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Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 04:32 PM PST

Michigan Labor Links

by Stude Dude

I'm trying to compile a one-stop list of links to help out Labor in Michigan over the next few rocky days. I'd like some that would be useful for people like me who would like to help but can't be there in person. I will try to update this diary with adding the links in the text body over the next few days. Thanks!

I apologize for being a right-brained rank amateur at doing this.

Update #1 at 9 PM CST Sunday with links under the orangey thingie of goodness.

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Sun Nov 11, 2012 at 05:19 PM PST

Revenge Firings

by Stude Dude

I have to wonder if we’re in for a big ugly and nasty populist fad of Revenge Firings against people who voted for Obama, or even Gary Johnson. I found myself wondering that after accidentally tripping over a Facebook page about that last night. I would link to the page again if I could find it, but it would probably just raise your blood pressure or boil your blood. On it, many Republican owner and management types were bragging “revenge is best served pink”, giving pink slips to people who didn't vote for Romney like good little drones.

I wonder if a media spot light would be a good disinfectant. Perhaps we could get somebody like Schultz or Maddow to report an expose on these people. Or even get the Revenge Firers called on the Senate or state legislature carpets.

Maybe we could do something closer to home, getting the company names and making a boycott list. There is already a boycott list of Applebee’s and Papa John’s and that ilk floating around Facebook.

I’m wondering if there could be an outreach or coalition building here, with the unions, Occupy, or Democrats reaching out to these fired people.

I’m also wondering about any potential did and conquer here too. The pro-business libertarians can’t be happy with being fired for voting for their pro-business candidate.  Betrayal is a powerful emotion. I’m also wondering about splitting off the moral Christians over the cognitive dissonance with “greed is good” when it’s hurting people in front of their eyes. Or point out to the  “rugged individualist” conservatives how authoritarian “my way or the highway” their way really is.

I apologize that his isn’t better written. I pretty much need a day away and another day to get back to it to get this right.


I almost finished and posted these way back when I was upset at the way that the Wisconsin recall went. I then kind of got cold feet the didn’t because writing these up made me feel dirty and I felt that it might be too close to a troll diary. Also the way these straddled the line between verbatim and a straw Republican made me a little queasy. I’m not a hurt angry twenty-something anymore (at least not the twenty-something part) and I’m less willing to write blatant broad strawmen because it’s can be clunky and not necessarily naturalistic.

Now I’m a little ticked off now that everybody’s favorite dirty energy billionaires bullying their employees to vote for the GOP. Do these guys associate with being “Libertarian” or being for “Freedom” only because they so loudly brag or pat themselves on the back over and over that they do?

Anyway, here are my three ideas for straight-faced GOP bumper sticker parodies. Feel free to print them up if you want to sell them to dumb Goopers who don’t know that they’re being punk’d or something else subversive.

Because I don’t want any dumb Democrat giving my tax money to all those lazy Blacks, Mexicans, and Unions!

Because it’s about time all those Muslims, Atheists, Jews, New Agers, and all them other oddball troublemakers get some real Christian religion!

Because it’s overdue that all those sluts, gays, creatives, and other weirdo troublemakers get with the program!

I thought about using quasi-conversational ain’ts and double negatives, but I felt that it would have given away that this is deadpan spoof.

I just hope that I don’t get too donutted over something this coarse.


A blog in the Washington Post says that Democratic internal polling shows that the recall against Scott Walker in tightening up again back into the margin of error.

Hopefully this is encouraging enough for people to stop being defeatist on these pages and do things like enthusiastically get out the vote.

I have donated $50 to the Wisconsin Democrats today and another $50 to the Tom Barrett campaign.

Don't tell anybody, but I'm the kind of crank who distrusts polls when they disagree with me, but doubly distrust them when they agree with me....

Updated with links:

Barrett for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Democrats

Update x2, another link:

Act Blue Walker Recall Fund


Here's some interesting research on this from the American Sociological Association right here.

So if this isn't an undistributed middle....


Mon Jun 06, 2011 at 03:22 PM PDT

Why Frog?

by Stude Dude

How did all that footwork proving that Senator Weiner was hacked and framed by yFrog and other exploits by two of Breitbart's suck-ups turn out to be wrong? Does anyone have any insights?

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