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Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 01:58 PM PDT

Disenfranchised in Florida

by Taz Man

My Uncle is visiting with me from Miami. He requested his absentee ballot last week from the Miami Dade Elections website. It seemed to go smoothly. Now its a week later, and still no ballot has been received. The website says the ballot is mailed out no later than 2 days after the form is filled out online.
 He has tried calling the elections people down there, and the wait is very long, When somebody finally came on and he told them his situation, the call dropped.
I dont see how he'll be able to vote, even though he has every right to.
This is not right, but I dont know that the State of Florida cares.
Just another example of voter suppression. I hope Florida is not as close as it looks.


Fri Sep 21, 2012 at 07:34 PM PDT

"Where are the Moderate Muslims?"

by Taz Man

A friend of mine penned this and allowed me to share it here with this community. I think given the unrest in the middle East, it is quite pertinent.

"Where are the Moderate Muslims?"  by LS

Strange roads with different signs
Don't even know where we divide
Are you my enemy or my friend?
Cause I don't know you and you don't know me
It's the same sun risin', we all just look to the sky
If we try, we can work it out somehow
If you don't know me and I don't know you
How can we be fightin'?
We're all connected it's true
It's only love that pulls us through......Take That "Reach Out"

       A few days ago I got into an argument with an acquaintance who was complaining about his perceived lack of "moderate" Muslims speaking out against the attacks in Sudan, Libya, Egypt, and other Muslim countries over the film depicting the prophet Muhammad as a liar, child molester and a drunk. He knew that the department I work in at Mass General deals with terrorism and international relations, and because of that he was insisting that "no moderate Muslims exist" and that "they should speak up if they really care about this country and are against terrorism, otherwise they don't belong here."

      I shrugged off the argument, and then had a few days to think about what I should have said to him if I hadn't been so emotional. I first wanted to ask him if he expected the average Muslim American with a 9-5 job to buy talk radio time or TV broadcasting time in order to publicly apologize. If he wanted them to wear placards around their necks to remind other religions and cultures that they're not terrorists hanging out in suburbia. That they're actually against molotov cocktails, vandalism, riots and murder, but sorry that they don't publicly declare it everyday. If he wanted atonement, a shrugging of the shoulders, apathy. What answer could I have given that would have satisfied him?

      I should have told him that they have been around us all along.
The liberals and moderates, the conservatives I debate with and the fanatics I don't want to associate with.

      They've lived in the United States since before I was born, since I was five years old and met my first Saudi that wrote my name in Arabic, in junior high before I knew what the Taliban was, and after 9-11 when we could point out where Afghanistan and Iraq were on a map.

      Their daughters put on makeup next to me in nightclub bathrooms and try on headscarves in Bloomingdales in Manhattan, they're brainiacs and prom queens, goth kids and tax attorneys. They cover everything but their eyes and wear bikinis in South Beach with pedicures and straightened hair.

      Their sons are doctors that pray five times a day at Mass General, get blackout drunk at college ragers, play soccer at Oberlin, work the night shift at the family convenience store, attend Andover Academy, and run the stairs shirtless at Harvard.
Their mothers work fifty hours a week, co-chair the PTA, are politicians for human rights, and have their own servants. Their fathers wear tailored suits in the financial district, study genetics in a hospital lab, drive a cab seven days a week, and enjoy retirement in penthouses on Park Avenue.

      They are friends with Jews, know not a single Christian, are married to atheists and would never associate with anyone that wasn't a "good Muslim."
They are my friends and my crushes and my biggest rivals; my coworkers and acquaintances, strangers and bosses.

      They love their hair and hate their noses, could stand to lose five pounds, are beautiful cheerleaders, more handsome than I could ever imagine, are tomboys and girly girls, macho men and effeminate, happy and sad, angry and full of passion.
They are the ones that question everything they were every taught and the ones that willingly submit to everything they're told.

       They are college students, babies in playpens, kids learning cursive in the third grade and elderly people in assisted living.
They attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans, camp in the White Mountains, vacation in the Hamptons and shop at WalMart.

       They shun all pork products, sneak tastes of barbecue and eat ham sandwiches for lunch.

       Their husbands are white, their wives are black, they have no clue about their origins, and they're from the same village "back home."

       They're hillbillies and trust fund babies, Massholes and Angelinos, snobby and approachable, wild and sedate.

       It is because they are human. And we are human. And humans speak up and stay silent, pray amongst themselves and drag a man to safety they don't know that has been shot by their fellow countrymen. If we learned anything post-9-11 it's that there needs to be dialogue and debate and understanding and meeting of people halfway. I should not have friends that are afraid for their children's safety because they look "obviously Muslim" or explain to an immigrant why that college student just screamed something at them from their car. We are better than this as a country, we are better than this as individuals, and if we have learned anything from Japanese internment camps, the Holocaust, the Red Scare and what is going on in Arizona right now, if we don't realize that we all want the same things, need the same things, and at the core of our beings are identical to one another, things will get much, much worse.


Do you know any Muslims, personally?

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I hate to link to Drudge, so I won't, but he is reporting that politico is about to report of serious Romney campaign infighting and the writing of a convention speech that was ultimately never delivered. Romney campaign is in free fall. Lets keep the pressure up! Not long till election day!
 Update: Article now up on Politico.


Mon Sep 05, 2011 at 07:45 PM PDT

The RW Lie Machine

by Taz Man

I got this bit in the mail today, and I found it absolutely appalling. But I happen to know a lot of people who swallow this stuff, hook line and sinker.
They have so many Rush bots dialing in to these offices, I am sure.

Take a look yourself:

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Mon Nov 29, 2010 at 04:24 PM PST

Waiting for Superman

by Taz Man

I was just HR'd for presenting the ideas I saw in Waiting for Superman last night. I have since read teacherKen's response well as Diane Ravich's article in New York review of books:
The problem is, there is no dialogue.
People are not willing to see the strong kernels of truth in Waiting for Superman.

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Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 06:43 PM PDT

Meet your fellow muslim day

by Taz Man

I think one thing is clear, when I hear the GOP talk on television about Park 51 or about Muslims in general. They don't know any, they dont talk to any, they don't engage any.
Their hate is generalized and a vague ache in their belly masking a cancer that presents initially  as vomitus or wordy diarrhea.

I was seeing a patient the other day. She came to the hospital with shortness of breath. WHen I walked into her room, I saw the book she was reading on her bedside table:

I stood their thinking, that I am her doctor, I had met her on two separate other occasions and knew her to be a republican activist. Yet, it still startled me to think that she considered me, her doctor an enemy and someone to hate. Did she know I was muslim? Possibly. Possibly not. But the irony of the situation can not be understated.

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Wed Aug 18, 2010 at 06:12 PM PDT

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

by Taz Man

I believe we should have a constitutional amendment. I am sure we could get bipartisan support. It would simply be this: wherever in the constitution it  refers to "citizens,", individual," "persons," or "man" or "woman" or "child", we should insert "except muslims"

We could even have a unanimous consent agreement. Why debate something so obviously important to our national security?

Do I hear a second?


Sun Aug 15, 2010 at 09:42 AM PDT

Are we back to the crusades?

by Taz Man

George Bush used the word Crusade several years ago, and it caused an international uprorar. Today, there can be no doubt that Peter King, John Cornyn, George Pataki, Sarah Palin, and all their sympathizers are on a crusade against Islam. The crusade aims at destroying Islam in America, and declaring war on Islam in general.
How can I say this?
I read the blogs, the comments on the websites from CNN to Politico and elsewhere, The leadership says that Muslims attacked us. The followers say that ISlam is evil. In florida they want to burn a Koran on ourmost religious of days, Eid al Fitr. In NY, they want to deny us the right to build a cultural center with a mosque inside. In Murfreesboro, they declared Islam a cult.

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People say they are not at war with Islam. Yet millions of Americans are willing to dismiss the constitution to ignore the basic rights of us as Americans to practice our religion freely. I find the hatred expressed by elected political leaders to be beyond the pale, a moment I thought I would never seen.
I have spent my whole life in America, always considered myself an American. Yet, it is clear to me, that my fellow citizens do not consider me or those like me as Americans. They denigrate my religion, they spread lies about my faith, my intentions, my practices, my thoughts about my country and my wishes for the future of my country. Yet they do not even know me. I live among them.

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I have now been privy to its wrath. There is little attempt here at airing out issues or having serious discussion on serious issues.
Your extreme and militant condemnation of me for believing like many do that gay marriage is not right, has proven to me that broadening the democratic party is definitely not something this site is interested in.

Thank God for me, that Obama does share that interest.
He has enthused obamicans reublicans and others alike. To me, the democratic party should be inclusive. not exclusive.

I agree with the democratic party on 95% of the issues. Yet yesterday,. in the comments i received comments like "You are a Bigot." and "Fuck You"

To me, these comments scream, the hell with you and your viewpoint. you are not welcome here.

Well, let me tell you something, human beings can honsetly disagree without being flamed and maligned.

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we can agree on this.

His behavior has been reprehensible. God Damn....the man was a vp candidate of the democratic party. Has he no sense of loyalty? CA PAIGNING ACTIVELY for McCain??
BUt, here ye hear ye.....

Barack Obama is right.
He is not letting emotion make his decisions.

thepolitically shrewed move is to keep Lieberman close. NOT alienate him.
Now he is indebted to Barack....he will have a VERY HARD time opposing him on basically ends the issue rather than ignite a war republicans can take advantage of in the news media over lieberman being kicked out.....

Look, progressives have wanted somone in power represnting their interests for a long time.
how come it hasnt happenned??

Because, we let our emotions get the best of us.
we need to become better politicians.
Obama is right.
Lieberman, should be held close.
McCain, perhaps, even closer....

this is the way to deal with your political enemies.
Give it time. and take a deep breath, and we will realize that these old geezers Reid and Company have done the right thing.


Sat Nov 08, 2008 at 06:14 AM PST

I dont know how tosaythis....

by Taz Man

WHat I heard yesterday has me in utter disbelief. It is beyond the pale, yet it is so shckingly disturbing that I must share itwiththe community here.

I work with 95% republicans. we got totalking about the election, and one of them shockingly revealed this incident:

One of the people at work told me that while she was inLas Vegas, Nevada at an airport waiting to board a plane,
the people standing behind her, were talking openly about ....that if Obama were elected they would personally go and you know what.......
I dont even know if im allowed to repeat it.
Its terrible.

Apparently, the woman next to her turned around and said, did you really say that.

and they said, " Yes, of course, I dont care, i I said it"

If people are publicly threateining someone in  this way , and are so openly makes me worry so much.
As for the person who told me, she said she was shocked by what she heard. and everyone, each and every republican person who heard the story was e qually offended. '

but its clear there are a fringe group of people that are extremely hostile to our currentpresident eelect.

May God protect him.

U told the person, why you should have reported it. And next time you better report i t  .

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