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CNN reports that McCain is giving up on the western states of CO and NM, but is still pouring money and resources into Pennsylvania, a state in which he's down by 10 points in the polls.  

Why is McCain going on all on PA while giving up on CO and New Mexico?  The answer: because CO and NM have large Latino populations, while PA has only a small black population and a large white Appalachian population.  

Why does that matter?

Because the McCain camp's last ditch attempt to win the election will be based on his hope that white racism will move PA democratic white voters away from Obama to McCain.   Meaning, he's going to pull out the Reverend Wright card, Ayers card, terrorist card, muslim card, socialist card, bitter and clinging to religion & guns card, etc. in PA to turn white working class voters against Obama.  

We know it's coming, can we do anything to try to stop it or undermine it's pernicious effects?  More below.

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I was watching the repeat of CNN's interview of Hillary Clinton.  Wolf was asking her the usual questions about what she thought about the debate, then, towards the end, Wolf asked her if she'd be interested in being in Obama's cabinet.  

Her answer?  No, because she wants to stay in the senate, and that it will be important for President Obama to have as many democratic senators as possible.  

She then made one more casual reference to President Obama before ending the interview.  

My reaction - WOW.  

Click here for the video of Hillary Clinton's interview.

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Fri Sep 26, 2008 at 01:51 AM PDT

Describing John McCain

by Sor Reo

When thinking of John McCain and his atrocious campaign, what words come to mind?  I ask this question, because in another diary, someone quoted Andrew Sullivan's description of McCain as a "despicable, lying utterly cynical politician."

I liked that description, but I thought Sullivan failed to fully capture the failure that John McCain has been on the campaign trail.  

So, I want to ask all of you - what words would you use to describe McCain and his despicable, lying utterly cynical character and campaign?

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Andrew Sullivan is reporting this on his blog.  Apparently, the effigy was found on Tuesday on the campus of George Fox University in Oregon.  The President then addressed the students about it this morning.  

Obama effigy found on Oregon Quaker college campus

According to the Oregonian:

A campus custodial crew discovered the cutout of the Democratic presidential nominee about 7 a.m. Tuesday. Crew member Katlyn Search, 21, a George Fox senior from Battle Ground, Wash., said the cutout was hung by fishing line from a tree near Minthorn Hall. She, another student on the crew and their supervisor took down the cutout and reported the incident to the administration. Search said Obama cutouts can be purchased at a local supermarket.

More below.  

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I just caught this while watching Hannity and Colmes discuss Sarah Palin with Christine Pelosi.  Hannity asks Pelosi if she thinks it would be a step forward for women if Palin is elected VP.  Pelosi answers the question, then Hannity repeats his question, but this time, he asks if woman would be taking a step forward if she became President Palin.  

Check out the video, starting from around the 2:00 minute mark.  The statement comes around the 2:30 mark.  

Hannity and Christine Pelosi discussing Palin

More below.  

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I just can't seem to place my finger on the movie it seems to remind me of.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  

I think of movies like "Wag the Dog," but wasn't that a movie about politicians who fake a war?  In this case, we have fake politicians pretending to be presidential candidates when they really are not.  

So, then, the McCain campaign is reminiscent of movies like Dave, in which an ordinary citizen takes on the role of president when the real president comes down with an illness.  

More random late night musings below.  

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Obama took control over the issue of the economy today in his speech in Colorado.  It was an amazing speech and had the crowd totally in his hands.  I hope there will be a video available soon.

Some of the key points:

  1. Obama rightly blamed, not just the Bush administration, but the entire Republican party and their laissez faire economic ideology for the mess that we're in right now.  Specifically, he put the blame on the "voodoo economics" first espoused by Ronald Reagan, the bankrupt notion of trickle down economics.  Which essentially amounts to giving to the rich and telling the middle class and working class, "you're on your own."  He argued that he is for the free market, but that he is not for giving free license to special interests to take as much they want (paraphrasing here).  

More below.

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Sign this t.v. reporter up for CNN!  He actually asks McCain some tough questions.  

Apparently, McCain has been feeling under pressure for avoiding reporters the last few weeks, so he thought he could get some fluff, softball questions by appearing on an interview with a local Maine television news station.  Was he wrong.  I would hate to be the person who scheduled McCain for an interview on this show.  I'm sure he's going to a get a good and up close view of McCain's infamous temper.  

Local Maine t.v. reporter grills McCain on Palin

With his first question, the interviewer, Rob Caldwell (thanks to ablington for the name), goes right for the jugular - he asks, why won't Palin answer questions from reporters?  McCain respond by saying that she'll be doing numerous "conversations" with reporters soon.  Conversations?  Over tea and crumpets?  Sounds like Palin will be doing the Entertainment Tonight, Country Music Network, and Tonight Show circuit.

More below.  

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Politico's Ben Smith quotes some so called experts to claim that liberals are doing the same thing to Palin that conservatives did to Obama - spreading vicious, ridiculous, mostly unsubstantiated rumors via the internet.  

Politico compares Obama internet smears to Palin scandals

"Information abhors a vacuum, and like Barack Obama was at first, Sarah Palin was an unknown quanity," said the internet folklorist David Emery. "When you have all that pressure and very little information – that’s when the rumors start flying."

The article, however, neglects to mention a big difference between the Palin stories and the Obama rumors - all the Obama rumors are patently false, while many of the Palin stories are true.  Minor detail.  More below.  

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Since the republican convention, Obama suppporters have called on him to attack McCain hard, to go negative, negative, negative.  Otherwise, the fear is that Obama will look weak and ineffectual, ala John Kerry in 2004 and Michael Dukakis in 1988.  

Here's the problem - in trying to protect Obama from being portrayed as weak, these vociferous critics are actually helping to portray Obama as weak.  When his supporters keep saying he needs to be tougher, attack harder, that's just another a way of saying, stop being weak.  And if someone needs to be told to be tougher, then, how strong is he, really?

Ultimately, all this arm-chair campaign managing is counter-productive, mostly because it just creates more noise, joining in together with the noise produced by the McCain campaign, and all that we get is, well, more noise.  And, given how well Obama has done doing things his way, given a choice, I'm going to try to drown out the noise from both sides and stand by Obama.  More below.

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Rick Davis wasn't kidding when he said this election isn't about issues.  The McCain campaign strategy post-Palin is based entirely on the cynical assumption that Americans are stupid and gullible enough to vote because they like the candidates and can "identify" with them, regardless of how the candidate stands on the issues.  

They've ditched national security, they've ditched the economy, they're going all in on personality.  Vote for McCain/Palin, because John's the maverick fighter, and Palin is the pitbull hockey mom!

In other words, this is the Republican version of identity politics. More below.  

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On MSNBC, Pat Buchanan argued that if Sarah Palin turns out to be a wonderful VP candidate, then it would validate McCain's decision, and it wouldn't matter that the vetting process was done shoddily and hastily.  

The results justify the means, in other words.  

Pat Buchanan is wrong.  The Palin pick is a disaster, regardless of how well she does, because it reveals a lot about McCain, his careless and impulsive decision-making style, his poor judgment and his unfitness to be President.  What's more, I argue that if Palin does well over the next few months, it is likely to make John McCain an even scarier and dangerous proposition in the White House.  Reasoning below.  

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