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Mon Feb 10, 2014 at 02:14 PM PST

Gotta Love Medical Bureaucracies

by SirFozzie

And by love, I mean absolutely loathe.

I suffer from Sleep Apnea.. where my breathing stops during sleep due to closed nasal passages. This causes the body to shift and attempt to shock itself into wakening to get oxygen into the system. This means I don't get good sleep, as the body is constantly fighting to get into the deeper stages of sleep

In my case, when I did an in home sleep study, it was determined I stopped breathing 12-72 times an hour, and had 85% oxygen in the system.

So, I got a CPAP machine, and I'm going to live happily (and sleepily) ever after right?

Nope. And the medical bureaucracies are to blame. See more after the orange squiggle.

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Look, if you were up tonight around 1:00 am eastern tonight, you saw what happened in the Texas State Senate. There is no way in Hell that this is NOT going to a lengthy court battle. But just as important as the result of this battle is what it means for the future.

What future?

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And it boggles the mind.

Every call made by every American that uses Verizon technology.

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Look at this CNN Money article on the deficit. The deficit is down 32% on the year, but that is because Revenues are up 16%, with outlays only being down 1.9%.

What does this mean?

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Apparently the firebrands in the House GOP have decided that they're tired of taking a hostage they can't shoot, and are pinky swearing with each other that they'd rather let the economy crater than give in to the President (and the demands of sanity).

So, what does this mean?


What should be Obama's counter offer?

39%25 votes
6%4 votes
9%6 votes
12%8 votes
21%14 votes
10%7 votes

| 64 votes | Vote | Results

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How bad has the Republican House caucus gotten? They can't even pass their show pony bills to show the country how they can be "bipartisan" too.

No matter how many sops (moving the military cuts to "other agencies") they throw in there.

No matter how hard they push it. They went so far as to have "Saint Grover' giving Plan B his blessing. They had the Speaker of the House threatening to pull plum committee placements. They couldn't get it done. The Republican Emperor, as the parable goes, has been proven to have no clothes.

Now it's time to play hardball. How?

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Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 10:18 PM PST

Stay the Course..

by SirFozzie

The pundit class is chattering..

Well, they always do, but they're particularly breathless right now.."

"Senator X says we're going over the fiscal cliff!"

"House Member Y says he'd rather stick his whole hand into a sausage grinder then raise taxes."

Here's the thing.. we just need to make sure that we stay the course, and keep the focused message. The message? It's below that orange squiggly thing.

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