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Part of why I truly love DailyKos is the community.  Tonight, I write this in wishes, sadly posthumously, to a friend of mine and a fellow Kossack.  Happy Birthday, drchelo.

Many here now knew drchelo.  My last diary was about her.  She was a wonderful woman, a doctor, a community activist, a musician, and an animal lover.

Earlier today my phone, probably from a long standing calendar, sent me a reminder that tomorrow (by my clock, 2 minutes as of this writing) would have been her birthday.

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Last month, our community lost an angel.  A woman whose caring and compassion affected not only me personally, or those of us here on The Great Orange Satan, but the DFW metroplex and the State of Texas.

Come with me below the fold so we can talk about a woman who I was lucky enough to call my friend.

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From the Top Floor of the Action I-Team Eyewitness 4 You NewsTeam HeadQuarters from the indigo blue county of Dallas in the awfully red State of Texas......


Our Top Story today:

With oil closing in on $140 a barrel, one might wonder: there must be something that has a more ridiculous price tag than that.  And you’d be right, there is.

It’s the $175 hamburger. Containing only the finest Kobe Beef, black truffles, foie gras, and Gruyere.

Yet we all know what it will make Bill in Portland Maine do if we pull his finger after he eats one.  And now....  Let's go to press!  Lotsa links below!  And with apologies to AAbisher, away we go.....

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