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Numbers don't lie, and telltale signs like Rush Limbaugh ranting daily about #StopRush suggest all is not well in Limbaughland. Desperate to convince advertisers to return to his show, Limbaugh floats the meme that only 10 people are protesting him. Hundreds of thousands of visits to show this to be grossly incorrect.

Additionally, Limbaugh's media henchman, Brian Glicklich is attempting to launch an all out media war against Twitter's corporate counsel - who just happens to be a minority woman. So far, Glicklich's efforts have been mostly ignored, quite possibly as Glicklich makes an odd spokesman for Twitter safety after being suspended FOUR TIMES for Targeted Harassment of several women on Twitter.

Sideshow antics aside, the real reason the Rush Limbaugh Show is doomed is simple: businesses don't want to risk alienating customers who will be using their brands for the next 50 years to appease an aging Limbaugh demographic that likely will be dead in the next ten years or so.

Read more to see all the gory details, including charts and sources.

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UPDATE: Brian Glicklich managed to file his Anti-SLAPP suit against Carol Wallin, so the article below reflects the court information available at the time. I'll publish more information as it becomes available.


They just don’t get it.

How did Rush Limbaugh manage to pick a “digital strategist and crisis manager” as uncivilized and as hateful towards women as Limbaugh himself? You would think a crisis manager would focus on repairing a broken reputation, but Brian Glicklich of How Handy Is That LLC instead chooses to double down on Limbaugh’s disrespect of women by stalking and harassing them online, and engaging in Scientology-style lawyering and intimidation tactics.

For months, Mr. Glicklich spewed threats on Twitter including accusations of theft, lying, and intent to contact StopRush volunteers' employers. Not satisfied with his bizarrely unprofessional and shameful attacks, Brian Glicklich has taken the battle into real life.


One woman was treated to a late night unsolicited phone call from Mr. Glicklich, who interrogated her about her activities and about other women associated with the Limbaugh protests. He blocked his number but happily took ownership of it on his twitter feed where he demanded the recipient of the call answer her phone.


Mr. Glicklich availed himself of another intimidation technique favored by bullies; the DMCA violation  report. He filed no less than 4 DMCA violations and used one report as an excuse to post one StopRush' volunteer's home address on Twitter again and again over three days. This violation of Twitter terms of Service led to his first suspension.


What is the creepiest thing Limbaugh's troll has done?

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I'm a cartoonist and activist, but perhaps lesser known is I have spent a significant portion of my life working in software and web startups. Companies I've worked for have been acquired by the likes of IBM, Citrix, and Corel. I understand product development, web development, and the consumer responsibilities software and hardware companies have when creating their products.

And this is the reason I've been watching in absolute horror this week as the trial of USA vs. Andrew Auernheimer progresses. The reality of what is happening to Andrew is one that anybody using the internet or corporate whistleblower could face.

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Illustration by Bob Staake

With the launch of new boycott site - a database tool to organize the boycott of Rush Limbaugh, the right - and Rush himself - are stepping up efforts to dismiss and marginalize this movement.

But we know we've had great effect - to the tune of millions of dollars in lost revenues.

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion yesterday criticizing the movement by calling it a "secondary boycott," and dismissing the boycott as "harmful to civil society."

All these examples are what are called "secondary boycotts"—attempts to influence the actions of the target by exerting pressure on a third party.
But secondary boycotts have long been recognized as harmful to civil society. They rend the social fabric by making it difficult for people to simply live their lives. The boycott of contributors to the American Legislative Exchange Council, for example, came about because state lawmakers who are members of the council introduced bills requiring voters to present a photo ID before voting. Polls consistently show majority support for voter ID laws, but such laws are strongly opposed by some on the left, who argue that they disenfranchise voters.
Similarly, opponents of same-sex marriage—who appear to be roughly equal if not superior in number to proponents—could start boycotting companies that contribute to pro-gay rights organizations. Soon everyone is boycotting everyone, trade is restricted, political tensions increase, and life is generally unpleasant. Secondary boycotts create an environment in which political conflict, rather than peaceful trade, dominates our relationships.
Below the fold, I'll dissect this opinion piece as utter nonsense, and why this movement is important and effective.
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Symbolman and I have been hard at work creating a new book mAlice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable, and thought our DailyKos friends would enjoy another chapter excerpt. It's been a while since our first book, Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book, and we're hoping the wait was well worth the result! Follow us on Twitter at @Symbolman and @jsigwart. Enjoy! --Julie

[Alice Meets The Gryphon (Rush Limbaugh) & The Mock Turtle (John Boehner) - who perform the "Toss The Middle Class Quadrille" for her.]


Then the Queen of Hearts left off, quite out of breath, and said to Alice, 'Ain't you met the Mock Turtle yet?'

'No,' said Alice. 'I don't even know what a Mock Turtle is.'

'He's that crying guy in Congress,' said the Queen.

'Which one?,' said Alice.

'Well, ALL of 'em, once I decide to run for King,' the Queen winked. 'Come on, then,' said the Queen, 'if you can git him to stop cryin' for a spell, he'll be glad to tell you all about hisself.'

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Symbolman and I have been hard at work creating a new book, and thought our DailyKos friends would enjoy some chapter excerpts. It's been a while since our first book, Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book, and we're hoping the wait was well worth the result! Follow us on Twitter at @Symbolman and @jsigwart. Enjoy! --Julie

CHAPTER II. The Pool of GOP Candidate Tears

'Curiouser and curiouser!' cried Alice, filling up with facts; 'now I'm opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!' (for when she looked down at her feet, they seemed to be almost out of sight, they were getting so far off.).

Just then her head struck against the roof of the hall: in fact she was now more than nine feet high, and she at once took up the little golden flash drive and hurried off to the netbook, a portal to that lovely garden.

Poor Alice! It was as much as she could do, lying down on one side, to look at the garden screensaver with one eye; but to try and type on the tiny keyboard with her giant fingers was impossible. The earbuds were too small now to fit her ears at all, and as the Presidents message of hope faded, she felt more helpless than ever, so she sat down and began to cry again.

'You ought to be ashamed of yourself,' said Alice, 'crying like that John Boehner while accepting his giant clown gavel! Stop this moment, I tell you!' But she went on all the same, shedding gallons of tears, until there was a large pool all round her, like the floor of the Chamber once the Speaker of the House finished a speech where he wasn't mad raving, about four inches deep and reaching half down the hall.

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Posted on behalf of Symbolman: dissects the latest Breitbart filings in Sherrod’s case against Breitbart for Defamation. His lawyers respond to Sherrod’s lawyers re: Change of Venue, plus Defendants are all SLAPP-HAPPY, which is looking like it’s designed to extend legal wrangling, and put off the dreaded Discovery.

But... but... Breitbart exclaimed he was all FOR Discovery! He tweeted, “BRING IT ON!” Yeah, well, maybe he’s not so hot for it, after all. Would You put his ass on the witness stand? (In the end I hope to hell they do, though I would suspect Breitbart would settle long before that.)  Is he using KOCH Brother’s money? Soros? Is Breitbart one of the greatest democratic moles of all time? America wants to KNOW, baby.)

And Please, please please, dear Judge, just use the federal court where we DON’T want to be to get us to California and use California law IN the federal court because it’s way better, see?

They also tell us all about how if the dog hadn’t stopped to lick his ass, he would have caught the rabbit. Something about Sherrod didn’t say “Simon Says” or some such legal bullshit.

So it goes:

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I apologize for yet one more diary on this subject, but I have a lot of information and photos - too much for a comment. I've been puzzling this out for days, asking questions as new information appears.

Last night, @patriotusa76 claimed to recover a photo from his browser cache, with the help of @joebrooks. About 12 hours later, @patriotusa76 claimed to have found the full size 800 x 600 image in his cache as well.

Upon examination of these images, it is my opinion they show @patriotusa76 is at minimum, a co-conspirator in a hoax, if not the person who inserted the photo into @RepWeiner's yfrog feed.

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Reposted on behalf of @Symbolman from Take Back The Media: took a little time to dissect the latest Sherrod filing in her case against Breitbart for defamation. Specifically her lawyers response to Breitbart’s Pro Bono lawyer’s curious filing for a change of venue that threw everything but the kitchen sink in there, including precedent law from between 21 to 60 years ago, one of which has long since been invalidated by CONGRESS. (You’d think his lawyers might notice that.)

TWITTER now stars in these court papers (Keith Olbermann broadcasts were used as a reference in Breitbart’s previous Change of Venue filing, in a bizarre “neener neener” fashion. You had to be there.)

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Posted on behalf of @Symbolman

On the 50th Anniversary of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge Sarah Palin kills a docile caribou, while TLC advertises for Oil Companies. Coincidence?

In "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TLC Sarah shows the public exactly how to be an Irresponsible Hunter.
An Alaskan Native jokingly asked me once, "How do you feed your family when you shoot like that?"

I'd like to ask Sarah Palin that question. I know more about Alaska than she does. In the 70's, for two summers, I worked for an exploration company hired by Los Alamos and the Department of Energy to prospect for uranium - all over the face of Alaska - 18 hours a day in helicopters piloted by Vietnam veterans. I literally saw all of the state north, east and west of Fairbanks via those choppers and our mobile camp. I crashed with my crew in ANWR in a blaze of fire, and it took them nearly a week to find us in endless tundra, even when they knew basically where we were. Was once chase out of a village naked while Native folks waved shotguns and axes, as the Vietnam veterans unsheathed their guns back at the camp where we fled.

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From @Symbolman and @jsigwart from Take Back The Media, authors of Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

Helter Skelter is Bought and Paid For: Racial and Religious Intolerance being sold like cheap cars.

The "911 Mosque" debacle is being pimped by a lobbyist front with a cast of familiar characters, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol, FOX News, The Project for a New American Century - who brought us TWO Wars for Profit.

Follow the money. Pay Attention. This goes Deep.

After some investigation, here's what we found...

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Posted on behalf of @Symbolman:

I come from mining stock. One of my ancestors was blown to hell underground with a score or more of others, whose bones still lay buried under tons of rock in Colorado. My sisters blessed a statue dedicated to those brave men a few years back. I've placer mined gold with family in the bush of Alaska, using heavy machinery, and prospected for uranium in the bush of that incredible state by helicopters 18 hours a day for two summers, under a relentless sun. So I know something about this issue, it's in my blood.

This is what led me and my wife in 2006 to take a trip to West Virginia to film, document and witness firsthand the coal mining technique referred to as mountaintop removal. In earlier times generations of men and machinery wrested coal (and in some areas it's still that brutal) from the bowels of the earth with a pick and shovel. Many will stay there, forever, encased in coal, while families grieve and suffer in poverty.

Click for video of West Virginia graves being mined and continue reading...

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