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Fri Jan 04, 2013 at 11:56 AM PST

I'm like John Boehner

by Sweet Endolphins Heal

I, too, have a name that can be twisted into not-so-polite anatomical references.  Although my skin is not orange, and I don't drink hard liquor, I do cry.  I cry when I drive to work.  I cry when I hear music.  I cry at plays.  I cry at movies.  I even cry watching TV.  Not in loud boo-hoos, but just tearing up.  Sometimes I think I'm tearing up at all the injustices I hear about (I work for a public radio news station); sometimes I think I cry in wonder at the beauty of the universe, the "gift of sound and vision," as David Bowie put it.  I have a few thoughts below the Danish pastry.

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I have no idea why Democrats allowed the GOP to come up with the ridiculous "tax and spend" label to condemn their party.  Particularly when a GOP president started a couple wars without raising any money for them.

We should have started the meme of "Borrow and Spend Republicans."  Any householder knows the risks of borrowing with no clear means to pay back the loan.  

Our new meme should be "Borrow and Spend Republicans" vs. "Tax and Mend" Democrats.  We should be proud that we pay taxes to mend the American infrastructure.


Something about the sorry contextual lapse of 24 hour headline mongering has left the longer history out of this business of compromise.  More below the salt shaker.

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I'm a wannabe cartoonist and child of the funnies.  I know when Walt Kelly changed from a liberal to a reactionary.  I cherish Herblock.  For the record, I noticed that a conservative-leaning cartoonist drank Rove's Kool-Aid about a Romney victory.  More after the graphic curly-cue.

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This is my first diary.  I'm a quite new member, and I am happy with this community.  I do, however, find myself taken aback to the fairly common scatological metaphors I read in diaries and comments.  In my writing I have preferred to find less-used metaphors or more accurate language.  However, after reflection, I must admit that "asshole" is indeed a quite accurate metaphor for Mitt Romney.  Keep reading after the fold.

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