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Chomsky said this, what? Fifteen years ago?

But it's more profound now that we have another "trade deal" being rammed down our throats.


Free Trade is more or less a Joke at this Point

95%61 votes
3%2 votes
1%1 votes

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Sat May 30, 2015 at 05:06 AM PDT

Psst, Buddy, Wanna Buy a Toll Road?

by Superpole

REAL Cheap??

What a little toll road actually worth?

More below the orange highway cone.


Indiana is Leading the Way to PRIVATIZATION

11%4 votes
5%2 votes
79%27 votes

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Sun May 17, 2015 at 05:16 AM PDT

STOP Trying to Make the GOP Look Bad

by Superpole

... and START making the democratic party look good to progressive voters, Labor, etc..

Any ideas on how to make that happen?


Calling the GOP Cray Cray Really is Working

39%11 votes
39%11 votes
21%6 votes

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in our cities".

NPR this morning finally gave us some useful information regarding our race/poverty problem with their interview of Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute by NPR Morning Edition host Steve Innskeep.

what a surprise to hear that policies by white politicians the last fifty years created the ghettos and poverty we now have in our nation.


Ghettos Just Spring up Bcause: Black People

22%8 votes
14%5 votes
62%22 votes

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The President has to really be kidding us with this one:


Obama Should Stop His Silly Dancing Re: TPP

93%45 votes
6%3 votes

| 48 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Apr 28, 2015 at 04:23 PM PDT

AFL - CIO Throws Gauntlet Down Today

by Superpole

Hillary's job may have just gotten much harder.

More below.


Democratic Candidates for POTUS Don't Need the Labor Vote to Win

8%5 votes
73%44 votes
18%11 votes

| 60 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Apr 13, 2015 at 07:58 PM PDT

Hillary's Brand Recognition Problem

by Superpole

Subtitled: The Myth of Political Advertising.

It appears Hillary Clinton has a serious brand recognition problem: today she walked into a Chipotle Restaurant in Ohio... and nobody recognized her.



HILLARY Must Get Brand Recognition

22%5 votes
45%10 votes
31%7 votes

| 22 votes | Vote | Results

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For years here, many of us have pointed out our House of Lords, errrr Senate being stacked with millionaires is a big problem on regard to financial policy-- Now we have some proof; Learn about the Gini Index and the Stepan and Linz study below the fold.


I'm OK with nearly half our Senate being comprised of Millionaires

12%2 votes
75%12 votes
12%2 votes

| 16 votes | Vote | Results

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Seriously, this is what it's come to here??


SETTING the BAR LOW means we win in 2016

18%4 votes
54%12 votes
27%6 votes

| 22 votes | Vote | Results

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Errrrr... I'm supposed to believe this nonsense?

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Holder: "I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!! To learn that blatant profiling of black people is going on in Ferguson, MO!"



Holder Appears to Be Totally Clueless

31%13 votes
53%22 votes
14%6 votes

| 41 votes | Vote | Results

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wow.. what a surprise.

I guess this particular franchisee believes in a very different type of "FREE" market....

The fact QSR workers are expected to work for FREE is an epic fail. More proof of how absurd our nation has become.

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