The New Standard, an independent news site which concentrates on fact-checking and accuracy in its reporting, is still getting off the ground and is in great need of financial support. They're a serious outfit doing the type of news that many of us at DailyKos consider is important, while still setting a standard for reporting that all news sites should aspire to. And they do this without accepting any form of advertising, and the conflict of interests that would involve.

Please consider donating or subscribing here.

I've been a fan of The New Standard since it began running reports from the ground in Iraq from the excellent correspondent, Dahr Jamail, at a time when virtually all journalists were embedded within the military or otherwise confined to safe areas. I also enjoy their coverage of worker rights issues and the environment.

Check out their current articles:

The New Standard -

For those of us who hope for a world with more reputable, independent media organizations, this looks to be one of the best sites to root for.