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Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 06:15 PM PST

Nice little PPP interview

by SuperGNC

(If this was posted previously - my apologies in advance.)

The Raleigh News and Observer had a nice little interview with Tom Jensen of PPP about PPP's polling success in Presidential election.  Jensen gives some interesting insight into where he see things headed.  (Not to mention he is a Tar Heel).


OK - it is a bit of snark but:

Now that Romney has lost and the election is over, surely he is free to share his plan to cut taxes by $5 trillion, add $2 trillion to the military spending, and save medicare.  Wouldn't it be the patriotic thing to do?  Why wouldn't Romney want to share his fiscal genius with the President?  Wouldn't saving the Union make him 100% electable 4 years for now?  

Come on Mitt. Surely you weren't bullshitting us?


Thu Oct 25, 2012 at 05:02 PM PDT

Dr. Lou Nails It

by SuperGNC

No - not ESPN's Dr. Lou (Holtz) - the aged Notre Dame shill (apologies in advance Irish fans) - but Dr. Lou Guenin.  I've had the good fortune to know him for some years and outside of the fact I saw it at 5AM because I wasn't able to sleep, I was pleased to discover his posts: Why Voters Should Turn From the Pseudoconservative Party of the Great Recession  Part I and Part II.  Dr. Guenin is an engaging intellect and he nailed it with his analysis of today's GOP.  

Here is a snippet:

Regardless, labels disguise detail. What matters is whether a labeled platform is supported by convincing reasoning. The pseudoconservative platform, by dint of self-contradiction, collapses for lack of a foundation. We see this by first scanning some of the contradictions.

Government is an ill (Health and Human Services, Education, Housing and Urban Development, EPA, SEC, et al.); government is not an ill (Defense, CIA, Homeland Security, FBI, Commerce, et al.). Government should not enlarge (the safety net for the poor); government should enlarge (a near doubling of defense expenditures). Government should not intrude (financial industry, gun ownership, oil exploration, corporate spending on elections, regulation in general); government should intrude (abortion, collective bargaining by public employees, same-sex marriage, surveillance and wiretapping of citizens without warrants). Government does not create jobs; there are too many government employees. Sacrificing human life is impermissible (abortion, embryonic stem cell research); sacrificing human life is permissible (capital punishment). Government should not subsidize persons who can fend for themselves (the poor); government should subsidize persons who can fend for themselves (oil companies). The federal government should not determine a matter traditionally left to the states (in general); the federal government should determine a matter traditionally left to the states (prohibition of abortion, definition of marriage). Government should not use tax incentives to induce behavior (purchase of medical insurance); government should use tax incentives to induce behavior (oil depletion allowance).

A good read if you missed them.

Fri Oct 12, 2012 at 02:35 PM PDT

Debates in a nutshell

by SuperGNC

This is what I've learned from watching debates over the years:

Partisan Republicans on losing

Our guy would have won, but you cheated and we're voting against you anyway.

Partisan Democrats on losing

Our guy was right, but we know he sucked and we're voting against you anyway.


We like to vote for who ever appears stronger because we can't be bothered to figure it out the truth.

Message to Barack:  You need to kick some ass if you want to win because the undecided aren't hearing the message.


Wed Sep 26, 2012 at 05:26 PM PDT

It's over Mr. "Nice Guy"

by SuperGNC

Apparently every MSNBC announcer is channeling American Idol host Paula Abdul these days.  It's so obvious where this is headed that even Chris Matthews has to keep repeating that Romney is a nice guy just pretending to be mean.  Ed Rendell said he is a great Father and a nice guy today.  Someone even said Paul Ryan is a nice guy, which must be the last nail in the coffin, because that is like praising a lizard for it's wonderful coat of fur.  Now I understand that it is like Paula Abdul telling some woman she is pretty, because there is nothing else good to say about her American Idol performance.  There is just nothing left to say except he's a nice guy.

The "nice guy" that no one wants to date.  

I certainly don't view Romney as a nice guy and I kind of dislike that everyone feels obliged to keep repeating how nice he is.  I am sure Romney is nice to his family and who ever he views as a friend.   But a nice guy doesn't believe the 47% stuff or even pretend to believe it in order to get money from donors.   We owe a debt of gratitude for whoever filmed that wonder piece of work by Romney.  

Hmmm.   Let me channel Paula for a minute .... oh yeah .... Mr. Romney has a very nice tan going on these days.

Good riddance.

Now lets ride Obama's coat tails as far as we can.


As background, I've worked for years helping companies deal with FDA approvals.  My Dad was an MD and I know some of the high insurance premiums that MDs pay make it burdensome for them to operate in various fields.  I know first hand that the additional tax on medical device companies in the ACA will be a drag on the industry.  In multiple instances, I have talked to companies that will never bring the product the US because the regulatory hurdles make it too expensive for them to bother. So, frankly, we are not always given access to the best products or, if we are, it is long after they could be used in Europe or other parts of the world.

On the flipside, we don't want every product that is approved in Europe to be sold here.  The FDA employs a lot of hard working, honest, and diligent people. There is great value in knowing the products that get approved have some proven level efficacy and safety.  Theirs is a hard job, but the fact that getting product approval is time consuming and sometimes unpredictable stymies investment - which stymies innovation and access to better treatments (completely) in some cases.  One of the reasons for this is that the FDA is relatively risk averse, because employees and the agency pay a high price for approving a product that is later found to have problems.  However, risk is inherent in the approval of all products, because the number of patients that will receive use a product is always much greater than the number of people that can be studied in testing.

Is there anything we can will simultaneously help MDs, help industry, and protect the public?  

The answer is yes, but it requires a big government solution.  It fits with elements of the ACA.

Continue Reading

Wed Sep 12, 2012 at 12:41 PM PDT

A moment of silence please Mr. Romney

by SuperGNC

Hello DailyKos.

This is a first diary post.

I had hoped to give a more proper introduction and figured I'd be focusing on more on small business issues since I'm a small business owner.  However, today's developments in Libya struck a chord.  My son is currently studying Arabic and George Washington and hopes to find employment, probably in the Department of State, with a possible future in the Middle East.  While I am naturally proud of his ambition, I can't help but see yesterday's sad news without a twinge of worry about the future.  

The twinge is only in passing, but it isn't for the many families with children, siblings, or spouses who serve abroad in harms way in the military or for any agency.  

For those that have lost family members or loved ones for any reason, seeing other's losses can re-open wounds or provide powerful reminders of their own loss.

So beyond the need for a show of support for our country and our leaders, what we say and do after people die or are injured is respect those lost and their families.  Mitt violated that basic premise of respect for his fellow human beings today.  

Like an onion that is rotting from the inside out, each layer we peel back on Mr. Romney displays a more corrupt interior.  Even by that measure, Mitt's actions today reach a new low.

Let us all remember those lost yesterday, be thankful that we live in a country where free speech still exists, and take a moment to reflect on the hard work and sacrifice it requires to protect it.

As for you Mitt, let me say for those who are feeling losses:  shut the fuck up for a while.  

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