your surprise as I give you further proof that it's all a lie...

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Throughout the depths of the recession, there was much to be  said about the disproportionate effect on men'€™s employment. Women, typically lower paid, and in fields not as hard hit as male-dominated fields like manufacturing and construction, were doing pretty well in comparison. (If  "doing pretty well" is defined as simply having a job.)

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Mon Sep 27, 2010 at 12:19 PM PDT

John McCain Takes A Beating

by Sandi Behrns

The 2010 Arizona Senatorial debate was held last night in Phoenix. It lasted all of 60 minutes (with four participants) and it will be the only debate at which Sen. John McCain will deign to appear. 60 minutes for a 6-year term? Easy peasy.

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Woo hoo! Health Care Reform has finally been accomplished. President Obama will sign in the next few days, and it will be the law of the land. Hallelujah! There is still the matter of getting the Senate to pass the Reconciliation bill, but the heaviest lifting is done. Huge thank-yous go out to Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, James Clyburn, Harry Reid, 218 House Democrats (even that rat-bastard Bart Stupak pulled out a little hero work tonight) and certainly our President.

Still, that 218 number, while more than adequate for the job, irks me. I like that the Democratic party has room for varying viewpoints. I like that the Democrats don't have the party discipline of the GOP. Really! (As difficult as that makes many things sometimes.) But. This legislation is the defining effort of this administration and of the party. If you cannot support the single largest push in your party's recent history; cannot be a part of this legacy: why are you a Democrat? Beyond party loyalty, Health Care Reform is a moral imperative. Those that chose to vote against it are on the wrong side of history (excuse the cliché.) I simply do not want those people in my party. Sorry.

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Alright, I've had it. The problem with these here intertubes is that any ole ill-informed oaf with an opinion can publish. That in and of itself wouldn't be such a problem if there weren't so many other ill-informed oafs chomping at the bit to believe it, forward it, copy it on their own blogs, re-tweet it on Twitter, post it to Facebook, or toss it into the maelstrom of right wing forums. The collective effort pushes the stupid and degrades the quality of political debate in this country. An alarming amount of the time, you can't debate someone with an opposing viewpoint without first educating them. Drives me nuts!

So what's got me so frustrated this time? A profound misunderstanding of the Constitution and what it says about the rules and nature of the House and Senate. For some time now, there has been discussion of the filibuster, both in terms of efforts to reform it and efforts, like reconciliation, to avoid it.  A commonly held misconception these days is that the filibuster is delineated in the Constitution. (Why do I have to say this?) Not true.  

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