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Mon Apr 29, 2013 at 09:04 PM PDT

Life Begins at Conception

by Surly Cracker

Those are my kids.

Right this minute, as my wife sleeps in the other room, those two clumps of cells are sloshing around in her uterus, hopefully with the short-term result that one or both of them attach to its lining and continue to divide and multiply and eventually become a person that will probably wreck my car someday.

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I was glad to see Joan front-page an item on the FL-18 race yesterday, and I hope it raised some much-needed funds. I'm going to try my best to lay out all of today's developments and the road ahead in this thing. I'm here in the district and trying my best to get first-hand information on what's happening.

Update: Please check out Joan's new diary too, it's got a little more info, we appear to be on the same schedule, here!

Update 2: Please check Ubiquitous A's Diary for a great analysis of today's events.

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This will be a short diary, but an important one. I've been more of a lurker than a writer lately, but FL-18, my congressional district, is knee-deep in what I hope will not become a bitter, prolonged fight to the finish. We need your help to send Allen West packing.

Join me beneath the squiggle for an update on the state of things in FL-18, and info on how YOU can help make sure Patrick Murphy is the next Congressman, and one last VERY satisfying victory for our side.


Will you stand with me, and give one last time?

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41%27 votes
43%28 votes

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Thu Jan 06, 2011 at 12:32 PM PST


by Surly Cracker

I've always thought that saying about "lifting oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is a perfect example of the failings of the Republican worldview.

Disclaimer: This isn't really much of a diary. Move along if it's too short for you.

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Wed Nov 03, 2010 at 06:13 PM PDT

What I Must Do Now.

by Surly Cracker

OK, so I've made a decision. I'm attending my County Democratic Party Executive Committee meeting on the 15th and getting my hands dirty. Not volunteering, not "Organizing," though both of those are valuable things; I want to set the agenda. It's time for everyone who's pissed off about last night to start pushing back HARD from the Left, and doing it where it matters, on the local level, in person, in the Party structure itself.

This is probably not a new idea for some of us, and if you're already doing it, great. Thank you! But if you're not, and you're physically able to, then you MUST. We have to get a handle on things, we have to create a Party that actually represents the people. The #1 reason I heard that people weren't voting this year was that "there's no difference between the parties." The Blue Dogs got slaughtered, because in their cases, there was not. It's time to SHOW your community what the difference is.



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5%1 votes

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Today I unsubscribed from OFA. I'm sure my thoughts are nothing new around here, I've just been lurking more and commenting less for 6 months or so, and I finally wrote something long enough to qualify as a diary. If you comment, I'd appreciate suggestions on how to get involved in the 2010 elections without the "help" of OFA and have a real impact beyond my local area. I can't in good conscience send the DCCC or DSCC money.

Until your administration makes meaningful progress toward financial reform, health care reform, energy policy reform, campaign finance reform, and all the other things we were promised in the campaign, I can't continue to actively support OFA. I'm tired of the old cliches like "politics is the art of the possible," et cetera. You have allowed people like Joe Lieberman to hijack the process. You are giving your opposition too much say, and they aren't interested in governing, they're interested in destroying you.

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H/T to Omir the Storyteller for this idea, I think it's a great one. Now I need your help. The idea that Omir had was to roll a custom Linux Live CD that does one thing; creates a proxy that Iranians can use to connect and transmit photos and words outside the influence of their government. It got me thinking that in the world we live in, technology and access to the internet are going to play a HUGE part in future political events, no matter where they play out in the world. Having a Live CD out there that does this, and could be easily adapted for use in other countries (by altering the IP block below) could be a great tool for the freedom of information worldwide.

This diary is not really a political one, beyond the politics of wanting to let the Iranian people communicate freely. Basically, I'm just asking any Linux-minded Kossacks out there to lend me their expertise, if they like.

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There's a lot of talk going on right now about the photos depicting heinous crimes committed by various American soldiers, translators, and other associates. Most people seem to come down into one of two camps; either they want these photos released, ostensibly because it would lead to a reckoning of some sort, both for the persons depicted in them, and more broadly for America as a whole, or those who think releasing the photos will harm us in the international community and directly endanger our troops by enraging those who would do them harm, while also not doing much to further justice.

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Thu Mar 26, 2009 at 07:33 AM PDT

Cloture? Wait One Damn Minute.

by Surly Cracker

Maybe I'm just stupid. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I don't understand "how Washington works," or what the politics behind the procedures are, but I know one thing.

I was told starting in third grade history class that the Senate makes laws on a majority vote. Which right now, if I remember my third grade math correctly too, is FIFTY SENATORS.

Not 60. Not 59, or 53, or any other number. 50. And after they seat Franken (whenever that happens,) 51.

Anyone care to explain this to me?

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This is a diary about local politics, but hey, all politics are local, right? The Florida State Legislature is currently considering two identical Republican bills (HB1121 in the House, SB 2108 in the Senate) that would dismantle the 66 Clerk of Courts offices in my State, and absorb their functions into the State Judicial system. Under this system of "Cash-Register Justice," an already overstressed court system would now be in charge of collecting fees and fines currently handled by the Clerks. The current system has worked for almost 200 years, employs hundreds of people Statewide, and there's no reason to change it now.

My mother is an employee of one of the Clerks' offices, she's fighting to keep our family afloat, as my dad lost his job the week of Christmas and hasn't found anything yet. This Legislation would eliminate her position.  

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Mon Feb 09, 2009 at 12:58 PM PST

The "Do-Nothing President?"

by Surly Cracker

I went searching around today for a good list of President Obama's accomplishments since taking office. After coming up empty on the Google, (and by the way, you don't even want to know what the first 20 results or so for "obama accomplishments" are) I started searching around here, where I could have sworn I saw a good list the other day. Anyway, I never found it, but I pieced one together from a few different diaries, and I present to you the product of that effort. I wrote it not for the audience of this site, but mostly to educate/annoy liberal friends/ wingnut friends of mine on Facebook, so apologies if some of this is familiar territory. Take it for what it's worth, I lost TU status overnight, and figured I need to get a little more active.

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This is sort of a non-diary, but I thought I'd share this with you from here in sunny South Florida, where currently it's 82 degrees, and I just finished making it. I justify it politically because the Key Lime Pie is the Official State Pie of Florida. I have no idea how it'll turn out, but I didn't vary my usual recipe too much, so it should be fine. I hope everyone up north appreciates the snow, though I know it gets old after a while. But this is how every Christmas has been since I was little, I've never had a white one, unfortunately...

Not really expecting any sympathy from those of you suffering the storms of the last couple weeks, but at least try to reflect on how nice it all looks, before you have to scrape it off your windshields, and if you want to escape down here for a while, either make this pie, or show up on my doorstep. (Bring beer.)



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