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Please put this guy somewhere on the prime-time lineup. He's smart, he's telegenic and he's not afraid to go there. He has all the ingredients for successful punditry... that X factor that creates superstars in prime-time.  

I pretty much stopped watching MSNBC after Keith Olbermann left (along with thousands of viewers as indicated by the ratings). I still haven't found anyone on the network who has the gravitas/headline making/ratings potential that Keith did. Roberts has some promise...  


Thu Oct 10, 2013 at 05:20 PM PDT

Memory Gem for Destroyed GOP

by Scandalous One

In light of the GOP's well deserved cataclysmic poll numbers, I came up with a new memory gem based on one of my favorite quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

The lows that Republicans reached and kept were not attained in sudden flight but, they while the Democrats toiled and sweat, they were digging their own graves through the night.
Please repeat this to anyone who asks why Republicans are so unpopular.  

Did anyone just see the news conference with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and future House Speaker Nancy Pelosi following the White House meeting with Congressional leaders today? I have never seen more fire coming from our Democratic leaders. This is the Democratic Party we've been waiting for. The base has got to be strong, strong, strong in support of our new firm, united, unmovable Democratic Party.


There is something called the law of unintended consequences. Republicans really shot themselves in the foot with their shutdown stunt. Not only were they unable to stop the official roll-out of ObamaCare, it seems the Republican Shutdown may have boosted the implementation of the law in unexpected ways.

Follow me over the jump as I explain my thesis on Republican stupidity...

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In all the dramatic talk about minting Platinum coins or invoking the 14th Amendment if House Republicans make good on their threat to sabotage America by not raising the debt ceiling, how come no one thought of this:

... there is a plausible course of action, one that the president should publicly adopt in the coming weeks as his contingency plan should debt-ceiling negotiations falter. He should threaten to issue scrip - "œregistered warrants" -” to existing claims holders (other than those who own actual government debt) in lieu of money. Recipients of these I.O.U.'™s could include federal employees, defense contractors, Medicare service providers, Social Security recipients and others.
More on this ingenious, non-dramatic, totally workable solution below the jump::

Would issuing I.O.U.'s be a practical solution to the debt ceiling standoff?

38%23 votes
30%18 votes
1%1 votes
28%17 votes

| 59 votes | Vote | Results

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While I am encouraged by the President's latest poll numbers, I simply can't breath a sigh of relief until this thing is over. This is the first Presidential election to happen post Citizens United, and as expected Republicans are using the unfair money advantage handed to them by the SCOTUS to swamp the airwaves in a number of states with ads in a last ditch attempt to rescue a fledging Romney campaign in the final days leading up to the election. This from politico:

The conservative American Future Fund is pouring over $5 million into television and radio ads in the battleground states over the next six days, including significant investments in Pennsylvania and Michigan TV, AFF strategists tell me.
More on this over the jump::
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This is no ordinary "Souls to the Polls" GOTV effort. Here is what Reuters had to say:

This weekend's voting drive carries special importance as it is the only Sunday included in the state's truncated early voting period - which begins on Saturday - after it was cut this year from 14 to eight days.

... That - along with the opportunity to re-elect Obama, who many in the black community feel would not have been so stonewalled by Republicans in Congress if he were white - is what Thompson is counting on in his push for early voting.

More on this Reuters article over yonder::
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From Politico:

Forget the public national polls showing Mitt Romney pulling even with Barack Obama among women, according to senior Obama advisers steeped in internal data: Obama enjoys a “strong, double-digit” lead among female voters in battleground states like Ohio.The same holds true in Pennsylvania, where the president remains on “solid” ground, despite several public polls showing a tightening race, according to senior campaign officials.

They also say their secret weapon in Wisconsin — a key to Obama’s Midwest-heavy electoral path — is the state’s same-day registration law, with new voters breaking to Obama by a predicted 2-to-1 margin.

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From The Morning Plum at The Washington Post::

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told a rally in northern Ohio on Thursday night that Chrysler was considering moving production of its Jeep vehicles to China, apparently reacting to incorrect reports circulating online.
More on this developing story over the horizon::
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From Politico:

He just traveled to six states across four time zones in two days. Now, President Obama will hit seven more battleground states. On TV.

The president will sit for 10 interviews on Friday at the White House -- seven with local stations, one with MTV, one with a black radio network and one with radio host Michael Smerconish of Philadelphia.

More from Politico over the jump::
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The left still lacks a reliable voice in the mainstream media. While MSNBC no doubt has progressive pundits in its prime-time lineup, I wouldn't necessarily classify them as a reliably liberal network as Fox News is reliably conservative. Fox News is a mouthpiece for the GOP which is structured to propagate Republican propaganda at every level of its organization. It is owned by a neo-con who is vociferous about his support for the GOP. Compared to Fox News, MSNBC comes across as centrist.

More on my analysis over the jump::

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Link to the most clever web ad of all time:

Some exciting preliminary stats on the ad over the jump::

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