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Pick-up Trucks With Frickin' Marshall Amps!
Skinny Dog Speaks

Lots of chatter lately about how it's time the president got tough.

It was time to get tough back in August of 2009 when the Bircherbaggers were building their mojo. Instead, Obama was summering on Martha's Vineyard, or wherever the hell he went off to.

His toughness or lack thereof has been an issue for almost two years now. There's even a theory about how maybe rope-a-dope is just the way he rolls.


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Mon Feb 22, 2010 at 08:47 PM PST


by Skinny Dog

It finally dawned on me what the right’s uber-theory is, their subtext in today’s raucous tug-of-war for the heart and soul of the country. It's straight outa Ayn Rand, with a paranoid tweak from the Bircher-Bagger crowd, and probably best summed up as Individualism vs. Collectivism.

The righties have convinced themselves that the liberal agenda is the creation of a Collectivist state. That’s the queen bee in the bonnet of those little old ladies in tennis shoes channeling Glenn Beck. It’s what underlies all the snarkiness of Hannity and Limbaugh and O’Reilly; it’s behind all the town hall shout-downs and the name-calling; it’s become the very undercurrent of our coarse national discourse - the thesis/antithesis of Individualism vs. Collectivism.

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